Dwelling In Possibility and the Catharsis it Brings.

Dwelling In Possibility and the Catharsis it Brings. May 21, 2024

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“I Dwell in Possibility.”

Emily Dickinson

Catharsis: The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. 

Have You Ever Heard the Story of the Man Who Prayed for Help?

Have you ever read the story of the man who prayed for help during a particularly terrible storm?  He was a devout man who considered himself close to God.  A canoe came by to help and the man said, “I am praying for God to save me.” After that, a motor boat.  Still the man maintained that God would save him.  When the levee broke and the storm waters flooded the church, he climbed to the steeple. A helicopter came down and asked the man to climb the ladder.  He still refused help.  As the man drowned, he ascended to Heaven and asked God, “Why did you not save me?”  God responded with, “What did you want from me?  I sent two boats and a helicopter?” 

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There are Varying Types of Stories Like This in Many Faiths

No one is really sure where this story originated but there are versions in the Jewish faith and the Buddhist faith. Even during the recent pandemic there were versions of this story that were written.  How often do we go through our lives never letting go of our past pain or current pain? I don’t want to diminish someone’s pain by any means. There are circumstances in life that are harsh and indeed painful. How much of the time do we hang on when we should if even for a moment, let go?  Holding on to worry is much like holding an object for a long time.  At first, if you pick up that five pound weight it feels just fine.  You think, “five pounds is nothing.”  As the first hour progresses, you begin to feel a bit heavy.  As the day goes on, that weight does indeed become burdensome and hard to carry.  The need to throw that weight down on the floor and give yourself relief is palpable.  The agonizing strain on the muscles of your arm.  When you let go.  Instant relief.  Let the weight go.  Give yourself some relief. Perhaps embrace catharsis and dwell in possibility

How Often Do We Dwell in Possibility?

How often like the man in the story do we say, “My help is coming in the form of XYZ.” When in all actuality, we are holding on so tight that we cannot see the boat, or the helicopter.  Letting go brings perspective.  I am reminded of a story of misunderstanding.  Our family for the most part is quite outspoken, often to some it may seem blunt.  Our sons had a friend over who was quite taken aback at the dynamics of a large family of eight people.  We were all gathered around the table talking over each other, so many subjects were broached over breaking bread together.  Our guest asked our son a question about life.  He responded in his usual blunt manner (we are working on this) and our guest felt a little awkward.  So much so that she was hesitant to talk to our son the next time she saw him.  When she didn’t speak to him he asked why she was so silent around him.  She intimated that she thought that in asking the question she had offended him.  He said, “You have been carrying that for a week?  I let that go a few minutes after you asked.” 

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Catharsis and Possibility is Within Reach

So you see dear readers, in letting go we are doing ourselves a great service.  And in that service, perhaps the scales will be removed from our eyes of all the ways that the universe and God is sending help for us to cope in this grand adventure of life.  Find your catharsis. For me it is absolutely music and writing. Just looking at a piece of music provides catharsis. I can hear the melody in my head. I hope dear readers that you all can find your catharsis. I leave you all with the wonderful quote:


“If kindness is in you, then give.

If the truth is in you, then speak.

If passion is in you, create.

If the words are in you, then write.

You must make space for the new to exist again.”

B. Oakman

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A Poem About Catharsis

It’s okay to whisper.

It’s okay to feel the breeze.

It’s okay if there are times you need to drop to your knees.

To pray, to meditate, to cry out loud.

Catharsis can be cleansing.

To realize, to have relief.

To have that weight taken off your shoulders even if that moment is temporary. 

Sing that song, even if you can’t carry a tune.

Write that poem, let your relief be your muse.

Paint that picture, draw and create.

Cleanse, purge, start anew. 

Liberate yourself today. 

If your heart is so weighed down by loss in your life.

Catharsis will be there, to help you through your feelings of loss and strife.

Cry those tears, pray with all your might.

Reach out to others.

Put your faith in God.

He gave us an outlet, a catharsis if you will.

When it all becomes too much, on your faith you can depend.

It can start small, one step at a time.

But keep moving, keep going, it is going to take time.

If you wake up tomorrow and feel it all over again, that’s okay.

Just start all over again.

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