The Hard Days

The Hard Days July 29, 2009

Some days, like today, I am lost.

I see things and feel things that shake my faith. That make me question what I actually believe. And why things happen the way they do.

The last week has been full of setbacks, the loss of dreams, and sad news. And painfully watching people go through really tough times — good people who should not suffer more in this life. Good people who find themselves in really hard situations.

In these moments I wonder, do we not believe enough? Maybe we believe the wrong things. Are we not faithful enough? Do we not practice the right way? Are we too selfish and self centered in our feelings?

I do know it is in these moments that you find your way – that you really come to terms with what is important and what you believe. But in those dark moments, it is hard to be hopeful, hard to find your faith. For those of you who know me, I am generally optimistic and truly believe that this world is a good place. So seeing pain and struggle in the world often leaves me with questions.

When I have the energy (after getting all 4 kids into bed), I try to read something uplifting before bed. Right now, I am sampling from Notes from the Universe – short inspirations by Mike Dooley. I randomly open to a page and read for a bit in the hopes to find the right message for the day.

My message today….

Actually it is pretty simple. You have one real choice: To do your best, with what you have, from where you are. Everything else is just stalling.

Here’s to getting up tomorrow to fight another day – and then do my best. There is no hopelessness in that.

– Cathie

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