April Link Round-Up: Medicine, magic, motherhood, and more

April Link Round-Up: Medicine, magic, motherhood, and more May 8, 2014

Every month I read back over the links and things shared and discussed on the Pagan Families facebook and twitter pages, and write up the juiciest, most useful, most enduringly interesting links here in case you missed something. In April there were new babies, new facebook pages, and plenty of articles to read.

We congratulated Niki from A Witch’s Ashram who moved into her new house and immediately welcomed her baby girl to the world!

Throughout April we observed Cesarean Awareness Month. Studies indicate that moms and babies have the best outcomes when about 5% to 10% of births are by cesarean. In the U.S. the Cesarean rate is greater than 30%.  If your doctor or midwife suggests a c-section, this resource might help you decide if it is right for you

We welcomed the Heart Womb Collective Facebook page! “It’s a space and a place in honour of the full spectrum continuum of our womb journeys. From conception to birth, menarche to menopause, pregnancy loss, abortion, assisted fertility, infertility, pelvic dis-ease, surgery, and beyond.” 

Pagans Against Circumcision invited us to check out their page. (Trigger warning for graphic images.) Do you see circumcision as a Pagan issue?

As always, there were some great reads around the web:

“Just like the intense opening that happens in birth, there are times in mothering when your capacity will be stretched to its edges.” -Tami Lynn Kent

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Farewell to Pagan Families
"Thanks for your good work, and good luck!"

Farewell to Pagan Families
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Farewell to Pagan Families
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