Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks November 21, 2011

For a lot of us, our holiday to give thanks was back at Mabon, although we ideally give thanks year round. However, it’s still kind of powerful to give thanks as a nation. So here are a few things I’m thankful for:

  • Good Friends: it’s nice to know there are people who are just there for you. Answer the phone when you call. Watch tv with you. Share the calories when you have a craving for decadent desserts. Friends rock.
  • WM3 Freedom: It makes me so happy to see the guys finally able to live their lives. Damien just got tattoos. Jason went to NYC. Jessie has a huge grin on his face in his FB profile pic. I hope they have a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones.
  • Occupy Movement: I’m not going to kid you, right now this movement and all it’s implications have me worried. I’m a little scared about where we go from here. But I’m grateful that there seems to be an opening for some fresh air to get into society because of it. Whatever this brings in the next few months, I hope we’re better off because of it.
  • Wicca: I’m a nerd, and I like to make things more complicated than they should be. My faith is very simple and satifying though: we love the earth, we love each other and we never stop growing. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m going to be spending this week prepping for cooking dinner for my sister’s family, and looking forward to a potluck with friends over the weekend. May your week be full of mindful thankfulness.

Oh, and let’s be thankful for humor that reminds us this holiday has a dark side:

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