Wyrd Designs – Help Get Asatru Added to the U.S. Army’s Religious Preference List

Wyrd Designs – Help Get Asatru Added to the U.S. Army’s Religious Preference List June 19, 2011

Josh and Cat Heath from the Open Halls Project are working through the cumbersome bureaucratic process, to have the U.S. Army recognize and add Asatru/Heathenry as a religious preference for the official U.S. Army database. According to their latest post on their website they need U.S. Army soldiers, veterans, and their spouses to send them “your name, rank, status (active, reserves, national guard, veteran, or spouse)” to their email account: heathenopenhalls@gmail.com

U.S. Army Seal

Not familiar with the Open Halls Project? Their purpose in part is to connect U.S. military heathens with military and civilian heathens around the world, so that wherever someone may be stationed you can always hopefully find fellowship and community among other heathens. To learn more about them, you can go to their official website: http://www.openhalls.org/ or you can find them under their FACEBOOK: Open Halls Project.

Additional Resources for Heathens in the U.S. Military:

  • The Asatru Folk Assembly’s  “The Asatru Military Family Support Program is set up to offer an easier way for Asatru military personnel, their families, and veterans to receive that support.” They spear-headed the Hammer Project, to get the hammer accepted as an emblem that can be used on soldiers tombstones, which per Veteran’s Administration guidelines is stalled until a Heathen soldier dies (and no one wishes to speed that along!).
  • The Mjolnir Project: Free Thor’s Hammers, courtesy of Daniel from White Hart Forge. Their mission is to “distribute a Thor’s Hammer amulet to any enlisted person stationed at home or abroad, who needs one, for free.”
  • With July 4th around the corner, I’m making my offer for Free Sigdrifa’s Prayer Bookmarks available once again to any Heathen or Pagan active duty soldier, veteran, or emergency responder so long as you have a U.S. mailing address (and APO/FPO addresses do count). Follow the request process in this older post. Offer good while supplies last. :) If you’re a pagan circle stationed abroad, I’d consider it a treat to be able to send you a care package with some Heathen items in it for your members. Please just contact me at wyrddesigns at gmail dot com. :)

Sigdrifa's Prayer Bookmarks

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