Calling “Joe Pagan”!

Calling “Joe Pagan”! August 13, 2010

Aug 23rd is when the Future of Paganism debuts on We’ve got some really cool stuff lined up and it’s going to be fascinating. However, Paganism is endlessly diverse and I’d really like more diversity in our line-up. If you, or someone you know, can provide perspective on unique topics, like the ones below but not limited by that list, and would like to submit a single paragraph on your thoughts on the Future of Paganism, please send your input to me in an e-mail!

I’m not just talking about community leaders or elders, but I also want the views of your average “Joe Pagan”.

Here are some ideas and if you have something to say about them, or other topics, in regards to the Future of Paganism, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at!

  • Are you a member of a small or emerging trad? Where do you see your trad going?
  • Are you an atheist, pantheist, agnostic, Deist, gnostic or monotheistic Pagan?
  • Are you a Kemeticist, a Discordian, a Vampyre, a Canaanite Pagan, a Radical Faerie, a Dianic or a trad Witch?
  • Are you from a trad that has been around 40 years of more? How is your trad preparing for the future?
  • Are you from a specific ethnic background that informs your practice? Are you Asian, Hispanic, African-American, Native American, Indian or Arab?
  • Do you believe Paganism is becoming mainstream? Do you believe Paganism is doomed to fizzle out?
  • Do you think Paganism is becoming dogmatic? Do you think Paganism is becoming too lax?
  • How do you think Paganism should handle the challenges of entering the mainstream?
  • Should Pagans engage in interfaith work? How should they engage in interfaith work?
  • Should there be a push for Pagan solidarity? Should over-arching unity organizations be shunned as conformity enforcing?
  • Should Pagans strive towards a Pagan academia? Pagan studies course? Pagan theology classes?
  • Should Pagans avoid theology as an un-Pagan practice that causes dynamic worship to stagnate?
  • Are you a former Pagan? Why did you leave and how has your Pagan past shaped your future?
  • Is the future of Paganism in reviving the ancient or embracing the modern? Or both?

These are just some ideas. If you’ve got an insight on a different topic we’d love to hear it! Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested. I’d love to present as big and colorful a feast of Pagan thought as possible!

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