Top Ten Christmas Movies of All Time

Top Ten Christmas Movies of All Time December 24, 2012

If you are like me, there’s no time to sit and watch Christmas movies today – which is a really sad commentary on my pace of life! So, you can do what I did: take a moment and watch the above clip from Elf, which is #2 on my list of Top 10 Christmas movies of all time.

What’s your list?

1. It’s a Wonderful Life
2. Elf

3. Love Actually
4. Home Alone
5. Scrooged
6. Christmas Vacation
7. Holiday Inn
8. A Christmas Story
9. Bad Santa
10. The Family Man

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  • Is this your Monday Morning Confessional or are you take the Holy Day off? 😉

  • You forgot Die Hard, or is it just assumed on any list of best Christmas movies?

  • Chris Heintzelman

    1. Die Hard (only the original)
    2. White Christmas
    3. Scrooged
    4. The Grinch (Jim Carrey)
    5. Elf
    6. Miracle on 34th St. (the original)
    7. It’s a Wonderful Life
    8. A Christmas Story
    9. Christmas Vacation
    10. The Santa Clause (only the original)

    P.S. Bad Santa? Really?

  • Chris Heintzelman

    Dude! Ryan! You are the man! I have watched Die Hard every single year for over 20 years. You are the first person I have known who also recognizes the Christmas brilliance of Bruce Willis and the Nakatomi tower.

  • Alister Sims Christmas Carol still ranks up there at the top, but most Christmas Carol versions will do.

    Of course, I go back to Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, Peanuts, and the original Boris Karloff reading of the Grinch!

  • Scott Stone

    I’d add The Nightmare Before Christmas. I took my family Christmas Day to see Les Mis. I enjoyed it thoroughly but wouldn’t put it in the list. Russell Crowe was certainly the weak link. AH and HJ were remarkable. Worth it just to see their performances.

  • Tim Suttle

    I didn’t even think of Die Hard – major oversight… that could take the place of Bad Santa on my list. I’m hope Les Miserables will pay off. I light the idea of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but as with all Tim Burton movies, I never seem to like the movie as much as the idea of the movie 🙂