Link round-up

Link round-up August 8, 2013

“What is more mysterious than the great unknown existing beyond the frontiers of birth and death?” – Amy Wright Glenn in Birth, Breath, & Death, the Sacred Readings: A Global Book Club book in June.

It’s time for a round-up of the best links shared on the Pagan Families Facebook page in July.

On Pagan Pregnancy and Parenting:

  • From The Allergic Pagan: The Challenges of Family Rituals: “Paganism can be incredibly intricate. In simplifying it for my children, is something lost in the process?”
  • From Pointedly Pagan: On Abortion: A Pagan Ethical Response: “We become fully human only through our relation with the world and with other human beings. Even the most advanced fetuses have taken only the first steps along this path. They are not fully human in any way that counts morally.”
  • A Blessing for Mothers-to-be – The Birthing Site: “Oh, you who radiate life A blessing May your pregnancy unfold with ease May gentleness surround you…”
  • From The Wild Hunt: UK Pagans React To Same Sex Marriage Legalization: “Let us hope that society continues to move forward on accepting the simple reality of consenting adults loving each other, and that the desire for modern Pagan clergy in England and Wales to perform legally recognized unions within that tapestry of love is soon realized.”
  • Carol P. Christ writes: “Z Budapest’s song “We all come from the Goddess, and to Her we shall return” connects us to the cycles of birth and death.”
  • Grey Catsidhe at Offbeat Families: My plan for raising Pagan children: “I intend to raise my child in a Pagan household. I’ve come to see that this means different things to different people, and a lot of it probably has to do with our own experiences of childhood.”
  • From Talk Birth: New Baby Ritual (Plus Maruti Beads Review!) “One of my good friends recently had her family’s eighth baby. I’ve had mother blessing ceremonies for her with past babies and I meant to do so for this baby as well.”

Book News:
  • The author of this new book for Pagan kids sent me this link: “The Wheel of the Year” by R Aurora Lightbringer BSCBS “The Wheel of the Year goes around and around, And it keeps my feet on the ground. And though my head is in the clouds, the Wheel of the Year goes around and around!” Come celebrate the Sabbats with “The Wheel of the Year”!”
  • On Staff of Asclepius: Pagan Accessibility Project – Community Input Requested: Janet Callahan and Tara “Masery” Miller are writing a book to assist Pagan event organizers and Pagan members of the disabled and Deaf communities improve accessibility. Their focus is to write a guide for making Pagan events more accessible and to help leaders and volunteers assist people at Pagan gatherings and events.
  • Nurturing The Soul of Your Family: “Join AP parents through July and August as we discuss Nurturing the Soul of Your Family by Renée Peterson Trudeau through Attachment Parenting International’s online book club, API Reads (on Goodreads).”
  • HILL BABIES: Book Review! Fed Up With Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World “Suz’s “Slow Celebrations” chapter has great ideas for birthdays, baby showers, and rites of passage.”

And an opportunity to participate in research:

Were you raised within a family and/or communities which practiced a form of Paganism? If so, scholar Laura Hanlon-Wildman asks if you would fill out this survey: Spiritual Beliefs and Social Identity Survey

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