Buddhists continue to slaughter Muslims in Myanmar

Buddhists continue to slaughter Muslims in Myanmar January 21, 2014

Buddhists continue their brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing against Muslims in Myanmar. More than a dozen people may have been killed last week after Buddhists rampaged through a town in an isolated corner of Myanmar, hacking Muslim women and children with knives, a human rights group reported Friday.

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million people. Sectarian violence has plagued the nation for nearly two years, as Buddhists have waged a vicious campaign of violence, intimidation and discrimination against the Muslim minority.

To date over 240 people have been killed and 140,000 Muslims have fled their homes. Buddhists are advocating that Muslims who cannot prove three generations of legal residence, a large part of the nearly one million Muslims in Rakhine state, should be put into camps and deported from the country.

Last week’s violence has drawn the concern of the U.S. State Department:

“We’re saddened to hear reports that several people have been killed, many injured, at least one missing, and hundreds of civilians displaced in violence that included looting and destruction of homes and property,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

A  Human Rights Watch report issued April 22, 2013, notes that Buddhist monks and their supporters, backed by state security forces, “organized and encouraged coordinated attacks on Muslim neighborhoods and villages in October 2012 to terrorize and forcibly relocate the population.” The tens of thousands of displaced were denied access to humanitarian aid and  unable to return home.

Buddhist mobs attacking Muslim villagers, and not even sparing children, puts to rest any notion that Buddhism occupies some moral high ground.

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

Steven Weinberg

Buddhist image in Myanmar
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  • Einelorelei

    I don’t get it. I thought Buddhists were supposed to be pacifists. 🙁

    • Vincent Wong

      The Burmese/Myanmarist are reacting to their immediate neighbor in Bangladesh where the Muslims are attacking Buddhists minority.

      • YasirDuhham

        So an eye for an eye and a crime for a crime is what your old old Chinese ancient civilization had taught you Mr. Wong Guy in Right Place ? Haven’t you been to that quote ( Thank God the man who said it didn’t have a Chinese brain inside his skull!!) which says “An eye for an aye and all the world will be one-eyed”? Seems not only Chinese satellites and screwdrivers are funny and fail it always!

        • Vincent Wong

          I am just stating facts. Please counter with facts, instead of the typical muslim aggressive hypersensitive response. Typically always playing the victim when you are the aggressor to justify your disproportionate response. You immediately attacked on a personal level and used racist labels in your first two sentences. Muslims are aggressive and are the aggressors willing to call for bloodshed at the first perceived insult to your religion and prophet. I rest my case.

          • YasirDuhham

            Stating facts or sending farts ? You are so pathetic, offending then retreating when you face the blaze,I have come across so many people like you . So I am a racist to remind you of your Chinese nature and stigma? How about calling you (Yellow Face) or ( Mr. Lookalike) in stead, so that I be deserving your accusations for real? And if your Chinese industry is a total wreck as I have coined it should you be admitting it most naturally as any rational guy does or feel frustrated and escape knowing and admitting it ? It is not about calling names(although the temptation is very strong with a tragicomic mind like yours. Now tell me Vincent the Beast,who is killing Muslim & Christian Syrians other than your government in China while supporting the assassin Assad (You will dodge it by telling me that you are not a Chinese citizen!) and Russia ,who both happen to be Non-Muslims and who by mere chance happen to both be Anti-Islam in ideology ? I advice you to review your opinion to see how biased you have been acting ,I am not pushing that there is no violence within Muslims but Hindus & Seikh are the one who slaughter Muslims in India ,and in Kashmir , why bother about a Buddha statue when lives of people are far more worth it than a stone statue? Buddhists are no better than the aggressive Muslims ,but aggressive Muslims are fighting for a cause, whether in Chechnya ,China,former Yugoslavia when you did not speak a word and kept like a muted puppy for all those hideous crimes against humanity ,if it were only for Bosnia it would be more than enough to create all those radical Muslim organizations, Muslims you are accusing with aggressions are victims ,minorities under oppression and wrongdoing, your Buddhists in Myanmar are majority annihilating a minority, which looks like courage and bravery to you ! My Prophet weighs tens of your Buddha or Marx,at least Mohammad is the top of the 100 most influential characters in history( where does your dad stand?), and his name is the top title in the whole world according to Michael H. Hart, which both does not rise to fully recognizing his esteemed evaluation and great teachings, to bark from where you are residing won’t affect him , not in the least.

          • YasirDuhham

            (Reacting to their neighbors in Bangladesh)!! So if China supports Bashar Assad in killing Sunnie Muslims,a Sunnie Muslim can kill or sodomize you and your wife! Are you suggesting this thing ?May be you are the New Millennial Buddha with super radical teachings this time!?

          • realeasygoing

            You have convinced me that if we leave to the stars all religious people must be left behind!!!

          • Bec

            Buddhism started in India actually and travelled to Sri Lanka, the Himalayas, China then Japan and SE Asia. So quit the ignorant racism.

          • YasirDuhham

            May be you got it wrong lady . I am not against Buddhism as a faith, my tackling of China is a retaliation to the Chinese fellow who blamed it all on the victims and linked it to the Buddha statue thing . It is the atrocities and massacring against a helpless minority that I am denouncing and targeting, even if it were implemented by Muslims in any part of the world against another minority . To relate the Myanmar atrocities to terrorism in Middle east, USA ,Europe or else is a dodging act, escaping the real condemnation and sparing the perpetrator what they deserve . If you are focusing on Buddhism,then be acknowledged that it could be a real religion(monotheism) same as Judaism,Christianity and Islam ( Abdullah Yusuf- Holy Qur’an translation- Surat Alteen interpretation). I do not target a religion for a simple reason, it is up to each of us how to view his creator.

    • Jack Troughton

      There’s a gulf of difference between applying a label that describes behaviours to yourself, and exhibiting those behaviours. Christians and Muslims are supposed to be peaceful too, but those who cannot observe the wisdom of their traditions still self-apply the labels, to the detriment of those who are actually “Buddhists”, etc.

    • glorrierose

      Real Buddhists are.

      • Harry Phillips

        …and “real” Scotsman doesn’t run from battle….. and a “real” Scotsman does not put sugar on their porridge…and a “real” Scotsman drinks beer ….and a “real” Scotsman wears a kilt.

        No matter what counter example is presented you will say these are not “real” Buddhists.

    • YasirDuhham

      Global Warming had their brains boiling ! Blame it on the failed Kyoto convention

  • Yup, I’ve been studying Buddhism for years. What kind of Buddhists do these people claim to be?

  • Cathy A.

    These are clearly NOT Buddhists – or at least they just don’t “get” the Dharma. Not even Tibetan Buddhists get it or they wouldn’t keep thinking the Dalai Lama is some kind of “special being.” Even HE doesn’t buy into that (HE understood the dharma!)

    • Barry Gregory

      No True Scotsman fallcy. Why not say that all muslims are nice people as “no true muslim” would be nasty?

  • Sam Kay

    I am against the killing, but I think they have pretty good reason to fight against a religion that advocates inflicting violence on people who do not conform to their world view. Islam calls itself the religion of peace, but states that peace can only come when the whole world is under Sharia law. So when Islam takes over the world and everyone is subjugated, there can be peace. Until then, Islam instructs the faithful to enforce Sharia law anyway, kill people who refuse to convert, and lie to non-Muslims to convince them to convert. Sorry, but Islam is evil. Islamic terrorists are Islam’s version of Fundamentalist Christians, they are more honestly following their faith.

    I also would not be surprised if this is not the full story being told, but I am biased against Islam (which in my opinion is much like being biased against rape or murder).

    • Sam Kay

      Did a little researching. So far I can’t think anything that the Myanmar Muslims have done, however, the violence against them seems to be in response to terrorist attacks from jihadists in India, who apparently recently bombed the most important Buddhist temple in the world, which contains the Bodhi tree beneath which Buddha supposedly reached enlightenment. Again, I don’t condone murdering anyone, Muslim or otherwise, but I think they have reason to want the Muslims out.

      • Vincent Wong

        Watch this clip. You can see hundreds of Muslim spilling out from the street to attack non-muslims in Myanmar.


        You must understand that the Muslims want to dominate and eliminate the non-muslims … thus it is a sectarian civil war. So if the Muslims in Myanmar loses get rail-roaded is because over estimated their strength in starting the conflict.

      • YasirDuhham

        Almost all nations, all races, all sects and all ideologies had been doing others wrong all through the ages, throwing Christians to lions, inquisitions, church vs. witches and scientists, Islamic conquests, crusades, old and modern imperialism, Serbs massacring of Bosnians (two times in one century), the holocaust of Jews, The Zionist invasion of Palestine,…etc. It is only Taliban militia and not all Muslims (including Rohinga of Myanmar ) who were involved with bombing Buddha’s statue or temple, in fact Indians are known to have inflicted massive massacres against Muslims there long before Muslims start reacting( How many Muslims were slaughtered when Pakistan was made as a Muslim state?),Indian Seikh and Hindus started bombing Muslim mosques and shrines (recall the Babri mosque)so, Muslims are reacting not pre-acting . If we view things in the light of incidents and judge by these incidents like you said here,then Switzerland and other European countries ought to order their people to assault any Indian guys living there for the so many rapes conducted against European female tourists lately (!!). We admit the stern and violent conduct of so many Muslim groups whether in Israel , Pakistan, India or else,but in all cases it is Muslims who are provoked and oppressed at first , it is retaliation and sometimes just blind revenge which is against Islamic teachings for sure but when the global community keeps silent as a lamb it urges the victims to apply justice the way they see it, who can blame them? In brief, if you generalize the accusations you ought to spare no group. Focusing on Muslims alone is a biased act, for if bombing a temple or a statue gives the right to kill Muslims in a far different location and context,then every violent group has its own justification since there is always a cause, somehow.

    • YasirDuhham

      Sam Kay,what a pathetic moron with such a moron pubic hairy face image . Islam was opposed with extreme cruelty upon its first birth, they had to act positively . To act like Jesus Christ and mount the cross or offer one’s self to hungry lions arena is a very stupid idea that even the Deity had resorted to refrain from and never allow again ( considering the fable that he was crucified for sure,unlike Holy Quran tells it). You are an extremely ignorant and coward guy as apparent here the way you are bragging and spreading lies. This is a genocide ,whether the victims are Muslims or not, you should prove your humanity through condemning it just like you do with Jews holocaust in Nazi Germany ,not gloating in this hideous style. The church inquisition, the sick crusades massacres, the sonovobitch Serbs massacres, the British and Italian massacres in Palestine,India and Libya, and an endless list of such atrocities make you and your uncivilized double-dealing culture of Europe and USA worth burning not Muslims who are reacting to it all. I wish you come here and get the spit that can wash your filth,you and all who applauded to your coward comment, I’d kick your fat white ass till you shit yourself for real . Islam is not equal to Muslims , like Christianity is not equal to Inquisitions of Spanish church or the criminal contribution of Orthodox church in Russia, Greece during the Balkan war , still Muslims have the full right to be strong and not succumb to your butchering knives like had been the case for centuries.

      • How about we meet in Switzerland?

  • Ken F.

    I’m kinda shocked at my godless brothers and sisters pulling out the “No true Scotsman” fallacy. Unfortunately a religion is a religion, it makes you do unreasonable things for reasons they cant full explain themselves. Its sad really, even this kids? I mean what did they do except be born in a Muslim family.

    If anything do some shit from an old movie and raise the kids as you own…but killing them. It is pretty shock still to hear it from a Buddhist, but as you can see dogma eventually kills people no matter how its presented.

    • Jeremy

      This is not an issue of Dogma. There are examples in the Pali Sutras of the Buddha actually teaching Brahmans lessons in their own faith as opposed to his own teachings, and the Buddha was not exactly a lover of Brahmanism.

    • glorrierose

      It is not Buddhism that is making these people do these things, and if you knew even two things about Buddhism you would know that.

      BTW there is no such thing as “Buddhist Dogma.”

  • clairem

    Wherever Muslims have gone, they have eventually taken over, even if it takes many hundreds of years. And although most are peaceful, they take their culture with them. And once herd mentality and mob violence set in, it takes on a life of its own. Imagine an exponentially more aggressive culture than the far right in the U.S. We’ve already seen large mobs expressing anti-American and “anti-democracy” sentiments in Michigan, for example, and a leading doctor in the Washington, DC area lost his job with a major hospital because he was advocating jihad at a rally in an upscale suburb. So I do see how a people who have been repeatedly attacked by such a group would finally fight back. That doesn’t make it right, but they, too, are subject to herd mentality and mob violence.

    • the_gelf

      Wherever Christians have gone, they have eventually taken over, even if it takes many hundreds of years. And although most are peaceful, they take their culture with them. And once herd mentality and mob violence set in, it takes on a life of its own. Imagine an exponentially more aggressive culture than the far right in the U.S. We’ve already seen large mobs expressing anti-American “tea party” sentiments and a leading doctor area lost his job because he was advocating the denial of medical aid to women who had been raped. That doesn’t make it right, but they, too, are subject to herd mentality and mob violence.

  • clairem

    Here’s an example of what happens in the U.S. when mobs form.

  • Piobair

    That’s not Buddhism, that’s barbaric neolithic tribalism dressed up with the banners and flags of modern nationalism. I defy anyone to show me anything in any of the sutras which could be interpreted to even vaguely justify these atrocities.
    “They are not following Dharma who resort to violence to achieve their purpose. But those who lead others through nonviolent means, knowing right and wrong, may be called the guardians of the Dharma.”
    The Dhammapada, chapter 19

    • Komninos Maraslidis

      On the other hand you can find clear examples of “violence is good” in the Bible or the Koran.
      And I say that as an Atheist who has no connection to Buddhism at all. Yes, Buddhists can be assholes or dicks sometimes, Tibet was an oppressing state before the Chinese took over too. But fair is fair, Bible and Koran are much much worse.

      Separate ideology from people. What I mean is that some Buddhists may be “evil”, some are good, same as Xians or Muslims. But Chirstianity/Bible Islam/Koran are “evil” themselves, not just some of the people who unwittingly believe in them.

      • YasirDuhham

        So Komninos Mar-ass-lidis,a 50 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong ,and that is OK,but a 2.2 doubling billions are acting (not-wittily) as you see it ! That is about the most stupidly generalizing,truth presuming and irrational opinion brought here,could you tell us your IQ here please, or what discoveries/inventions you have achieved to allow you judge a whole nation? Holy Quran(and not just Koran you godless creature which is no better than a stray tomcat compared to a tamed one) asks us to use violence with people who start offending us .In fact,and I doubt it very much that you have the slightest idea of Islam history) Islam started as an oppressed minority in a slavery dominant part of the world,same as Rome,Persia and almost everywhere. The logical and natural reaction was to acquire power and act as a state .and every state has an army . Nothing that is good to humanity in other religions had been out of Islamic Shari’a, except for the presumed pacifist approach Jesus Christ followed and got him to end with 13 pins nailing his body to the cross(according to non-Islamic history). The empires that early Muslim armies ousted and toppled were all about invading other countries and launching wars. None of those countries rejected Islam till this day and this alone is a silencer to your bla blas here. Islam is the fastest moving faith in the whole world today, no swords and no conquests needed,you can inquire from Sheikh Hamza Hansson why he chose to convert to Islam, I think he is the best to seek answers from. By the way, I know of a Muslim family willing to accept you as their pet!

        • Komninos Maraslidis

          I must have hit a nerve to bring on such frothing at the mouth…
          Preaching Islamic ethical superiority and calling me subhuman pet, good for nothing in the same post.
          Yeah, I’ll pass on arguing with you, it’s pointless. You make my points better than I do myself.
          I bet that infuriates you, doesn’t it? Tell us more about how you feel…

      • YasirDuhham

        Is responding to your offending description as you deserve means you have touched a nerve as a smart ass sniper? I guess you are too stupid to miss your (ass) description in the first place. Once again you missed the point of the pet thing, it means, and care well to understand it (even if it burdens your stupid godless mind), an atheist like your case(one who accuses monotheism followers to be not as witty as he thinks himself) is a godless creature, a stray dog that feels safe calling names on others faith because he thinks that he has no ass to be kicked.I am volunteering to kick your ass, don’t get harassed,it is just a delivery that my God wishes me to carry to you, no heart or hard feelings,I adore your stupidity and you trying to appear as a sports ass. If you feel like needing more of it I be happy to deliver more. The Muslim family is still ready to tame you and allow you to have a Deity to worship and feel like a useful creature not a stray dog like you really are. Funny how you started lecturing the world of how many good Buddhists are there vs. bad Muslims, you really are a true jerk

  • Jack Troughton

    LOL omg. This is a very special kind of ignorant, this place, huh? “Buddhist mobs attacking Muslim villagers, and not even sparing children, puts to rest any notion that Buddhism occupies some moral high ground.” So Buddha wrote somewhere to kill children, I suppose they think? The wisdom and practices that define Buddhism are embarassingly more effective toward inner and social peace than any other secular (that’s right OTHER secular) mode of thought anyone has found. That this is not separated from those who still use the term “Buddhist” in the conception this site paints betray the ignorance of the author.

    “Moral high grounds” don’t actually exist, that being an entirely subjective realm, however, effective and non-violence living is exemplified by observing the philsophy of Buddhism (not just using the label, then killing children) parallel with few other labelled modes of thought. The teachings and practices, of course, are not what holds “the power”, but your understanding them and practicing them yourself, honestly, without trying to be what you are not for social appearances. The fact that they work, and not that they’re “Buddhism” is what gives the “high ground”.

  • glorrierose

    These are not Buddhists. They don’t know the meaning of the word.

    • Harry Phillips

      That is the “no true scotsman” fallacy, they self identify as buddists they ARE buddists, PERIOD.

      • I self identify as a trillionaire, so I’m a trillionaire… right? RIGHT?!

        • Harry Phillips

          Wait let me look up the definition of “trillionaire”….. ummm you might be, it depends on your asset balance…

          Now let us look up the definition of a buddist….hmmm…. there is no mention of bank balance or anything….maybe you should grab a dictionary before spouting ridiculous arguments.

          • Whoa, Harry. I was using your logic, as shown in your previous post. I just changed the label to show the absurdity of it. “Ridiculous arguments”, I agree completely. “Maybe you should grab a dictionary…” You must have missed the comment where I said I’ve studied Buddhism for years. The word you continue to use “Buddist” is not in the dictionary. The word in the article is “Buddhist”, which is in the dictionary. It is a bastardization of the Sanskrit term buddha (from the Pāḷi term buddha) and the English suffix “ist”. The way these people are acting is in direct opposition to the Buddha’s teachings. Not that I blame them, but the label is wrong, and the article reads like a smear campaign.

          • realeasygoing

            They were lead by Buddist monks their clergy???? How is reporting the facts a smear campaign?

          • Have you read anything else on this; even the articles this links to? This has been part of a series of MILITARY OPERATIONS since 1991. One small sect of self-claiming buddhists vocally speak out against the muslim population? So what? People all over the world speak out against immigrants, every day, and every day people make up ridiculous bullshit to attack the reputation of groups they don’t like. The author should be ashamed of this article, especially considering the quote he ended with. This article reads as an attack on religion, when in reality, an atheistic government is denying foreign religious people citizenship in their country. Behaving much the same way America treats Cuba (except that’s full out racist, not religious), or similar to how most of the world treated anyone with Japanese descent during WWII. I could go on, but all you have to do is read a bit.

          • realeasygoing

            I have read the same event on numerous different news sources so the answer to you questions is yes.

        • realeasygoing

          Maybe in Turkish Lire or Colombian Pesos?

      • jug

        Well when muslims keep screwing with the buddhists universally they finally get pissed off right ??

        • Harry Phillips

          Can I see the evidence of your claim?

  • There is no such thing as Buddhism universally coherent. There is no such thing as society without religion (i.e. ignorance manifesting as ideas that are sometimes lethally dangerous). Human beings are dangerous animals. Period.