A Few Good Reads

A Few Good Reads November 22, 2016

photo credit: solidether via photopin cc
photo credit: solidether via photopin cc

We Cannot Complain about America if We Do Not Listen to Others
This year’s Presidential election revealed not just the divides between Americans, but also our complete lack of understanding about those on the other side of the divide. Lore Ferguson Wilbert discusses this problem and shares books we all need to read so that we can better understand our neighbors who are completely unlike us. “If you turn away from those who don’t think like you, you simply cannot complain about the state of politics in American today, you do not have the right to choose an America that only works for you or people just like you. Chance offense or hurt, your own or others, but actually listen to someone with intent to hear them instead of listening with the intent to change their mind. There’s only one who changes minds, and thank the Holy Spirit, it isn’t you.”

9 Things You Should Know about C.S. Lewis
Many Christians have some familiarity with C.S. Lewis through either his novels or better known Christians writings, but few of us know much about him. Joe Carter, as part of his helpful “9 Things You Should Know” series, shares some interesting and important facts about the life of C.S. Lewis. “On November 22, 1963, exactly one week before his 65th birthday, Lewis collapsed in his bedroom at 5:30 p.m. and died a few minutes later. Media coverage of his death was almost completely overshadowed by news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was killed less than an hour earlier.”

The Lost Art of Feasting
David Mathis contends that we have forgotten how to enjoy a feast together. This is a good reminder as Thanksgiving approaches. “We’ve grown dull to the wonder of ample food and drink through constant use, and overuse. When every day is a virtual feast, we lose the blessing of a real one. When every meal is a pathway to indulgence, not only is fasting lost, but true feasting is as well.”

A Father’s Fight for Joy
I needed to hear this word from Scott James today. Often, in the midst of raising our children, we focus on the difficulties and forget to enjoy them. We can become harsh and negative, forgetting that God offers us gladness and joy in our parenting. “Biblical gladness is not an enemy of parental efficiency or success. Biblical gladness is fuel for the faithful parent. It’s humbling to realize my parenting can be so shortsighted that I forget something as obvious as that.”

Pastors Library: Hillbilly Elegy
I loved J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy and learned a lot as I walked through it last month. At the Lifeway Pastors site, I share what pastors can learn about ministry from this important book. “One of the great ironies of this 21st century is that we are connected to more people that ever while building a bubble for ourselves where we don’t encounter people with opposing viewpoints or people who have a different way of life from ours. This can especially be true of pastors who spend most of their time either writing sermons or ministering to those who are already inside the church.”

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