Steve Simon is My Hero

Steve Simon is My Hero May 5, 2011

I had every intention of waxing eloquent on the AFA dedication of a Pagan chapel, but Rep. Simon has won my heart away.

His entire speech was a “shame on you” to those who feel they must impose their religious values on the rest of us, and are not above compromising our legislative practices to do so. Those people will always be a threat to the virtuous and moral, and we will always need people like Steve Simon to call them on their duplicity.

The type of  people who oppose same-sex marriage favored the outlawing of American Indigenous religious practices.

The type of  people who oppose same-sex marriage pushed for Prohibition.

The type of  people who oppose same-sex marriage opposed women’s suffrage.

The type of  people who oppose same-sex marriage argued in favor of slavery.

The type of  people who oppose same-sex marriage think they own your body, mind and soul. That they can tell you what to think, feel and do. What you can read, who you can love, what you can eat and what rights, if any, you can have. These people have no boundaries. They seek to invade the sovereignty of your soul and the temple of your body.

It’s not enough to stand up for our rights. We have to take back morality and reclaim virtue. These people are not virtuous, they lack in moral fiber and it’s time we called them on it. If sexuality and sexual orientation is an innate part of our being, then it is part of the Original Blessing bestowed upon us by the Universe, along with our eye color, our dancing feet and lips cleverly evolved to kiss and sing.

Sexuality is diverse for a reason. Because life itself is diverse. Because diversity is healthy.

Judge a person by what they accomplish and how they treat others. Not by who they kiss, who they pray to in their soul or their appearance. To do otherwise is immoral and cowardly. It is easier to find things which we hate, than stand up and fight for the things which we admire and love. In the end, though we come from very different traditions, Rob Bell has it right: Love Wins.

As a Witch I sometimes forget love is the most powerful weapon and defense I have. I forget my Will is impotent without Love and need to be reminded. So thank you Rep. Simon. I admire and salute you.

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