Living: This Is Religion, Too

Living: This Is Religion, Too January 26, 2016

7074 - A baby contributes to his mom's shopping - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, Verbania, Jan 5 2011.jpg
A baby contributes to his mom’s shopping – Foto Giovanni Dall’Orto, Verbania, Jan 5 2011” by G.dallortoOwn work. Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons.

I have been insanely busy. It makes me feel guilty. I think I should be praying, meditating, pouring libations, burning barley, refreshing my kathiskos, writing, and studying my faith. But in a way, that misses the point. I’m watching tv with a depressed friend. This is religion, too. I’m listening to epic stories while sitting calmly in traffic. This is religion, too. I’m unraveling years of chaos at work. This is religion, too. I’m playing a board game with a kid. This is religion, too. I’m washing the dishes. This is religion, too. I’m bottling homebrew. This is religion, too. I’m turning in school assignments. This is religion, too. I’m listening to someone tell a story about their grandchildren. This is religion, too. I’m crying alone and grieving for things lost. This is religion, too. I’m laughing at some nonsense on the internet. This is religion, too. I’m sharing hard truths with a friend. This is religion, too. I’m watering plants. This is religion, too. I’m scraping ice off my car. This is religion, too. Religion isn’t something separate from our lives. Religion is our life, and vice versa.

Prayer to Hestia O gracious goddess who has the ear of wise Zeus who keeps order for the Apollonian lord who is first and last hear my song. My back hurts, my brain is tired, I feel lost and friendless. My commute is a nightmare, my family is absent, and I yearn for love. Yet I take comfort in knowing that you see me, that you hear me, that your mercy is enfolding me, your comfort surrounds me. Zeus will lend me strength and wisdom, Hera fidelity and fierceness, Hermes grants me safe travel, Athena cunning and foresight, Hephaistos skill and craft, Apollo calming music and healing. You, lady, O gracious goddess, you will grant me sanctuary, the safety of my bed, tucked in tight, peace of mind, cool and open heart, hearth fires, slippers, hot tea, the love of people who care for you. Be with me, gracious Hestia, through my daily cares, and bring me safely home.

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