How to choose a doula

How to choose a doula July 7, 2014

A friend recently asked for advice on choosing a doula to share with her pregnant coven-mate. Since finding a great birth doula can make a huge difference in a birthing experience, I thought I’d share here what I wrote to her.

A doula should offer a free initial consultation and I’d suggest interviewing at least a couple of doulas that way. The most important thing is a matter of personal fit: does the doula feel like someone you can be vulnerable around?

Otherwise there are all kinda of things you can ask a doula eg. what’s her fee? does she work with a back up? what’s her birth philosophy? how does she feel about [something important to the mom eg. Paganism/VBAC/epidurals/breastfeeding/polyamory/massage…]?

Others who’ve had experience with doulas, what question would you suggest asking?

PS. Here’s a great list of ten things to consider when choosing a birth doula.

Doula Jen Miriam Altman supports mom in labor. From


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