Pagan & Shinto News: Witches outnumber Presbyterians in US; Worldwide media reacts

Pagan & Shinto News: Witches outnumber Presbyterians in US; Worldwide media reacts November 23, 2018

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Witches now outnumber Presbyterians in US: Worldwide press reacts
  • Pagans lose court fight over breaking Stonehenge rules
  • Warehouse at Meiji Shrine burns down
Left: Pagan gathering. Solar/ShahMai Network [CC2.0] Centre: Druids at Stonehenge. sandyraidy [CC1.0] Right: Meiji Shrine torii, pixabay

Pagan News

Witches now outnumber Presbyterians in America as number of Pagans soar to 1.5 million
Mail Online
Experts believe that the explosion in the witch population is due to millennial women’s embracing of new-age spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga…

Rise of witchcraft could spell change
The Times
Newsweek reports that the number of witches and Americans practising Wicca religious rituals has risen dramatically since the 1990s, with several recent studies indicating that there may be at least 1.5 million witches across the country, more than the 1.4 million members of the Presbyterian church…

Pagans lose court fight over breaking Stonehenge rules
This Is Wiltshire
The women two of whom identify as druids and the other as a witch – were convicted of breaking rules governing the ancient monument after they trespassed in the stone circle…

Next Scottish census may include Pagans in religion section
Scotland’s Census
Work is on-going to test and consider possible changes to a number of questions, including the inclusion of Pagan in the religion question…

Coverage of Black Witches Convention Causes Controversy
The Wild Hunt
Author and journalist Sigal Samuel wrote in The Atlantic, where she serves as the Religion Editor, an article on the Third Annual Black Witches Convention…

British witch casts global spell in hope of saving planet
Michelle Elliott, 40, has been practising witchcraft for three decades and is teaming up with other witches around the world to cast a ‘global spell’…

American witch who cast hex on Donald Trump reveals her spell for finding true love
The Sun
Known as the ‘Oracle of Los Angeles’ she charges as much as £77 ($100) per hour for her sessions including chakra balancing and grounding sessions, which aim to relieve stress…

An intimate look into the witch’s cauldron
The Wake
As “spirituality kits” hit the mainstream and rose quartz vaginal eggs join the bathroom counters of women across the nation, thanks to Goop, Paganism is becoming chic. But pseudo metaphysical trends, such as crystals, when adopted by major brands and cultures, pose challenges to understanding “witches” on an intimate level…

‘Being a witch, casting spells and creating potions is my full-time job’
Semra’s made a career of her love of magic…

Pagan Things Made by Pagans For Pagans (A Holiday Gift Guide)
Raise The Horns
Whatever your shopping needs are, you can probably find something worth buying in my annual “Pagan Things Made by Pagans” roundup of the best, brightest, and most creative in our little community…

Shinto News

Warehouse at Meiji Shrine burns down
The Japan Times
According to the Tokyo metropolitan fire and police departments, no one was killed or injured by the fire at the Shinto site in Shibuya Ward…

Lisa Origliasso and Logan Huffman’s multifaith wedding incorporates Shinto elements
Mail Online
The spiritually diverse ceremony incorporated a smorgasbord of religions, from Christianity and Buddhism to Shinto and Hinduism, and was officiated by a high priestess…

San Antonio’s Witte Museum celebrates Autumn Festival
San Antonio Current
Based in the rituals of the country’s traditional Shinto religion, Aki Matsuri (translated as “fall/harvest festival”) observances abound in Japan as folks give thanks for nature’s bounty (especially the rice harvest) and generally celebrate the season…

Preparing for the Daijōsai
Japan will be getting a new Tennō at the beginning of May next year. There are, as might be expected, many ceremonies associated with this, but from the Shinto perspective the most important is the Daijōsai…

Other News

Stonehenge Tunnel plans get green light to start official planning process
New Civil Engineer
The A303 Stonehenge tunnel project is one of the most complex and controversial projects Highways England is undertaking…

Pastor’s claim that yoga is demonic “hate speech”, instructor says
The Washington Times
Springfield’s yoga community is speaking out after a pastor at an Assemblies of God megachurch warned Christians to avoid the popular activity because he claims it has “demonic roots.”…

Satanists ‘amicably’ settle Warner Bros lawsuit over Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
The Guardian
A group of Satanists who sued Netflix and Warner Bros for $50m (£38m) in a copyright row over the Sabrina television show have “amicably” settled the lawsuit…

“An ancient fresco discovered in Pompeii isn’t “racy”—it depicts a rape”
A well-preserved ancient fresco depicting the myth of Leda and the Swan has been uncovered in the Regio V area of the Pompeii archeological site in Italy…

Pembrokeshire treasure hunter unearths Celtic chariot burial
BBC News
The burial ritual was reserved for high-ranking chiefs who would be interred complete with their chariot, horses, tack and even weapons…

New “Rabbit Kannon” statue at Japanese temple bemuses visitors
SoraNews 24
The 6-metre tall “Bunny Kannon“, as it’s being called, contains an image of a Kannon, or Goddess of Mercy, in its chest…

Bringing them home; one man’s mission to return the Parthenon Marbles
Greek City Times
Jim Mellas is the Greek Australian barrister who, fuelled by determination to see the return of the Parthenon Marbles that reside in the British Museum back Greece staged a silent protest a few months ago at the Museum…

Manhattan’s Indigenous People Hold First Pow Wow in City Since 1700s
The Lenape people hosted their first Pow Wow in Manhattan since they were removed by the Dutch in the 1700s…

Zimbabwe: Man kills two in-laws in witchcraft row
Nehanda Radio
A Bikita man allegedly fatally struck his mother-in-law and brother in-law after battering his wife over witchcraft allegations, police have said…

Nepal: Elderly woman tortured on witchcraft charge
The Himalayan
A 67-year-old woman was beaten black and blue and forced to eat human waste by four persons including a Nepal Army personnel in Siddha Lek Rural Municipality in Dhading…

India: 60-year-old man beaten to death by villagers after witchcraft accusations

India Blooms
Branded as witch, a 60-year-old man was beaten to death in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district by a group of villagers on Saturday night…

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