Hi-tech Sharia: Islamic extremists live tweet amputation of man’s hand

Hi-tech Sharia: Islamic extremists live tweet amputation of man’s hand February 28, 2014

Islamic extremists in Syria performed what may have been a Twitter first Friday: live-tweeting the amputation of a man’s hand.

Washington Post reports the amputation took place in the remote rural town of Maskanah in the northern province of Aleppo. The following is an excerpt from that report, detailing a series of tweets posted by the account of a supporter of the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:

The first showed a photograph of a blindfolded man having his arm positioned on a table by fighters as a masked man wielding a sword waits nearby. Another man, wearing a white robe of the kind favored in Arab Gulf countries, is reading a statement. A caption states that the blindfolded man is a thief who had asked to have his hand cut off “in order to cleanse his sins.”

A second photograph was taken just as the sword is about to strike the hand while a burly fighter restrains the victim.

A third picture posted an hour later is too graphic to show here. The man appears to be passed out, with his bloodied arm and his severed hand resting on the table. Fresh slashes in the wood suggest it took four swipes of the sword to cut the hand off.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), was previously known as al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. However, the central leadership of al-Qaeda recently renounced ties with the extremist group because their savagery and draconian interpretations of Islamic law alienated many Syrians and drove a wedge between rebel groups.

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  • kerensa Baker

    Oooh fancy that, the religion of peace at it again. Not sure how much love and cuddles I can take in one day.

    • haha I love it! You win the internet today!

    • Nell Webbish

      It’s got nothing to do with the specific religion. It has to do with theocratic governments. Christian nations indulged in equally despicable forms of brutal punishment right up until Enlightenment Age philosophy and secular democracy ended their power to do so.

      Non-democratic government has a tendency towards violence and despotic actions. Combine it with religion and you almost always get gross violations of basic human rights.

      • Armanatar

        Mocking Islam’s religion of peace thing is no different than pointing on the hypocrisy of the whole God is love thing when Christians cross the line. Neither implies that that specific religion is more at fault than any other, just that they should really pick a new catchphrase.

        • Nell Webbish

          Way to completely miss the point of my post.

        • dozr

          they are both religions of bullshit.

  • Gilbert Acevedo Sr.


  • moniquero710

    Aaah… Islam the religion of peace and they have to prove it by hacking someone’s hand!

    • dozr

      and they will kill anyone who says its not a peaceful religion.