Sgt Stewart: Honoring Fallen Pagan Warriors

Sgt Stewart: Honoring Fallen Pagan Warriors May 29, 2010

I look forward to the stories I will tell kids as I get older. When I was your age we didn’t have the internet. When I was your age cell phones were HUGE and carried in small briefcases. When I was your age fallen Pagan military members didn’t get their symbol of religion on their grave without a fight.

Take some time to remember Sgt Patrick Stewart, and his widow Roberta this weekend. The VA decided to stonewall the request for a pentacle to be placed on his VA memorial plaque which launched a community wide outcry that received coverage in mainstream media. Today, thanks to the efforts of Roberta Stewart and The Lady Liberty League the pentacle in an accepted symbol for veterans grave markers and memorials.

Honor Pagan warrior’s this weekend in your own way, whether it’s honoring the fallen or supporting the those who are currently serving.

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