Pagan Spirit Gathering 2011: One Week Left on the Supply Run

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2011: One Week Left on the Supply Run June 9, 2011

*Registration closes on Monday the 13th!*

Last year I was a festal virgin, but I return to PSG this year feeling like part of the community. Looking back over the interviews from last year, and contemplating all the friends made both during and after PSG thanks to the event, it strikes me once more how important festival culture is to the Pagan community. Some folks go to Heartland, or Starwood or Sacred Harvest Festival and find a home. For me it’s Pagan Spirit Gathering.

I’m an inveterate grump. I was dreading packing and traveling. Dreading camping in the heat. A week ago if I’d had to cancel the trip I’d have been fine with that. Yet now it’s almost here and I’m beginning to pack and make lists. I’m remembering the rituals and the people. I’m remembering the stories. I’m excited!

Here’s what I wrote last year:

I’ve spoken before about my levels of Pagan identity, from solitary practice to group practice to the greater Pagan community. Pagan Spirit Gathering has merely added another level to my religious identity. I now also belong to the PSG tribe, not in an exclusionary way, but in that I share a common spiritual experience with these people from across the country and around the world. That’s a powerful thing for a Pagan living in a small conservative town in the South.

This year I’m helping organize PSG’s Media Camp, where bloggers, podcasters and other media folks can camp and collaborate together. We’re going to both cover the event and network on collaborating, covering and polishing up our media offerings. We’re following strict guidelines and also still very open to collecting memories about PSG, Pagan festivals and other bits of our history. If it’s not recorded, it’s in danger of being lost, and we’re happy we can help provide this service.

Feel free to visit us in Media Camp if you’re attending PSG this year and look forward to the media goodies we will be bringing back in the form of blogs and podcasts.

Here are a few of my favorites from last year, with all my raw scratchy audio intact: (More polished audio can be found here.)

Bella and SkyCat talk about the origins of the Bast ritual and the Year of the Tornado.


Ana shares why she feels safe at PSG thanks to the Guardians.


Ed Francis, who recently had a stroke and could still use your prayers and energy, shares his thoughts on PSG.


Erin Lale shares a poem she wrote about PSG.


Nataraj shares how he first started coming to PSG.


Truly the Therapy Ninja tells us all about Drama Llamas!


David Doersch and Arthur Hinds talk about coming to PSG with their families and what the festival means to them. Very funny, talented guys!


Nora Cedarwind Young tells us about being a Death-Midwife.


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