After graduating with a B.A. in English from Truman State and an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Luther Seminary, Matt Schur spent years wandering in a vocational wilderness before finally discovering his calling— assisting and advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable. He currently lives out that call as a case manager and housing specialist for people experiencing homelessness. He also serves an ELCA campus ministry part-time as its music director and pianist, and has published two books of progressive Christian poetry: “Cross Sections” (2001) and “Imperfectly Perfect” (2023). His writing has been featured in “Valiant Scribe Literary Journal,” “Unlikely Stories,” and “Cathexis Northwest Press.”

Matt still looks up to Mr. Rogers, believes that “The Princess Bride” is as close to a perfect movie as we’ll ever see, has unresolved trauma issues from watching Artax sink into the mud in “The NeverEnding Story,” and still occasionally wears flannel shirts with Doc Martens. He currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife, their kids, and their dog Copper (who is A Very Good Boy).