A gallery of birth altars

A gallery of birth altars July 17, 2013

I posted a call for birth altar photos on our Facebook page and you guys came through with a whole bunch of beautiful, inspiring, individually intimate birth altar photos. Here are the ones that I’ve gotten permission to share on the blog. Aren’t they lovely? Thanks to everyone who shared!

Tasha says, “We had two altars… First was set up three weeks prior to birth at our festival, Sacred Harvest Festival where we had a birthing/blessing way rite (harmonytribe.org) then it was set up again at home.”


More from Tasha: “Mama Shrine has become our Birthing Shrine at home. Thank you to everyone who put love and energy into this shrine at SHF.”


Jacquelyn shares, “This is my birth altar for my third baby. At the center is a Frigga doll by the lovely Dancing Goddess Dolls. A picture of me while pregnant with my 2nd, various birth goddess statues, candles (fire), a fan for labor (air), seashells (water), a decorated gourd rattle (earth) and birth jewelry I made for the journey. “


From Ron: “This was our little altar watching over Rosejean just after Her birth. We had it set up in the LDR and moved it into the recovery room.”


Jennifer says, “This is the tiny birth altar we set up in my labour room; a small bottle with an element inside (sand for earth, a small white feather for air, red ribbons for fire and ocean water) and my Goddess in the middle. She’s sitting/standing on my child’s blessing, which is from Starhawk’s “The Fifth Sacred Thing”.”

Also, check out Molly’s photo-packed description of building a birth altar and Lily’s ideas on how you can build a birth altar.

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