Let Them Eat Cake: An Observation on Occupy Wall Street

Let Them Eat Cake: An Observation on Occupy Wall Street October 21, 2011

I feel like utter crud, so this won’t be long or comprehensive. My apologies.

Recently I told a blogger it was his job and his responsibility to research the religions he writes about, in other words, it’s his job to do his job. Not his reader’s job, not his critic’s job, HIS job.

So a lot of people seem to be commenting that Occupy Wall Street isn’t offering solutions. That these unemployed, powerless people camping in the cold streets aren’t fixing the issues they are angry about. And I thought this line of reasoning sounded familiar. It seems someone else when told that people were poor, hungry and angry was reputed to say “Let them eat cake!”

Here’s the deal though, it’s not the job of an unemployed, powerless person camping in the streets to fix the economic disaster this nation is in, because they are an unemployed, powerless person. We actually have people with power, with salaries, who live in comfortable homes whose job it is to fix our nation. That’s right, it’s their JOB. It’s what we pay them for.

So the people who are comfortable and complaining that the angry people in the Occupy Wall Street movement aren’t offering solutions should remember what happens to people who say “Let them eat cake!” Pretending you have no idea what they are so angry about when our economy is down the toilet and holding up your hands and saying “Well, YOU aren’t offering any solutions!” is not doing your JOB.

So stop pretending some person who’s lost their home and job is supposed to fix this mess. Do what we pay you for and stop trying to invite Mme. Guillotine to the party. Do your JOB.

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