A Few Good Reads

A Few Good Reads July 25, 2013

“The Wedding Vows- 20 Years Later”
Steve McCoy’s exploration of what their wedding vows look like twenty years after they first repeated them.  This post is a great reminder of the difficulty and the beauty of marriage.  I pray that God raises up many more marriages like this that reflect his Gospel to the world.

“What It’s Like to Get Whacked”

When we think of professional football players, we think of the guys who pull down staggering salaries and win awards.  The reality is that most NFL players constantly live on the edge with the possibility of getting cut. Here Austen Lane tells us first hand what it’s like to here the words “we’re releasing you.”

“The Kind of Churches We Need in the South”
For the past few months, it’s been my privilege to help plan the “Engage the South” conference.  Matt Adair writes at the Gospel Coalition about the kind of churches that we need in the South to make an impact for the sake of the Gospel in our culture.    At the end, he shares a bit of his hope for and an invitation to “Engage the South.”

The Pastor’s Justification
Few books have captivated me recently like Jared Wilson’s The Pastor’s Justification.  The first half of the book explores Paul’s commands to elders in 1 Peter 5 and applies the five solas of the Reformation to the pastoral ministry in the second half.  He explores the work that a pastor is called to do while reminding pastors that they do not find their acceptance with God based on the work they do as a pastor.  This is a book that I think every pastor should read.

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