A Place of Power United at the Bohemian Grove

A Place of Power United at the Bohemian Grove June 24, 2024

United We Stand, Together We Fall

“The demand for the devil is rising in the United States”

Not so long ago the American Dream was once symbolized by having a family and a home with a white picket fence. In the past, women tended to childbirth and domestic responsibilities, while men undertook the labor-intensive work. Family life was more balanced during this era. Today, pursuing an ordinary, simple life is less common in the United States. Many Americans have become individualistic, prioritizing self-interest and material possessions over spiritual well-being.

There’s been another major shift in American society within the last few decades, especially in the last few years. While Americans dwell on flights of fancy, money, success, and material possessions mostly brought on by the media and entertainment industry; immigrants are trying to escape conflict in hopes of coming to the United States for a peaceful life.

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Sadly, countless number of people are under the devil’s influence in the United States not to mention the world. The individuals behind the scenes particularly in politics and the entertainment industry are adept at manipulating us and tapping into the dark, primal side of our psyche.

Throughout the years, numerous tales have emerged regarding Bohemian Grove, a gathering place in California where influential figures such as presidents, artists, industrialists, and journalists come together to discuss global affairs and allegedly engage in rituals honoring the god Molech.

From 1998 to the early 2000s, I was involved with an individual whose father worked for an extraordinary government agency in the 1980s. He spoke about Bohemian Grove and the Illuminati. He and his mother told me stories of the frightful things that happened to the family at that time.

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A long story short. As soon as I thought myself and this man became a couple, I saw another side of him. What I saw struck fear into my heart. My former partner was a professional musician, not to mention a master at work in other industries. Shortly after becoming intimately involved with him, I would involuntarily be initiated into the occult.

This individual had extensive knowledge about manipulation, mind control, and the occult. Ultimately, after numerous years of healing and research I learned I was meant to be a slave, or I would turn on myself and self-destruct. At that time, I knew nothing about the occult, witchcraft, the Illuminati, or anything of that nature. I was 28 years old, childlike and a vulnerable Christian girl.

Caution to readers who enjoy rock, metal, rap or pop and feel like they are under the influence of something they can’t explain

The music industry skillfully uses visuals, lighting, sounds, and other elements of hypnosis to provoke internal and external chaos. Musicians, in particular, possess a remarkable ability to influence their audiences by accessing our unconscious minds. Just a few decades ago, musicians who performed in the hard rock and metal industry were the villains. Today the devil has woven a larger web recruiting once innocent pop performers like Taylor Swift, Brittany Spears, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga along with other performers.

Hard Rock Bands of Yesteryear

Secrets and Psychological Tactics of Manipulative Occult Practitioners

Ancient secret knowledge is accessible today and is utilized by various global leaders, including leaders in the music and entertainment industries. Occult practitioners over the centuries claim to have unlocked the secrets of the universe.

If I hadn’t experienced a level of satanic ritual abuse or mind control, let alone almost die from it, I could not write about it, obviously. What some dismiss as conspiracy theories, are not all conspiracy theories. There is truth in many of these so-called conspiracies. Nevertheless, the primary tactic used by the Sons and Daughters of Satan is FEAR.


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Don’t Lose Faith. Religious And Occult Abuse. | M.A. Arguay-Wenner (patheos.com)


Melissa Ann

The Bible should not be disregarded as just a fairytale, as some atheists and satanists might suggest. The Scriptures, particularly the New Testament, are ancient texts that offer significant information and guidance. It’s not uncommon to see former Christians gravitate towards the other end of the belief spectrum, embracing Wicca or, in more extreme cases, Satanism, and even experimenting with witchcraft.

One should not turn away from Jesus simply because some Christians are overzealous in their approach. It’s unfair to hold Jesus accountable for the actions chosen by others.


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Esa (Jesus)

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

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