Top Ten Things Our Ancestors Want Us To Know

Top Ten Things Our Ancestors Want Us To Know November 7, 2010

In the spirit of top 10 lists and the spirit of the season, here is my top 10 list of things the ancestors want us to know:

10. Everyone has ancestors, even if they don’t know who they are, the ancestors will recognize their own. If you’re adopted, then you have both biological and blood ancestors who watch out for you.

9. Even if you can’t hear or feel the presence of your ancestors, they can hear you just fine.

8. Even if you don’t have a natural gift for mediumship, you can learn to listen and can improve your signal clarity by taking the time to listen for their voices each day.

7. Even if you can’t hear them, that doesn’t mean you cannot honor them.

6. The dead are not gone and can and do interact with the living.

5. The ancestors have a vested interest in our success and the success of our line.

4. The relationships we have with our ancestors are just like our relationships we have with anyone else: reciprocal. You get out of it what you put in.

3. Our dead are around us all year long, not just on Samhain. Don’t be that person who only contacts them once a year or only contacts them when you need a favor…that is the astral equivalent of being the annoying cousin who only calls when they need bail money.

2. The ancestors really don’t ask for that much in the scheme of things: time, attention, love. They like having an ancestor altar that is dedicated to them where you can put their pictures and appropriate offerings (candles, flowers, the occasional food and drink).

1. There is no more protective force available to us than having a strong ancestral house. Our ancestors stand ready to help and defend us and will throw down on our behalf if the need arises. With regular connection, care and honoring of our dead, we tap into a power that is exceedingly potent. Plus, it is only right and honorable to give our dead their due…right action and service can improve our luck and our wyrd.

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  • Thank you; this is so true, on all accounts. I’m happy that more and more are recognizing our Ancestors in veneration and communication. It has been an incredible force, inviting my Ancestors back into my own life.

  • Laura Patsouris

    I’m really happy to see a trend with more and more people connecting with their ancestors…they can be such a source of strength and comfort. Mine have gotten me through (and are still getting me through) some real challenges.

  • Sometimes when I hear people talk on Ancestor worship, it’s in terms like They are far away…which for me, isn’t the case. Sure, my Ancestors help in times of spiritual trouble, but They have also helped me do practical things. They’re incredible companions; after all, They’re family, physically and/or spiritually.