Spring Growth Project

Spring Growth Project March 27, 2014

Photo by Lea LSF
Used via Creative Commons License

As the days start getting longer and green things start to come up outside, my children are keenly watching every little change that happens.  As a fun project to teach kids about how plants grow, I like to have mine help me out with some garden planting.  Watching the little tomato and pepper seeds sprout from seed trays sitting in the windows, they learn so much about the magic of nature.

Even if you don’t have a garden to plant in, or very little children who might not be up to waiting for a tomato to sprout and grow, you can still show kids this magic.  Emma Vanstone has a helpful tutorial on Science Sparks for watching a bean plant sprout inside, where children can study the whole plant roots and all.  As an added bonus – studies have shown that children are much more likely to eat foods they’ve grown themselves, so if you can get some to grow, your children might actually eat their vegetables!

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