Wholeness & Harmony

Wholeness & Harmony March 18, 2016

By Gregory


Shalom is the Hebrew word most of us translate as peace. And peace is a fine translation, except shalom means a bit more than peace – it implies a wholeness, a healing, a fullness of being that comes from living in harmony with four central things:

1) Harmony with God – being in right relationship with eternal truths and the source of these truths.

2) Harmony with others – living in justice and love with those around us, especially those closest to us.

3) Harmony with nature – much of the Old Testament is about living in harmony with the land – caring for the gift of creation.

4) Harmony with self – forgiving our self, having right regard for self. Caring for self. Note, self care is not the same as selfishness.

When these four harmonies are present, likely there too is shalom, the deep sense of peace and wholeness that we crave.

May we all find shalom – peace that lasts, heals, and restores.

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