Personal Agenda? Let’s get that out of the way.

Personal Agenda? Let’s get that out of the way. January 31, 2017

Our ongoing conversation about the possibilities of a Post-Rabbinic Judaism have prompted wonderful comments, and many, many emails. Some of these comments and emails ask about where I’m going with all this, what I’m hoping to achieve, and what is my “agenda?”

Well, let me spell that out a bit.

I’m a convert. I’m Reform. I’m firmly rooted in Liberal Theology. I respect our Orthodox brothers and sisters, as well as others.

I’m educated and well read in theology, philosophy, and history. I’m not claiming I know everything or have read everything, but my perspective is certainly informed.

My experience over the past 11 years has been a Judaism that pays homage to Rabbinic Judaism, but isn’t really an expression of such. In particular, Halakhah is largely ignored. Further, when I read versions of the 613 Mitzvot – hundreds of them have nothing to do my life, many seem fully outdated, and a few even offensive.

I really don’t have an agenda except to acknowledge this situation and ask honest questions. It seems to me that the direction and future of Liberal Judaism is Post-Rabbinic in nature. What that looks like is the point of these discussions.

With that said, I have no desire to tell other Jews what they must think or to wade into debates over who’s a real Jew and who isn’t.

I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel. I’m not looking to establish a new form of Judaism. I’m simply reading the signs of the times and examining trends and directions.

I welcome the input of others who are reading those signs or who simply want to contribute.

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