Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ music video censored after Muslim outrage

Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ music video censored after Muslim outrage February 27, 2014

After outraged Muslims accused Katy Perry of blasphemy, her new music video “Dark Horse” has been edited to appease her angry Islamic critics.

Muslims accused Perry of blasphemy and insulting Islam because at one point in her music video a man wearing a pendant with the word ‘Allah’ written in Arabic is zapped by Perry, and disintegrates. In the censored version the religious symbol is edited out.

In the light hearted, pop video, Perry plays a campy Egyptian queen who rejects suitors by zapping them with lightning and turning them into sand.

Offended Muslims began a petition at change.org  demanding YouTube remove the video. The petition received over 65,000 signatures. After the video was edited to remove the supposedly “blasphemous” scene, the originator of the petition declared victory, issuing the following post:

Guys I’m thrilled to let you all know the name of Allah has been removed from the ‘Dark Horse’ video we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support so I thank each and every one of you deeply, our voices have been heard! God bless you all

On the surface, the whole thing is rather silly. In the big scheme of things, a brief moment in a Katy Perry video is of little import. However, this kind of censorship does point to a dark and sinister problem facing the West. The fragile religious feelings of some Muslim extremists threaten our freedom, and that is not right. To allow a few religious extremists to impose their religious sensibilities upon the rest of us is morally and intellectually repugnant.

For more on the story see Muslims charge Katy Perry with blasphemy.

Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Video

 The edited incident occurs at 1:15 of the video.

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  • Adam

    so fucking stupid lol over something so small .

  • Islam hates freedom.

  • Boomer

    Religion ruins everything

  • Sarin Birran

    Why does the petitioner make a petition about the name of Allah… but close the message with “God bless you all” ?

    • LearnSomething

      because God and Allah are one in teh same… the 3 biggest religions in the world, which generally think of the other 2 as wrong…theyre all worshiping the same deity…

  • Wendy NerdRage Vermeers

    Hey. This is a really big deal to Muslims and I’m sorry that you all are butthurt about respecting a religion, but Katy Perry is a shitty pop star whose video director obviously can’t think of how their actions will affect a religion’s very specific rules about this kind of thing. It’s not about “censoring”…I would expect the same edit if she were misappropriating any other religious based or even cultural based symbol. Which she tends to do a lot with her artistic license. It’s just not censoring to be sensitive to these things. The fuq century do you think we are in? It also seems that it might do you guys some good learning about world civilizations and religions before you say it’s censoring. This article is very very childish and uneducated in it’s reporting. Hope you don’t think I’m censoring you, but you have NO CLUE about Muslim extremism…or even Muslims…go learn about them before you make generalizations about their faith. I’m an atheist and even I have respect enough to learn about a religion before talking out my arse about extremists.

    • Niels

      There are hundreds of religions and I don’t have to respect any of them. What they believe and choose to live by is their business with their deity. They have no right to ask me to be sensitive to their BS.

  • Terry31415

    Actually, this is a good sign. When Muslims learn that clicking a few buttons is more socially acceptable and more effective than say, threatening to kill the artists, they become more engaged in the social process of constructive social change.

    As a secular progressive, I sign petitions that many people think are a big fuss about nothing.

  • Have you heard of subliminal programming and that it only takes a brief second for an image to register with the brain…This an issue of respect, and the fact that there are those of us “out here” who truly seek healing and forward movement within all cultures…I think it is a good thing it was removed!

    • Joshua Prater

      You fucking kidding me right no one makes them watch TV. Stop nerfing/censoring the world because of some crybabies and their sky daddy

    • Nell Webbish

      Have you heard that the idea that subliminal programming does anything to the brain is a steaming pile of pseudo-scientific BS that was disproven several decades ago.

      I think it was an absolutely ridiculous thing that it was removed. I think people that find any video offensive should not watch it and then mind their own business.

      Because frankly, the ridiculous idea that the entire world has to be “baby-proofed” for the delicate sensibilities of some Muslim should be what is considered offensive.

  • Kelly Matthews

    Muslims bang on and on and on about how we don’t respect them and their religion.. yet it never occurs to them that not keeping their opinions to themselves, as we are certainly DEMANDED by them to do ourselves, is just as disrespectful.. but because we are NOT Muslim we don’t matter right?

    Sorry but no. Respect is EARNT not DEMANDED. When the Muslim religion can get on peacefully without interfering with the rest of the world and demanding this is changed and that is changed to fit THEIR lives, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, that respect might start to surface from the western world. Going through life and demanding that everyone change to fit your life, is NOT a peaceful religion, it is a dictatorship. Christianity,Catholicism etc etc, they are not perfect, but they certainly wouldn’t kick up a stink about a MUSIC VIDEO.

    There is children starving, abused, countries flooded and desolated.. and you’re bothered by a MUSIC VIDEO. Grow up, join the REAL WORLD, see what REALLY matters, what it IS to be HUMAN. Live and let live.

    Just a thought.

    • Ihsan Adnan

      hey kelly, im a muslim and i respect ur opinion but we have to defence on our religion and the name of god where ever we can!

      the point is perry zapping him with lightning and turning them into sand while he carry the name of god and thats not a respectful to muslims and not acceptable in our religion.


      • Nell Webbish

        Here’s a thought … don’t watch videos you find offensive and then mind your own business.

        Because frankly, the ridiculous idea that the entire world has to be “baby-proofed” for your delicate sensibilities should be what you find offensive.

      • dozr

        how many churches has islam destroyed? how many non muslims have muslims killed due to [insert crazy reason here]? you demand respect but only for your own gibbering nonsense. now i know not all muslims are like this so dont even start but all religion is dangerous delusion and rile people up for violence.

    • dozr

      its a peaceful religion as long as you do as they command you, and you aren’t a woman, a different religion, a different sect, a clan that their clan has a blood feud with, a person who no longer leaves their faith, etc.

  • Ananda Lucifera Klopstra

    Beware, the satanism/illuminati conspiracy theorists are coming!

  • PackerFan56

    This coming from a religion where they actually believe their prophet, Muhammad, flew to heaven on a winged horse! We are not supposed to respect stupidity in this country. And more than that, respect for an imaginary god (of course they all are, so don’t feel bad allah lovers).

  • nestor

    No way that wasn’t done on purpose to spark controversy and increase downloads. All the angry muslims did was ensure Ms. Perry got more riches and more exposure from her so-called ‘offensive’ act. Heh. Morons.

  • dozr

    “Guys I’m thrilled to let you all know the name of Allah has been removed from the ‘Dark Horse’ video we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support so I thank each and every one of you deeply, our voices have been heard! God bless you all” next lets erase it and all other religious bullshit from the face of the earth