Pagan families takes the next step

Pagan families takes the next step March 12, 2013

Learning to walk by pushing wheeled toyI’ve been letting this ship drift a bit, as the managing editor here, seeing what happens if I stop saying, “No, that doesn’t quite fit the scope of Pagan Families.” And it’s been pretty great.

I started Pagan Families because I wanted to assemble Pagan childbearing resources in one place. I still want that and Pagan Families is going to keep that core of content. It’s something few people are writing about and something lots of us need, unlike Pagan parenting, about which there are lots of books, blogs, and websites out there.

But I called it Pagan Families to make space someday for more. Well, someday is today. So I’ve asked the graphic designer to remove “Resources for Pagan Pregnancy and Birth” from our banner image and I’m working on updating all the text.

Like I said, we’ll still emphasize pregnancy and early parenting, but we’ll make space to consider partnering, pregnancy, parenting, and more.  How about preparing our children for puberty or talking religion with our families of origin or navigating homeschooling for Pagans?

To share your writing, check out the updated contributor guidelines. You can use the comments here to tell us what other topics you want covered.

This baby’s been crawling for a while. Let’s see what happens when she pulls herself up to standing.

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