Fighting for Families: SCOTUS & Wendy Davis

Fighting for Families: SCOTUS & Wendy Davis June 27, 2013

I usually try to steer clear of politics here so we can stay focused on Pagan family life, but the truth is that politics refuses to steer clear of our families, and this week I just don’t want to let current events pass without a mention.

The Supreme Court rendered decisions challenging DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 in California, all of which means many same sex couples are now one step closer to having their marriages and their families recognized and supported. The Wild Hunt has posted a round-up of Pagan reactions.

Image from Strong Families

Also this week, Wendy Davis filibustered for 13 hours in support of reproductive justice, ultimately leading to the halting of a bill that would shut down most abortion services in the state of Texas. I know abortion isn’t something Pagans all agree on, but Pagan Families aims to offer resources for the full spectrum of our reproductive lives, and that includes abortion. Chances are someone in your family has chosen an abortion, maybe even a parent who knew their best way to parent their existing children was to not have another at that time. The heroic filibuster means that’s still an option for women in Texas.

T. Thorn Coyle wrote eloquently about why these events matter, calling on us to stand together with love:

“It is incumbent upon us to support one another as we work toward a world based on love, equity, justice, and beauty.” – T. Thorn Coyle


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