Islamic fundamentalists destroy archeological treasures in Syria

Islamic fundamentalists destroy archeological treasures in Syria February 13, 2014

In Syria, Islamic fundamentalists destroy archaeological treasures such as Byzantine mosaics and Greek and Roman statues because their portrayal of human beings is contrary to their religious beliefs.

Patrick Cockburn writes on the Destruction of the Idols:

The systematic destruction of antiquities may be the worst disaster to ancient monuments since the Taliban in Afghanistan dynamited the giant statues of Buddha at Bamiyan in 2001 for similar ideological reasons.

In mid-January the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), an al-Qa’ida-type movement controlling much of north-east Syria, blew up and destroyed a sixth-century Byzantine mosaic near the city of Raqqa on the Euphrates…

Other sites destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists include the reliefs carved at the Shash Hamdan, a Roman cemetery in Aleppo province. Also in the Aleppo countryside, statues carved out of the sides of a valley at al-Qatora have been deliberately targeted by gunfire and smashed into fragments.

A sixth-century Byzantine mosaic near Raqqa on the Euphrates which was blown up by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, opposed to the depiction of the human form, in January.

Islamic iconoclasm is nothing new. However, the deliberate targeting of mosaics and statues seen as profane by Islamic fundamentalists currently occupying parts of Syria is a cultural and archeological tragedy in the making. Antiquities that have survived invasions and wars for 5,000 years may soon be in rubble.

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  • Ananymous

    I hate Religous people and That type of people they are just being stupid and uneducated as they act like that

  • Islam itself has been exposed for what it is.

  • Peter Naus

    What a pity the Mohammedans so badly misrepresent their Qur’an!

    The passage in question only mentions ol’ Mo himself – it has only recently been used to justify animalistic rampages by the imams in order to try and restrain their followers.

    As I understand, the ‘your’ pronoun in the original Arabic is unambiguously in the singular tense. But as usual, religious followers choose to ignore anything that disagrees with their bigotry, and instead follow the a’hadith, written by bigots just like them, 250+ years after Mo lost his slippers for the last time.

    • Mariella We

      Was Mo not considered the perfect example for all mankind?