Getting Stuff Done

Getting Stuff Done October 3, 2010

I am blogging from bed. It’s a nice cool morning and it’s all warm and snuggly under the blankets. I do not want to get up but I have to and that’s pretty much the essence of life. Things need to get done. Promised to go somewhere with my sis, I have laundry calling my name and work I didn’t finish yesterday to take care of.

There’s a joke, with the details of the digger changed to suit the teller’s purpose, that some people will take 5 hours to dig a small hole: two hours to discuss it’s location, one hour to discuss it’s depth, one hour to discuss it’s purpose, thirty minutes to discuss the shame of having to disturb the earth and finally thirty minutes of digging because it finally has to be done.

I can be as long-winded and analytical as the next fella, but we do seem to talk things to pieces in our communities at times. Sometimes I think we talk about the hole far more often than we dig it. One of the reasons I love the idea behind Pagans Who Get Stuff Done.

Anyway, I have holes to dig so please forgive the short post. Hope you have a lovely day! Enjoy the music!
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