White Witch Day

White Witch Day June 1, 2010

White Witch day

Monthly Ritual of ‘Craft Solidarity’

photo by Watt Dabney

My coven uses the 11th of each month; it is a power number and well suited; to ensure the day is a visible declaration of pure Goddess intent make it a WHITE day.

Wear white clothes, as you do the housework, to the office, tie a white ribbon in daughter’s hair for the day at school, or men wear a white button hole. If you are really motivated bring it into every sector of your day, light white candles instead of using light bulbs, make a white daisy chain and/or decorate the house with white flowers, or make a white family meal i.e. risotto, ice cream or rice pudding. IN YOUR OWN WAY MAKE IT A WHITE DAY.
And while you are doing what ever you are doing – think positive healing love; this is strong warrior love, so mean every word you chant.

Say it 22 times in total during the day (all in one block if you want, or as I do, every now and then when motivated by something that stirs the Amazon within me!):

“United in Goddess belief we stand;
With hope and love to healing this land.
Resolved like Spartans to the end,
Our firm intent, this world to mend”.

Then before you fall sleep at the day’s end say:

Too much has gone ne’er to return;
What will it take to make them learn?
I love and respect I remember and am sorry for………………….

…This is where you remember all the terrible things that offend and sadden you from your own heritage, they can be major ‘global’ or ‘country’ issues or just minor ‘local’ ones, its entirely up to you and your emotions on the day; whatever bugs you. And keep listing them, no matter how long it takes, get it all off your chest, until you fall asleep. It sure beats counting sheep!

That’s all folks……. ..weave, weave, weave that web, we are the safety net in this world of zorbic mayhem; with our gossamer Goddess thread we will hold this world together though others try to tear it apart. Change is coming.

Blessings Eve.

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  • Greenman

    Interesting, especially your bedtime ritual. Do you ever celebrate the good things “from your own heritage”?
    Mine has produced both good and bad and some that are both. We in North America have our share of both good and bad. i recognize the bad (over consumption of the world’s resources) and the good (willingness to rush to the aid of earthquake victims in Haiti). One thing i learned very early as a Pagan was to strive for balance in all things.
    Blessed Be

  • Eve

    In answer to Greenman;
    Yes every day of my existence.
    I salute each new dawn with a simple ritul of optimism and acceptance, thankful for all that has been learned. and aware of all my many blessing.
    This is why I felt a balance was needed, my life needed a sober monthly rain check with reality, for here in my lonely lovely Welsh valley I can and do ignore the rest bof the world…………..I know I shouldn’t, but I am guilty of being a hermit.