7 Prosperity Spells for the Broke Witch

7 Prosperity Spells for the Broke Witch February 1, 2023

First, I must state that working towards our goals is of utmost importance. When we practice magick, we are setting an intention, but we must also do the mundane work alongside it. 

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Most often, I use this type of magick to weigh the prosperity odds in my favor. When I do, I will find an unexpected check in the mail, money left in old coat pockets, or a business opportunity that falls in my lap. These are often small sums, but they can make a large difference. 

As such, I want to take the time to touch on prosperity magick. The spells and rituals below are methods I both use and recommend when life kicks you square in the checking account.

Money Bowl

One of my favorite prosperity rituals is making a money bowl. For this, I find a fire-safe dish and line the bowl with salt. This serves two functions. It protects the bottom of the dish but is also useful for purification and clearing negative energy. One alternative to salt is to use rice, as rice corresponds with prosperity. 

Once I’ve lined my dish, I dress a green chime candle with herbs and oils corresponding with prosperity, such as mint or basil. After I’ve dressed my candle, I like to add a variety of coins to the salt in my dish. Some like to roll up dollars into their dishes as well. If you use paper money, be very careful that it’s not in jeopardy of catching on fire. That’s the opposite of what we’re hoping to accomplish. 

Afterward, I light the candle while I focus on the intention of prosperity. Once my intention is set, I allow this candle to continue burning down fully. 

Candle Magick

Outside of money bowls, candle magick itself can be a powerful tool in prosperity work. This can be a simple ritual of lighting a candle without extra accouterments or a more elaborate ritual. 

For prosperity spells, green and gold candles work well due to their association with money. Much like the candle in the money bowl, you can dress these candles in oil and herbs if you would like. You can also inscribe your candles with intentions, such as a specific dollar amount.

Money Tree

Money trees, or Pachira aquatica, are fortuitous plants that you can find at your local garden center. These are popular in Feng Shui and are thought to attract good fortune and prosperity to your home or business. This is more of a continual ritual, as you will need to tend to it weekly to encourage prosperity. 

This is a crucial step. 

I was once gifted a money tree by a friend. In actuality, it was a rescue mission. Her cat had taken a particular liking to its leaves. I failed this tree. Fast forward, I’m suddenly accumulating an excess of unexpected expenses. It’s one after the other. Around this time, I take off to find my money tree. He’s dead—past the point of resuscitation—dead

However, I’m unwilling to accept this fate. As such, I use its lifeless body as kindling and transform this misfortune into fortune. 

And then I bought another tree.

Rose of Jericho

This is a newer method for me. I had picked up this herb with no prior knowledge of what it was or how it worked—but I was intrigued. It was a peculiar beauty with its sprawling brown, curled limbs resembling a tumbleweed. I knew I would find a way to put it to use. (See: Intuition) 

Later, I was lamenting to a fellow witch about the untimely demise of my money plant. At that point, I was told I needed to get this wonderful gem of a plant immediately. Fortunately, I was in luck. I already had one waiting for its moment to shine. 

Rose of Jericho is a resurrection plant, and this can be particularly useful in moments when you need to resurrect your bank account balance back from the red. All you need is this handy plant and a dish with a shallow amount of water. Once this is prepared, you place the Rose of Jericho roots into the water and allow it to prosper. 

This plant, which once appeared dead, will resurrect itself—which is a steep contrast to my former money tree. After several hours, the plant’s limbs will start to open and eventually return to a shade of green as time progresses. Alongside the plant’s resurrection, your good fortune will be restored. Once everything is on the mend, you can allow this plant to dry out for later use.

Bonus: You can save the water for additional spellwork.

Prosperity Spell Jar


  • 1 pinch of rice for good fortune
  • 1 piece of pyrite for prosperity
  • 1 piece of adventure to attract prosperity
  • 1 pinch of dried basil to attract wealth
  • 1 cinnamon stick for quick wealth
  • 1 rolled dollar to draw money to you

I am pretty fond of spell jars in my practice, as I like to make use of herbs and crystals. Subsequently, I don’t often pass up an opportunity to craft a spell surrounding a delightful container. For my prosperity jars, I like to place them either on my altar or carry it around with me. 

I have included the recipe, but how much is needed will depend on the supplies you have on hand as well as the size of the jar you are using. As always, these can be substituted as needed. When you’re finished, you may opt to seal this jar using green or gold wax. 


Originally, cinnamon was going to be included as a correspondence, but there’s so much that can be done with this ingredient to attract prosperity into our lives. Due to this, cinnamon needs its own section.

One of my favorites is burning a cinnamon stick and using the smoke around my wallet and threshold. The goal is to attract wealth into my abode and into my pocketbook. 

Ground cinnamon can be sprinkled onto candles or directly into our wallets to attract prosperity. Another method gaining popularity recently is blowing ground cinnamon into your threshold. The most common question I receive about this practice is about the remnants. However, if a minimal amount is used, it is barely noticeable.

Good Luck Charms

Good luck charms can come in many shapes and sizes. These items are often worn or carried. Some common good luck charms are horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, lucky pennies, and crystals. The crystals are twofold because the stones themselves can correspond with prosperity, such as pyrite and citrine. As such, carrying these crystals can amplify the intention.

I can remember how I felt finding a shiny rock as a child and claiming it as my good luck charm. I wasn’t aware of the method to my madness, but it panned out in my favor.

Similarly to my nifty rock collection, you can enchant items of your own to attract prosperity. While I’ve listed a couple above, the sky is the limit here. What’s most important is your connection with the item.


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