Gotta Make the Morning Last

Gotta Make the Morning Last June 25, 2024

Those of a certain age will get the joke of my title.  My last post was called “Slow Man,” referring to a song.  This one puns on another song that begins, “Slow down you move too fast. Gotta make the morning last.”  Hope this video doesn’t get me into copyright trouble:

And if you thought I was slow before, there is no doubt now.   A month has slipped by since my last post.  The folks at Patheos want weekly posts, even twice a week, but there are extenuating circumstances:

  1. I was away for over a week
  2. My knee acted up again
  3. We had a power outage
  4. We did a lot of grandson care
  5. I forgot

As the saying goes, “Sorry, not sorry.”  That’s because…

Pilgrim Life Doesn’t Keep Time

It takes time.  You could say I was sauntering, which word Thoreau believed came from ‘sainte terre,’ French for holy ground.  If so, and that is dubious, You could say that producing outcomes is the very opposite of Pilgrim Life, because it travels over the space and time to get somewhere; whereas Pilgrim Life travels through time and space for its own sake.

The Pilgrim as Einstein

Space-Time And The Speed Of Light ...Einstein figured out that time and space are not separate dimensions but one thing: space-time.  Pilgrims have known that, intuitively, for centuries.  We travel through both space and time, or rather saunter through space and time.

Pilgrim Life is Subversive

Our modern world of deadlines and bottom lines and long lines is anathema to sauntering, and pretty (by the way) unchristian.  Jesus and his posse had no jobs, owned no real estate, had no plans.  Regularly he told them to ‘take no thought for the morrow,’ and stuff like that.  No wonder he got into trouble.

All those excuses I listed up there are pretty lame if producing posts is my job.  But if my job is to saunter, I am succeeding wildly.  Sure, I could get to the computer early and write something twice a week.  But the morning deserves some appreciation, right?  Gotta make the morning last, right?  Sug Avery says God wants appreciation, right?  And how can you appreciate the morning or the afternoon except by slowing down and sauntering.  Right?

Be a Spiritual Saboteur!

So throw your figurative shoe into the machine of deadlines and bottom lines and long lines now and then.  You don’t have to go far.  Drive the limit instead of speeding.  Walk to work or take the bus.  Sit on your porch and wave.  Saunter through time now and then.

You will aggravate a few people, but that turns out to be part of the fun.

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