Pagan & Shinto News: Florida Pagan Gathering harassed by evangelical Christian messages

Pagan & Shinto News: Florida Pagan Gathering harassed by evangelical Christian messages May 12, 2019

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Florida Pagan Gathering harassed by evangelical Christian messages
  • Man returns chunk of Stonehenge he swiped 60 years ago
  • Japan’s emperor reports enthronement plans to his ancestors

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Left: Florida Pagan Gathering logo, Centre: Stonehenge, Pixabay. Right: Emperor Naruhito, – Michel Temer [CC BY 2.0]

Pagan News

Florida Pagan Gathering harassed by evangelical Christian messages
The Wild Hunt
On May 3, 2019, it was reported on social media that a Lakeland company, Skyspot Advertising, a night aerial advertising business flew over the grounds of the Florida Pagan Gathering (FPG) and displayed Christian evangelical messages…

Cornwall May Day celebration marred by tragedy
The Wild Hunt
The May Day celebrations in Padstow in Cornwall were marked by tragedy this year when a young mother died, possibly as a result of an accident involving the traditional figure of the Padstow Obby Oss…

Druid joins viral social media challenge in fight against litter
A local druid has embarked on a mission to make Chester a cleaner place by taking part in a social media challenge…

Pentagram, ritual circle discovered by New Zealand couple for first time while recarpeting their home
NZ Herald
Bizarre markings on the floors of bedrooms being recarpeted have left an Auckland couple wondering about the history of their old villa…

Wickerman festival ushers in the start of summer
The traditional Beltain Festival heralds the start of summer and sees thousands of visitors flock to the Celtic celebration…

Gothic Morris dancers, tree people and even some elves: This year’s Pagan Pride event is as blissfully bonkers as ever!
The Mail Online
The celebrations, which saw crowds of people don colourful costumes, took place in Russell Square, London…

Pagan festival welcomes spring
Medicine Hat News
The Southern Alberta Pagan Association helped bring in the start of spring with their third annual Pagan Festival in Galt Gardens…

Changes in rainfall shifts tree ranges
The Wild Hunt
The impacts of climate change will likely affect how some Pagans, Polytheists, and other nature-based spiritual paths practice their religion as those impacts become more obvious…

Meet the witches claiming to fight corruption in Romania with spells and magic
While Romanian citizens are getting ready to hit the polls to vote in the European elections, a group of self-proclaimed witches are working behind closed doors to make sure that the “right” candidates get seats…

Shinto News

In first palace ritual of his reign, Japan’s emperor reports enthronement plans to his ancestors

The Japan Times
Emperor Naruhito performed his first formal ritual within the Imperial Palace on Wednesday following his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne last week, ceremonially reporting to his ancestors that he will take part in major enthronement rites this fall…

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito dresses in ‘ancient robe’ and towering headdress as he carries out 1,300-year-old ritual in the Imperial Palace days after ascending to the throne
Mail Online
Japan’s new emperor Naruhito donned a traditional robe and huge headdress to perform prayers, days after ascending to the throne…

Shrine seal resellers under fire over Golden Week opportunism
The Mainichi
Some shrines have been appalled to discover their special imprints and books are being resold at huge markups on the internet…

Jinja Honcho Publishes English Booklet MIYOGAWARI to Explain the Imperial Succession and Shinto’s Essence

Japan Forward
A recent booklet titled MIYOGAWARI takes on the range of rituals marking the changing of Japan’s era from Heisei to Reiwa…

New Priests 2019
With the end of the Japanese academic year in March, Jinja Shinpō has published its normal analysis of newly graduated priests…

UNESCO listed Karatsu Kunchi held in Saga Prefecture
The Japan News
The Karatsu Kunchi festival was held to mark the start of the new Reiwa era in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, on Sunday…

Japanese enjoy Kanda Matsuri festival in Tokyo
People dressed in period costumes took part on Saturday in one of the three largest festivals in Tokyo…

Shinto priest to open Santa Rosa’s Matsuri Japanese Arts Festival
The Press Democrat
For the first time at the free festival, a Shinto priest will perform a traditional opening ceremony…

Reiwa imperial rituals and the Constitution

The Japan Times
While the enthronement ceremony will be held as part of the “matters of state” that the emperor is to perform as stipulated in the Constitution, the Daijosai — grand thanksgiving rite — is a private ritual of the imperial family…

Sumo: Before each basho, a ritual to welcome the god in the rafters
The Japan News
The dohyo matsuri ring purification ritual for the May Grand Sumo Tournament will be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo at 10 a.m. on Saturday…

Miwa Komatsu: An artist’s vision of Shinto and its divine beings
The Japan Times
Komatsu, now an emerging artist, is becoming known for her vibrant depictions of Japanese Shinto symbolism and frequently has exhibitions and live painting performances both in Japan and overseas…

The emperor’s role
Green Shinto
Mainstream Shinto is based around the emperor system…

Other News

Man returns chunk of Stonehenge he swiped 60 years ago

New York Times
A 90-year-old Florida man has returned a missing chunk of Britain’s prehistoric Stonehenge — more than 60 years after he swiped it…

Gilmerton Cove was ‘druid temple’ claims top historian
The Scotsman
A prominent art expert and historian believes the subterranean site is likely to have been a Druid temple dating back more 2000 years…

Scientists liken Anglo-Saxon burial site to King Tut’s tomb
Concord Daily
An underground chamber discovered accidentally by road workers appears to be the site of the earliest Christian royal burial ever found in Britain, archaeologists say, calling it the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of King Tutankhamun’s tomb…

Stunning Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi Found in 4,500-Year-Old Cemetery
IFL Science
A 4,500-year-old cemetery – the final rest place of some of Egypt’s rich and powerful – has been discovered at an excavation site on the outskirts of Cairo, a short hop from the Giza pyramid complex…

Born-again Christian mother and son who are accused of chanting ‘witch’ at six-year-old autistic girl’s mother tell judge it is a ‘spiritual matter’
The Mail Online
Mother and son born-again Christians have appeared in court accused of harassing their neighbour with ‘death by fire’ chants…

Something wicked this way comes: talk on witches in Dunfermline
Dunfermline Press
A public discussion in Dunfermline will ask why Scotland was more swept up in finding witches than almost any other country in Europe…

Mexican villagers beseech volcano goddess for rain, safety
The Journal Gazette
The inhabitants of Santiago Xalitzintla rise well before dawn to prepare their offerings to The Sleeping Woman, as they affectionately call the dormant Iztaccíhuatl volcano that hovers above their town in central Mexico…

Examining the people accused of witchcraft
Scottish Field
Remembering Scotland’s Witches is an all-day public event being held later this month…

Namibia: Pensioner commits suicide after ‘witchcraft’ accusations
New Era Live
A 73-year-old man from Karangana village in Kavango West committed suicide after he was allegedly accused of witchcraft by his nephews and nieces…

Kenya: Two lynched over Witchcraft allegations
Standard Media
Two siblings have been killed in Amakuriat village in West Pokot County on ‘suspicion of engaging in witchcraft’…

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