Pagan & Shinto News: Satanic Temple sues Netflix over Sabrina’s baphomet statue

Pagan & Shinto News: Satanic Temple sues Netflix over Sabrina’s baphomet statue November 11, 2018

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Satanic Temple sues Netflix over Sabrina’s baphomet statue
  • Japanese citizens to file suit against emperor’s Shinto enthronement rites
  • Wicca emerged as controversy in West Virginia election

Pagan News

The Art of Magic Words by Llysse Smith Wylle. From

Wicca Emerged as Controversy in West Virginia Election
The Wild Hunt
In a race for the West Virginia House of Delegates, the Wiccan writings of one candidate emerged as issue…

Black millennials leaving church for African witchcraft
The Atlantic
Young black women are leaving Christianity and embracing African witchcraft in digital covens…

Black Witches Talk Back : An Open Letter To Atlantic
Voodoo Universe
This week Atlantic published an article about Black Witches titled The Witches of Baltimore – Young black women are leaving Christianity and embracing African witchcraft in digital covens. The author Sigal Samuel, makes a lot of assumptions in this piece, and most of them are, I have to say, wrong…

Organisers of Starhawk ceremony react to criticisms of ‘cultural insensitivity’
The Coast
“We hoped to create a link between our neo-pagan settler communities and Mi’kmaq communities, because of our many shared values.”

Reading Witches and Pagans hold annual ball
Reading Eagle
The fifth annual Witches Masquerade Ball was held Saturday in the Chanel ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Reading, Wyomissing…

Here’s What Real Witches Think Of Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Reboot
Huffington Post
It’s been about a week since Netflix released “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” ― and real-life witches have mixed feelings about it…

Real Witches Weigh Up the Witch Culture of ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’
Fandom UK
What do actual witches think about the way their culture is represented in the show? We pulled together a coven of witches to tell us what’s what…

The unstoppable rise of the modern day witch
Why your obsession with crystals and tarot reading is the ultimate act of feminism…

Meet The Witches Of Instagram
The Frisky
Modern day witches have adopted Instagram as their social network of choice, posting photos of crystals, spells, altars, tarot decks, graveyards and various oddities alongside musings on energy healing, goddess worship, communing with nature, and prioritizing art and spiritual abundance over money and traditional ideas of success…

Reading the occult
London has a rich tradition of occult bookshops that specialise in everything from tarot to Arab protective magic and the psychic hazards of sex. Some of these have served as meeting places for poets and artists dabbling in the dark arts…

Being Witched: Feminism’s Hottest New Trend Is Ancient
Study Breaks
Combining tenets of female empowerment and pagan mysticism, witchcraft is on the rise in modern America…

Making a Witch: An Interview with Shannon Barber
Outside The Charmed Circle
Today, I have the unalloyed pleasure of sharing with you an interview I conducted with Shannon Barber, a Black Queer writer and witch based in Seattle…

Witchcraft at the University of Edinburgh
The Student Newspaper
Popular Religion, Women and Witchcraft isn’t a module you’d see in most prospectuses, but Dr Kirsteen Murray’s course fills classrooms twice a week…

Photographer captures Witches in America
The Wild Hunt
Realizing she was “very much an outsider,” Denny says she “had this curiosity and this sort of vague sense that there these people out there who identified as Witches. and I needed to figure out how I was going to meet them and get my arms around this world that I knew nothing about.”…

Shinto News

Imperial throne

Citizens to file suit against new emperor’s Shinto enthronement rites
The Mainichi
At least 120 people are planning to file a lawsuit to stop the Japanese government from using taxpayers’ money for Shinto rituals to mark the enthronement of a new emperor next year…

First karuta world competition held at holy site of game in Otsu
Asahi Shimbun
The event was held in Omijingu shrine in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, which enshrines Emperor Tenji. His poem is the first of the “Hyakunin Isshu,” or the 100 poems by 100 poets, which the card-grabbing game is based on. The shrine is known as the “holy site of karuta.”…

Trouble at Yasukuni
Recently, there has been trouble at Yasukuni Jinja, and the chief priest has had to resign. Jinja Shinpō reported it, but they were very coy, and only said that he had made “improper remarks” in an internal meeting at the jinja…

Visiting a sanctuary where myths still live on
The Japan News
According to the tales, Amaterasu expelled her younger brother, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, from Heaven to Izumo, where he conquered Yamata-no-Orochi, the legendary giant snake with eight heads…


Other News

The Satanic Temple logo

Satanic Temple sues Netflix over Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s demonic statue
The Guardian
The group claims the show’s statue of Baphomet resembles its own and that its use ‘dilutes and denigrates’ satanism…

‘Occult expert’ who abused children while watching horror films is jailed
Daily Record
Jason Love advertised that he undertook investigations into poltergeist attacks, demonic possession, witchcraft and the occult. He was jailed for six years after sexually molesting three boys during a 12-year catalogue of abuse…

Ancient Egyptian tombs yield rare find of mummified scarab beetles
Archaeologists in Egypt said on Saturday they had discovered a rare collection of mummified scarab beetles, as well as an apparently pristine Fifth Dynasty tomb that they plan to open in the coming weeks…

UK: mythical giant to hold up bridge?
The Wild Hunt
The legends of the collection of Welsh tales, the Mabinogion, are still very much alive in the principality, including a proposal for a new bridge held up by a statue of the mythical giant Brân the Blessed…

Japanese temple holds ceremony for eyeglasses
CNN Travel
The temple holds the service every year on November 8 as a way for people to “show gratitude to their glasses for their years of service” before disposing of them…

Bishop to set up exorcism ministry as he warns of the ‘evils of reiki’
New Irish News
A Catholic bishop has said he is establishing a “delivery ministry” of people who will attempt to rid others of the devil and warned that using reiki or other new-age healing methods could open one up to the possibility of ‘encountering malevolent spirits’…

Kyoto aiming to disperse crowds to ease ‘overtourism’
Japan Today
Among the popular sights is Fushimi Inari Taisha located in southern Kyoto. The Shinto shrine known for its around 10,000 vermillion torii gateways is almost always crowded with travelers hoping to shoot scenic photos…

Why Japan’s Buddhists run a deadly 1,000-day marathon
Big Think
The kaihōgyō — a seven-year, 1,000-day marathon — is among the world’s most difficult physical challenges…

‘Eyes of the world’ will be on Stonehenge
Wiltshire Times
Wiltshire archaeologist Phil Harding says the “eyes of the world” will be watching if the Government decides to go ahead with controversial plans for a 1.9-mile tunnel past the world-famous Stonehenge monument…

‘Our god is stronger’ – can biodiverse Bijagós fend off evangelical threat?
The Guardian
For centuries, traditional religious practices have preserved the sacred forests of this archipelago off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. Now missionaries are muscling in…

60-year-old woman murdered in Assam, India suspected witch hunt victim

Northeast Now
In a suspected case of witch-hunting, an elderly woman was murdered at Nabinagar under Kachugaon Police Station in Gossaigaon Sub-division of Kokrajhar district on Tuesday night…

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