UPDATED-Link Round-Up: Is the Pagan Label/Community Useful?

UPDATED-Link Round-Up: Is the Pagan Label/Community Useful? May 27, 2011

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Polytheists are making the argument that their communities thrive better without the Pagan label and community, and it’s generated a boatload of discussion. Here’s a lists of posts discussing this issue, beginning with the post that set the ball, or some might say golden apple, rolling.

*An interview with Drew Jacob, an article by T. Thorn Coyle and column by Eric Scott are forthcoming and will be linked here along with any other relevant responses to this debate.*

Drew Jacob: Why I’m Not Pagan, Interview with Drew Jacob and The Opt-In Approach to Religion

Helio: Polytheist More Enlightening Label

Scott Reimers: It’s Time for Pagans to Stop Being Pagan

T. Thorn Coyle writes Paganism: Some Questions, Paganism: One Working Answer and Can We Share A Common Fire?

Allyson: It’s a Matter of Association

Sannion: I Am A Pagan , Further Thought on the Pagan Identity Crisis and The Canons of the Council of Eugene

Laura LaVoie: Pagans Need United Front

Tess Dawson: My Unrequited Love for Pagans

Ruby Sara: The Troublesome Term Again

Allison Leigh Lilly: Religious Branding

Cora Post: The Iconoclast Explained Pts One, Two and Three

David Salisbury: Vocabulary Is A Privilege

Marcel: Polytheist Has Fewer Preconceived Notions

Vopiscus: A Matter of Values

Resa: Labeling Is Complicated

Cara Schulz: Choosing to Remain Under the Pagan Umbrella

Star Foster: Real World Benefits of Not Being Pagan and Our Conduct Matters, Not Our Labels

Black Pagan: Pagan or pagan?

Bear Fairie: Pagans Applies to Me, Not My Traditions

Alorer: Why I Am A Pagan

Ash Freeman: Who is Welcome Under the Umbrella?

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus: The (Perceived) Problem with Pagan

Teo Bishop: Pagan Is The New Gay

Peter Dybing: Witch Wars Revisited

Lamyka: Pagan Family Comes First

Jason Pitzl-Waters: Paganism, Solidarity and the Way Forward

Nouvelle Noir Goddess: “Pagan” from the view of the African Traditionalist Community

Crystal Blanton: I’m Pagan and I’m Proud

Jon Hanna: Together We Fall, Divided We Stand

Matthew Hunt: Differences are Real and Important

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