Community News Linkage

Community News Linkage February 9, 2011

Happy News reports on a music and dopamine study from McGill University, Canada “Musical Chills: Why They Give Us Thrills”

Sociologist Publishes Research On Religion And Adolescents
“Religion plays an important role in the lives of teenagers, according to the findings published in the book “A Faith of their Own: Stability and Change in the Religiosity of America’s Adolescents,” co-written by Melinda Lundquist Denton, an assistant professor of sociology at Clemson University.”

Thanks to the Witches’ Voice on FaceBook for bringing this to the community’s attention.

Ocean at Deaf Pagan Crossroads has a series of posts regarding the Feb. 3 CSI episode “The Two Mrs. Grissoms”.

Picture This Film Festival will be screening movies Feb. 14 – 18th this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“Picture this…film festival is both a competitive and exhibition festival. The festival features films that are about disability and/or films on any subject that were produced, directed and/or written by people with disabilities. We want everyone to participate in this event and feel they have been entertained, learned something new or have a greater understanding of disability around the world. Picture this…film festival operates beyond the annual event through Picture this…on the road series of mini-festivals and themed programmes.”

There are a couple of informative articles at Disability Scoop.

“Jobs Report Offers Mixed Signals For People With Disabilities” By Shaun Heasley

“Lax Teacher Standards Threaten Students With Disabilities, Advocates Say” By Michelle Diament

UK Daily Mail
“Teenager beats rare brain condition and saves sight – after her father finds miracle cure on the internet”

Gamer news! Chuck, also known as Askacapper, has a petition going that he will deliver to game developers at PAX East. PAX East is a three-day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers. The petition requests that all games be programmed for customizable controller settings so disabled gamers have better accessibility.

Petition link:

Petition FAQ:

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