Hellenismos – a living, modern religion

Hellenismos – a living, modern religion April 6, 2011

One of the criticisms that neo-Pagans make about revived or reconstructed religions such as Hellenismos is that we live too much in the past and that our religion isn’t a living, evolving and relevant spirituality. That we are slaves to the past, treating our religion as a museum piece. Frankly, sometimes this can be true. Sometimes we do spend too much time with books, losing ourselves in the minutia of the past. It can be difficult to see the relevancy of rituals and concepts from 1500 years ago as being valuable and vibrant in a much different time, place, and culture.

But this is how we see it – why reinvent the wheel when you can put some air in the one you’re given and get back on the spiritual path? There were reasons why our ancestors interacted with deities in the way that they did. Because it worked. It’s spiritually fulfilling. It makes sense. It allows for a deeper connection with deities and the world around you. It has meaning and depth and beauty. It is timeless. It vibrates in our very souls. But the key is to regularly engage in rituals, observances and practices. To adhere as close to what the ancients did, in order to learn from their wisdom and experience, and then to translate that into a slightly more modern form that is still ‘true’ to its origins.

I ‘toss the barley’ and am humbly grateful to do so. I pour wine as a libation, the same as my ancestors did. I feel sacred Hestia in the flame that burns in my hearth and in my heart and I reap the benefits of my careful tending to the flame. I pray before my home altar, make offerings to the Agathos Diamons, and ask Hermes to guard me as I venture out of the protections of my home. There is a spiritual rhythm to my life that gives me great personal strength. My household worship practices, such as cleaning out the entire house and getting rid of all broken or wanted things each month on the Deipnon, improve the quality of life for all my family members. These ancient rituals have profound meaning that I would have missed if I had dismissed them as old and pointless.

So what does an old, musty, revived religion like Hellenismos look like in action? Take a look at this wedding ceremony, recently conducted in Greece. The forms of the ritual are thousands of years old, but I dare you to say it has no relevancy or value for modern Pagans.  Every action and word is bursting with meaning and one builds upon the other.  It looks right.  It feels right.  And that’s why ancient Pagans performed these rites long ago and that’s why we do them today.

My thanks to Labrys, a group of practicing Hellenic Pagans in Greece, for passing on this video. (Read their site in English here, including a run down of the marriage ceremony) And congratulations to the happy couple. May Hera and Zeus bless their union and may Hestia bless their home with comfort and harmony!

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