Open Table Judaism strives for a meaningful and inspired Judaism – engaging the tradition with modern sensibilities.

The table is a metaphor for a space where people are engaged, fed, and sustained. An Open Table implies an attitude of welcoming and hospitality that invites others to have a seat at the table, invites others to join the discussion, and includes, rather than excludes others from the community.

Table Talk – the conversation we’re seeking is multifaceted and layered. To take a deeper dive into the goals of this project, read the essay on the Value of Judaism (Re)Visioned. We invite everyone to the table and to participate in the conversation.

Table Rules – we seek a respectful, informed conversation. There will be zero tolerance for hateful, anti-semitic, or disrespectful comments – such will be removed. While we seek an open conversation, those commenting are asked to keep their comments focused to the topics at hand.

About Gregory – originally from New York City, Gregory has called the Grand Rapids, Michigan area home since 1995.

Gregory earned his B.A. in philosophy and theology at Franciscan University in Ohio (1990), his M.Phil. in philosophy at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein (1992), and completed his doctoral work in philosophy (Ph.D.) at the Loyola Institute, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (1995).

He is currently completing a program in Comprehensive Jewish Studies at Darshan Yeshiva.

A member of Temple Emanuel, a Reform congregation in Grand Rapids, he strives for a Judaism that is post-denominational, liberal, open, and hospitable. He finds particular inspiration in the work of Arthur Green and NeoHasid movement, as well as Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Rami Shapiro.

Gregory is engaged in a variety of professional enterprises and immersed in a range of community projects and theological and academic interests – you can learn more at gregorygronbacher.com.