Secrets of the Mormon Vault Exposed!

Secrets of the Mormon Vault Exposed! May 5, 2010

In spite of being under 70 and not doing any genealogy family history herself, my wife has been condemned called in two different Stakes to run the Family History Center. This calling, believe it or not, has a bit of a steep learning curve, and potentially requires a lot of time. Since FHC workers interact a lot with non-LDS in a semi-official LDS role, as well as dealing with orders and money, customer service skills are a necessity, which is why you don’t want Joe Schmoe Antisocial Wacko in the FHC.

Often times, films get lost, misordered, misfiled, and sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it’s Salt Lakes fault. Well, who can blame them? They have 2.4 million rolls of film. If we get 53900052 instead of  59300052, I now have some sympathy for the workers on their end, all because of this nice video showing the secrets of the Granite Mountain Vault. It’s the first of three parts put up on the Newsroom page recently. Watch it here, or go there and download a larger version. (embedding doesn’t seem to be working right now.)

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