Memorial Day and Gold Star Soldiers. A Tribute

Memorial Day and Gold Star Soldiers. A Tribute May 24, 2024

Memorial Day Cemetery
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Our flag does not fly because the wind blows it – it flies with the last breath of every soldier who died defending it.


I am a a 5 Blue Star Mother.  While that title is quite daunting, I hope against hope that I never become a Gold Star Mother. Gold Star families have given the ultimate sacrifice. Their loved one. Over the years of being a military mom, I have written poems, sang songs and played music for those who have lost those they hold dear to their hearts serving the country. The sorrow is palpable. Their tears permeate the very souls of all around. As we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, let us not forget why we do so. It it for these precious ones that gave all. I wrote this poem when a dear mother lost her son in the Middle East. May all who have perished in service memory be a blessing.

A Tribute to a Gold Star Soldier 

 By a 5 Blue Star mother

Gold is a precious metal, the finest and the best.  

It symbolizes wealth, beauty and riches that only some can possess. 

To see it’s color is magnificent, particularly in the sun. 

But even on dreary days gold emerges and reveals the beautiful rays and the strength of the sun. 

In spiritual terms gold is pure, a healer and a symbol of faith. 

It’s beauty, It’s preciousness means that no one can disgrace.

Gold is powerful and beautiful and symbolizes victory.  

The shine of gold embodies the love of God himself because it can last for eternity.

Gold’s scarcity shows that only few can possess it’s shine, it’s goodness and its uniqueness.

To be gold it takes fire, tenacity and grit.  Strength of Character and the will to never quit. 

Real Gold never fears the fire but runs towards it.  

Gold is the color that a soldier receives when he rushes to the values in which he cleaves.

The value to serve, honor and protect the country that he loves best. 

He gave the ultimate sacrifice, he gave service until his last breath. 

Gold is the perfect way to see that this soldier, this brave guardian gave his life so that we can be free.

So you see gold is the standard this soldier came to be when he gave it all for the cause of liberty. 

Gold Star Soldier
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