Mormons declare war on masturbation in creepy new video

Mormons declare war on masturbation in creepy new video February 1, 2014

A recently released video by Brigham Young University–Idaho compares masturbators to wounded soldiers, and encourages students to identify to religious officials friends they think are masturbating.

The awkward and creepy video, “Wounded On The Battlefield,” compares reporting a friend to religious authorities for masturbating  to rescuing a wounded soldier in a time of war.

In the video,  BYU-Idaho President Kim B. Clark reminds students  to reach out to roommates in need: “If you need to, talk to your bishop, tell someone who can do something that you have a friend in trouble.”

Masturbation is the enemy, and the good Mormon must be vigilant:

“The temptations of the great war are many, the battles are real, and the enemy is clever. The enemy is cruel, ruthless, and relentless. We must not underestimate the danger. We must be vigilant and valiant…”


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  • Desensitization of the penis through circumcision isn’t enough; religious crazies have to shame boys into hating their sexuality as well!

  • Dude

    Video wasn’t half bad in terms of production. A bit mad that WWII era looking GIs have SKSs though

    • Shockna

      Accuracy is rarely a priority in propaganda.

  • Devon Cooper

    Is that why they wear magic underwear?

  • Steven Duran


  • Jason Jermaine Smith

    LMMFAO! Now I’ve seen everything. Speaking as a Soldier, this is insulting.

    • Dennis Vander Houwen

      Here too man. Exploiting the meme of war and equating themselves to soldiers is pretty tacky.

  • TheSootyOne

    It’s disturbing how much Christians like to think of what others do sexually.

    • JMR

      Most of us don’t. However, the ones who do (not surprisingly) get all the headlines.

    • Usurper

      They need the over-the-top antics to bolster their delusional beliefs.

  • Mark L Evans

    I want my purple hart….

  • Will

    So the moral of the story is speak to your bishop, dont beat your bishop LMAO

    • GalDriver

      hahaha….you’re bad…but funny! hahaha

  • lukatemberger
    This guy looks a lot like the boy in the video 🙂

    • Franklin Bacon

      I don’t think so. The boy in the porn video has a big fat nose and thick eyebrows. Hope I didn’t catch a computer virus by going to that website.

  • Barlingwood

    its 2014, and we still have this… my childhood self would be so dissappointed…

  • Lei Zarycki

    Help a Brother out! So did anyone else get a homoerotic subtext? Like instead of letting a friend masturbate to porn give him a handy.

    • Antek

      I saw that, it ended like, “Hey, I can be around girls without being the slightest bit interested in their boobs. Yeah, I see you smiling at me, buddy. Now I can be with you instead of women.” Thank goodness the creator of billions of stars and planets, whales and maggots, gluons and atoms, cares about your private parts. 😛

  • Michael S Oakes

    Normally I’d support the Church, if it were any other issue. But making masturbation an institutionalized taboo, is embarrassing, especially for a Church.

  • BrianMel

    I think they should do an anti-masturbation video for women next! That would just make my day.

  • Roxanne

    Stands like this one in the video are what make Christians a laughing stock of society. Sex is a beautiful thing, meant to be shared, and masturbation can be a release of tension and is far better than cheating…
    Just what Mormon youth need…something else to be “ashamed” about. As if they don’t already struggle with obedience and hypocrisy.

    • Antek

      The shame is the least of it – many youth commit suicide because of this “shameful sin.” It is an atrocious neglect of the value of human nature.

  • Luís

    I hope people don’t masturbate to this.

    • Jarrad Leigh McGill

      too late. I was reaching for it as soon as I saw them exchange loving understanding looks towards the end

    • Antek

      too late. …sorry.

  • gailillly

    The guy in the video reminds me of SANTORUM and the way they are talking reminds me even more of the little closet boy. what a sick video. As if masturbation is not a form of sex. They are all sick and twisted in their minds.

  • Nicholas Rae Staal

    Fuck this planet!

  • William Keiser

    Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with somebody you love.

  • Rayne

    0_0 Well, I know two Mormons who would likely be offended by this. Well, I’m kinda sure they would. They’re just normal people, you wouldn’t even know they have any religious views whatsoever.

  • Marie Franklin

    If you actually watch the video, they never say masturbation is the problem, they specifically say *porn addiction* is the problem. There is a huge difference between these two things.

    • Lila26

      Neither of those things are an actual clinical diagnosis in the field of psychiatry or psychology. The church wants you to believe that so they can sell you the cure in Jesus, sinners!

      • Jason

        Though I agree with your disdain toward the church; you are wrong about pornography addiction.

        • Jason

          Sex and pornography addiction have never been included in the APA’s DSM, including the most recent DSM-V.

          • Jason

            Correct, still not in the manual. Still, it is diagnosed and it is real.

          • kbhmsw

            It can’t be “diagnosed” if it is not in the DSM. The DSM is THE peer-reviewed, scientific-method cataloging of psychiatric diagnoses in America, by the American Psychiatric Association, with close ties to the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) 9 or 10.

          • Jason

            Forget what’s real, technical, etc.; let’s just agree on this (the reason I think we were both drawn to this post): Many things organized religion tries to do (such as ask friends to tell on each other when they are watching porn and/or masturbating) are damaging rather than helpful.

          • No.

            You mean diagonised and treated by CHURCH psychiatrists? Because I know of a couple of Mormon guys (ex-Mormon here) who went to psychiatrists for porn-addiction, and took church programs to ”help” them through. Those pseudo-psychiatrists were all Mormons themselves and were doing only what the church expected them to. I should point out that any active Mormon psychiatrist or psychologist will automatically be biased and will tend toward church mentality. Those poor guys came out more traumatized and guilt-laden after those church programs and the porn-addiction ”psychological treatments” were finalized than they were before them.

      • Marie Franklin

        But I am only pointing out that they are different things. The article is specifically saying “masturbation” is what the kids are supposed to report to a bishop. Where in the video that word is never once used, what is used is “porn addiction”. Obviously the church would have a moral stance against porn…not saying it is right just saying, they have a moral stance. Their stance on masturbation is not clear at all in this video (and I do not personally know what it is for mormons) but I do not think it is fair to assume.

        If the video specifically said masturbation, then it would be obvious. But it did not.

    • Shockna

      The problem here is that “masturbation” and “porn addiction” are synonyms in the conservative religious lexicon.

      It’s akin to saying “the problem isn’t ice, the problem is frozen water”.

  • jujuthefishmonkey

    Don’t worry soldier, just tighten that grip on your gun and you’ll pull yourself through juuust fine. Your moment of glory will come… lots!

  • Anthony Diaz

    Pornography is so clearly a problem. Deny it all you want, but all the science on the matter shows otherwise. That’s what this video is about. The only thing creepy about it is how it creeps into people’s lives, the lives of their families, and destroys it!

    • Anthony Diaz

      Also, way to totally get the whole point of the video wrong. Wasn’t even about masturbation in particular, just pornographic addiction as a whole. Slander against our beliefs, nothing new there.

      • Sticky Ikky

        wait wait – let me guess. its a metaphor?

      • Lila26

        You do realize that there is no such thing as pornographic addiction, right? There is no, actual diagnosis for that in the field of psychiatry or psychology. There’s no such thing as sex addiction either, from a psychiatric perspective.

        • Jason

          Wrong on both accounts.

          • No.

            Ze expert hath spoken.

            P.S.: I love Mormons lol. You give them facts and they tell you flat out that you’re wrong, without actually giving you any actual counter-arguments (non-religious ones I mean).

        • Jason
        • kbhmsw

          As a mental health professional for over 23
          years and as a professor of evidence-based clinical therapy practice, I agree. Everyone should read “America’s War on Sex” or “The
          Myth of Sex Addiction” to learn more. “Sex Addiction” is a lot of
          hokum made up by Patrick Carnes to put himself on the map and to make MONEY on the hysteria around the fear of
          sex in 1983, at the height of AIDS-crisis, anti-sex, anti-gay paranoia.
          “Sex Addiction” is NOT an evidence-based practice treatment model; it
          is judgmental, opinion, culture-bound, anti-gay, anti-male, egomaniacal, cynically lucrative, self-serving, and scientifically baseless hokum, and should be treated as

      • TheSootyOne

        Perhaps if religion, and Christianity in particular, had healthier views on sex between consenting adults, there wouldn’t be pornographic addiction. Sex should be guilt-free and enjoyable, be it solo or with one or more partners, not the guilt-ridden, ‘you’ll burn in hell for this!’ bullshit that these cults have been brainwashing people with for generations.

      • Shockna

        Does your religion not claim that masturbation is inherently sinful?

    • Sticky Ikky




      Oh shit- thats almost too funny to be real.

      oh FSM – that shit is just amazing.

      now excuse me while i go for a righteous fap over a pic of mary the ‘virgin’.

      • Jason

        Righteous fap!!!!!

    • JohnAbramson

      So, pornography is a cause of masturbation? Before there was pornography (never), there was less sexual activity? Yikes, you mean pornography will creep into my life and destroy it? Oops too late!

    • Chakri Srivatsa

      The climax seems to summarize the whole thing into: Don’t jerk off, get chicks to bang instead (Threesome, looks like 😉 ). Sounds like advertisement by some dating website. I’m good with this..

      • Chakri Srivatsa

        Wait a moment, I could even see some gay moments in there! LOL

        • Franklin Bacon

          Just some brotherly love. Christian love which surpasseth understanding.

      • Weenis

        Ahahaha, climax.

      • you can marry 2 women if you don’t jerk-off and still have your closet relationship.

    • heyowop

      uh… i thought they were talking about masturbation, not pornography. and i dont think you have quite the grasp on science you think you do little buddy

    • Lila26

      There is evidence to suggest that once people come out of religion, they masturbate less and view porn less. The issue really is that religion likes to shame people so that they can sell them the cure for their shame in the form of religious dogma and membership to their church. It’s a sick and hugely destructive cycle. There is nothing wrong with sexuality and expressing your sexuality in a normal way, be that through viewing porn or through masturbation.

  • Friends don’t let friends masturbate; they do it for them! Can someone gimme a hand here?

    • Dave Smith

      As long as it’s by someone of the opposite sex, sure. (At least according to the church.)

  • Robert Menard

    This is my weapon…
    This is my gun.
    This one’s for shooting…
    This one’s for fear based guilt inducing mind control…

  • Righteous Atheist

    Wow! Are we still in the 21st Century?

  • gjmgjm

    I’m sorry..but how DARE they compare wounded soldiers to masturbation and pornography, even if it is used as a metaphor!

    • kbhmsw

      Exactly. This bullshit from the Mormon “church” is a profound insult to the men and women who give life and limb (literally) for our country. How DARE they. How fucking DARE they.

      • Barry-Jon

        Why the quotes around church?

  • BoneyN

    May I take a moment to thank the writer and producer of this precious little film. Thanks to all of you I had one of the best wanks of the week. I would like to do it again quite soon. Do you have a slightly longer version?

  • Jason

    Quick mental health lesson: They are not ‘declaring war on masturbation’. They are ‘declaring war’ on pornography addiction. Pornography addiction is real; there are people who spend hours on end watching pornography. Pornography for the purpose of masturbation is normal; pornography to escape from the real world for hours is not. It’s in the same category of gambling addiction; shopping addiction; and other non-substance abuse addictions.

    • And it’s something that is usually done in private and is none of your damn business!

      • Jason

        I don’t disagree with you; I’m a staunch Libertarian who agrees what one does in private is no one else’s business. I was just giving the creators of the video the benefit of doubt that their intention was not to decry masturbation but to encourage friends to intervene if they suspect a friend has an addiction. Could they have approached it in a manner less subject to ridicule? Obviously. Regardless of their particular approach, addiction is treatable and the earlier it is treated the better off the addict is. I certainly hope my friends make it their business if I become addicted to something.

    • Christian

      There’s also another factor to figure in… As a ‘person in recovery’ from substances and everything I’ve personally gone through and seen, there is a LARGE difference between the many 12 Step programs and religion based 12 Steps.
      Addiction to anything is a big problem, but with religious 12 Steps, you’re not given as much freedom to choose your way to recovery. All are spiritually based but the power in the various programs are the individual journeys of finding your personal spirituality, sharing common problems, etc. You have your freedom to choose your spiritual path and what heals you along the way because it’s not led by one thought, leader or spiritual belief. Religious 12 Step is focused on the specific religion and can often be led by someone with no experience, hence, vital factors in recovery are lacking.
      Yes, interventions can be necessary and, yes, spirituality is important in Step work, but the healing comes from finding your own spiritual path among others with the same issues, sharing common causes, etc. Not from following a specific belief that you don’t share or following specific directions from someone who hasn’t been there.

    • kbhmsw

      “Pornography addiction” is no more “real” than any other subjective, culture-bound concept. As a mental health professional for over 23 years, I resent your labeling it a “quick mental health lesson” or giving ANY suggestion of legitimacy to this video, BYU, or the Mormon “church” and their cruel, socially violent, judgmental, intrusive, theocratic video. Who are you to declare what’s “normal” to an adult individual or to consenting adults? Read “America’s War on Sex” or “The Myth of Sex Addiction” to learn more. “Sex Addiction” is a lot of hokum by Patrick Carnes to make MONEY on the hysteria around the fear of sex in 1983, at the height of AIDS-crisis, anti-sex, anti-gay paranoia. “Sex Addiction” is NOT an evidence-based practice treatment model; it is opinion and scientifically baseless hokum, and should be treated as such. THAT is the “quick mental health lesson” here.

      • Jason

        I’m not trying to legitimize the video; BYU’s motives are not pure. And I hope none of my loved ones are ever treated by you; you obviously are close minded which makes for the worst type of mental healer. You resent me labeling it a quick mental health lesson because in your 23 years as a so called professional you haven’t learned anything.

        • Guest

          LOL Someone close-minded calls someone else close-minded. Ze irony.

    • Peter H

      Whether this video is anti-masturbation or anti-pornography (I think it’s both) the LDS church has been staunchly anti-pornography and anti-masturbation for a long time.

    • BrianMel

      No they definitely are. I was Mormon as a kid. Masturbation is considered a serious sin that you are suppose to confess to your bishop every time you do it.

      I agree that pornography and masturbation shouldn’t be done at the same time very often, mostly because it’s a bit lame to be jacking off in front of your computer screen everyday. But to say that one should completely avoid both for your whole life and that they are evil is very bad for mental health.

      As a Mormon kid I was successful at not masturbating or looking at porn from 14-22. I started getting self harm thoughts of cutting off my hand and I was constantly feeling “tempted” and scared by what I thought was Satan trying to invade my mind with urges. I was always feeling extremely guilty and ashamed for the most innocent and healthy sexual exploration. I had very painful blue balls off and on in my late teens.

      Strict abstinence of pornography and masturbation and a belief in them as sins is definitely not healthy.

      • Jason

        That’s a sad story and more evidence of the damage organized religion can do.

  • Caroline Temmermand

    Why must we continue the myth that Christians are on a battlefield attempting to save others? And worse, that to save others, we must report them to higher authorities?
    If I am to believe the teachings of the Christian Bible, God so loved all the people that he sent his son to die for them and none of them were Christians. Often people are not saved by another person’s religion but rather they are condemned by it; let people find their own relationship with God. And let God to speak to them since he doesn’t need you to misinterpret.
    Obviously I am totally ignoring several important things here:
    There is absolutely no comparison between those brave men and women who put their lives on the line for others and those who rat out others who don’t meet the “standard” others have set for their sexual interests.
    Human sexuality is as wonderfully diverse as our appearances. Imagine if we all looked the exact same? How terrible would that be? Why then, does everyone have to think exactly alike?

    • kbhmsw

      I love that line, “Human sexuality is as wonderfully diverse as our appearances”. I’ve worked in the field of social work and psychology, specifically for gay men, for over 20 years, and I’ve never heard that. What a beautiful, eloquent, quote. Thanks, Ms. Temmermand. I’m going to use that line with my clients, to reassure and empower them, and I’m going to thank you each time. I owe you a commission LOL! What a wonderful, loving person you must be. Wish I could buy you lunch, but maybe just telling you “thanks” comes close. So, thanks! 🙂

      • Caroline Temmermand

        Glad you liked my thinking and feel it worth repeating – my children will get a chuckle put of that. Now I’ll give you one in return: Send me an email and I’ll tell you where to send the checks.
        Thanks for the work you have done for 2 decades to help people have a happier and richer life. Isn’t that something we all should be doing? Let’s make a video about that and report people who aren’t doing that well to their mothers or fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins or anyone else who might help them understand that this is what we are supposed to do in life.

  • Dave Smith

    Talk to your “bishop”? Done, and done! LMAO!

  • Teegester

    Thank goodness women can masturbate with impunity.

  • Amber Morrigan

    Ugh. This would be touching if it was about abuse. Nope, instead you should run to your bishop if your friends masturbate or have consensual sex.

  • JF123

    Never leave your buddies behind

  • It’s time to toss religion to the curb! Take back control of your own life. Religion is for disturbed individuals who have no idea what it’s like to think, act, exist, love, make mistakes — live — without bringing an invisible friend to guide them, even for the sake of a moment of pleasure. Really it’s quite pathetic!

    • Brad

      haha you said toss.

  • Brent Smith

    This explains why Utah, and specifically Utah Valley, has the Nations highest ratio of pornography website prescribers, as well as the nations highest sexual dysfunctions and pornography addictions.

  • Erockeris

    So if this is a battlefield, I’m a hand to hand expert in this fight.

  • Weenis



  • Sam Kay

    Is it just me, or did the masturbator and the guy who “saved” him share a bit of a homoerotic moment at the end there?

    We didn’t hear any dialog, maybe they’re encouraging guys to give each other handjobs instead of masturbating.

  • Shaun

    maybe they’re on to something:

    or, if you rather, check out the results from this search, and pick any one you want: (

  • I’m very much a secular humanist against all sorts of religious-based stupidity, but I don’t think this video is creepy or awkward. Porn addiction is a serious problem for some people, so I think this video actually addresses it in a tasteful way. I’m disappointed in the article author. The article refers to the video in a dishonest way simply to align with the stereotype (however true in many cases) that religious Christians are intolerable of masturbation. However, this is clearly not a video about reporting to religious authorities anyone who masturbates! The video explicitly indicates it is addressing porn addiction — a very different matter indeed. This type of dishonest reporting ultimately undermines this website’s credibility.

    • However, what I do find creepy is that when I ran a Google search for “porn addiction statistics”, the entire first page was church-based websites. Perhaps the problem of porn-addiction is being blown out of proportion due to the fanaticism of the religious sector.

      • from the sound of this video the only thing that qualifies for a porn addiction is that you stop going to church because you’re masturbating.

    • Brad

      Basically what I got out of the video is that these priests are looking for people to rat out their next victim. So I hear you like to masturbate. Let me show you how it’s done.

  • Lemuel714

    I don’t get it…do they think the wounded soldier is gonna start whacking off if they leave him on the battlefield? This is all very confusing.

    • No.

      OMG I’m laughing so hard here. LMAO

  • Daniel Rabbat

    God is a cure for a mental disease like leeches are the cure for cancer.If you are touching yourself to the point where it’s a problem;then might i suggest talking to literally anybody that you can have an extended intelligent conversation with(awkwardness and all).Sometimes, self-perceived social inadequacies can be the root problem of a variety of sexually related frustrations in young people.God or religion doesn’t fix that, it just makes it seem less significant due to the overwhelming peer pressure of churches and religious groups.I’m not saying abandon your beliefs and preach Atheism, just that there are three sides to every argument; your side, their side, and the right side.

  • CarolEme

    As a woman I’m glad to see that this obviously means women can go on just as before and masturbate as much as we want! I BET the men who run these religions think women don’t masturbate anyway! Kind of like the Bible never mentions lesbians OR female masturbation. Written by men so don’t think of women.

    • Bryce

      Oh the LDS church doesn’t think women have sex drives. It’s ok, only men are to blame for transgressions.

      • No.

        However, the church thinks women are the source of temptation and evil. I don’t know which one is worse: the men being the only ones blamed for transgressions, or the women being considered inherently evil and seductive (in a bad way).

  • Capt. Chris Pike


  • kazikian

    “If you need to, talk to your bishop […then maybe bash him a little.]”

  • Supammu Aruchaifu

    “The meek [who are carrying assault rifles and killing brown people] shall inherit the earth.” said Republican Jesus.

  • Heidi Stinson

    It’s so awesome to see the church finally putting out a video that supports homosexual relationships! The love between those boys was beautiful! I am seriously choking up right now!

    • Heidi Stinson

      That’s what I gathered from watching it without the audio, anyway.

  • daveo

    All the bishop has to do is look at his ward directory. That’s who’s masturbating.

    • Bryce


  • Stephanie

    If your roommates know you watch porn, you’re doing something wrong.

    If you know what you’re doing and your roommates STILL know you watch porn, you need to GTFO and find less creeper roommates.

    • Franklin Bacon

      Mebbie they like to look at him look. I wonder why they would snitch.

  • Brad

    I leave dead soldiers all over the battlefield, sometimes twice a day.

  • Catherine

    Dear BYU: Men aren’t the only ones who look at porn and/or masturbate.

  • don’t flog your bishop… talk to him.

  • Mike Jackson

    So what’s the answer? Should more Mormon girls put out? Give hand-jobs?
    So Monty Python was right and every sperm IS sacred?

    • Bryce

      No! SUPPRESS SUPPRESS SUPPRESS!!! Sex is the most evil, vile, corrupt thing in the entire world!

      Until you put a small metal band on your finger. Then it’s amazing and you should do lots of it. Like 10 kids, lots of it.

  • Basketcase

    So only Porn watchers masturbate? And watching porn will make you lose your faith? Dude, this is a strange video. I cant finish it.

  • Blake

    To be fair, it really is inconsiderate to let someone you love masturbate alone.

  • Franklin Bacon

    Don’t take this clip so literally, folks. There is no “Great War”, no matter what these Mormons might mean by it. What do they mean by “Great War?” Is it so hard for Mormon youth to refrain from watching porn, or are they talking about something else entirely?

  • William Berryhill

    BYU does not speak for the LDS, they are an extremely strict school that uphold their honor code. They have taken out key players from important sports game for breaking rules like one kid was taken from the college basket ball finals for getting laid

    • Stephanie

      BYU doesn’t speak for the LDS, and yet they’re OWNED by the LDS. lol sure.

      • William Berryhill

        the church takes orders from the hq in salt lake city, not a school. the school decides how to govern their students to their high moral standards. Being in the military for almost 11 years im upset tt their comparison to a soldier shot on the battlefield at war.

  • amm6k

    Um, seriously? Doesn’t the church have a 3 billion dollar shopping mall to design? Or a bunch of rape victims to slut shame? Geesh, they need to get their priorities back in order, we wouldn’t want the priesthood holders to think they can do any wrong!

  • April Miller

    I was raised Mormon and am female. I remember having a meeting with the bishop before I was allowed to go to the temple and being specifically asked if I ever masturbated. I was 14 he was like 60. If I would have told the truth I wouldn’t have been allowed in the temple. it was awkward to say the least

    • Benjamin Mobley

      Are you still a member of the LDS Church? If so…I wanted to ask you a question about your meeting with the Bishop before going to the Temple.

  • Dingus

    Oops, sorry I was born human. I jack off because it feels good and I naturally want to do it. Fucking mormons

  • Usurper

    I’m a mass murderer….

  • phoenix

    Im not for the mormon church or anything. but he never said masturbating. He said addicted to porn and that is a real problem. You dont need porn to masturbate. Porn is all fine and dandy till you get addicted and cant form real relationships or let it ruin yours. I have seen this happen alot.

  • slammer9

    The church is afraid of sexuality which was always seen as the most powerful tool to spiritual enlightenment and used even by Jesus Christ himself – as detailed in the Gnostic writings.

    The church is afraid of the people gaining enlightenment using any means possible and NOT relying on the limiting aspect of the church to assist in this and sexuality is therefore damned as evil while actually being the most spiritual aspect of human kind.
    ANY FORM OF SEX – gay – straight – bi ( legal ) is a pathway to enlightenment if you learn some basics and TRUTHS about sexuality which the church fears to its very core – in case they loose the power and the control.


  • Blair Anderson

    The comparative to the reality of ‘battle’ is disingenuous to those who served. Would I trust Mormon dogma? These are the very same attitudes that gave endorsement and succour to the gross negligence we now know as the war on drugs. A shite way to deal with what other people do….

  • John


    More like wtf.

  • Dylan Prentice

    Why be born with wanking spanners if you can’t use them?
    To use a battle field as an analogy is just wrong as I’ve been there and it’s nothing like having a wank, it’s more comforting having a mankind safer too. Talking to a bishop might well leave you with a sore arse and thats worse than interfering with yourself.
    Anti masturbation is wrong it should be promoted as healthy, not frowned upon as a sin. Idiots.

  • Stuart McDonald

    Male Mormon Church leaders and members masturbate as much as anyone else their own age. Brainwashing Mormon males to feel dirty and immoral by doing what they all do and will continue to do naturally is a crucial way of controlling Mormon males and divert their attention away from the criminal syndicate that is the Mormon Church and it’s mafia boss top leaders. Telling Mormon males to spy on and rat out fellow Mormon males suspected of masturbating takes this hypocritical and destructive brainwashing and control to a whole new creepy level. Mormon missionaries have been routinely encouraged to do this. But expanding this creepy, be-suspicious-of-and-distrust-all-your-fellow-Mormons kind of church-wide surveillance shows that top Mormon Church leaders are desperate to clamp down on and gain absolute control over it’s members’ personal lives and thoughts. If you’re Mormon, get the hell out before they destroy whatever truly good that is still in you.

  • TacoLaser

    More reasons why ALL religions should be abolished.

    At least their money grubbing hands won’t be sticky.

  • AintThatAmerica

    Holy Christ Amighty – don’t touch that Johnson, don’t drink coffee, no beer. nada

  • B B

    did he really say “stick together”???

  • B B

    did he say “reach out”?? is he talking about a friend “lending a hand”?? if that’s the case, i might just become a Mormon!! NOT

  • B B

    ooh the EYES have it. did you catch the look btwn the two guys?? damn…so homoerotic!!! The only way one gets “wounded” wanking is if you do it too often w/o lube/spit or something!!

  • AT2008

    I’ve seen some bizarre “teaching” methods…..and this is definitely one of them.

  • Mitchel Gene Shira

    Not once does the video say “masturbation”. Its talking about pornography, which is a dangerous addiction if not helped. And lets just be clear here, reading your article made you sound like the creepy one, and very cold. You obviosly are bios against certain christian religions. Articles like these have no traction when i figure out the writers true intent. And yours was to attack.

    • Marc Caggiano

      Mormon’s are NOT Christians let alone a religion, they are a cult!

      • Amon_Ra

        Bigoted much?

        • realeasygoing

          I am not I dislike all religion equally!!!

        • Phoenix Oakley

          No. That’s not bigoted to speak the truth. Sad thing is, Christianity is also a cult; but Mormons, those aliens, are not Christian. Their teachings do NOT fall in line with any of the commandments that Christ gave; and for that, 99% of Christendom is neither Christian.

        • jazkeys

          If pointing out the lunacy that goes hand in hand with religious indoctrination based upon absolutely nothing but myths and fairy tales is being a bigot, then I’ll wear the hat proudly. The only thing against which I am bigoted are bigots themselves, and anyone who claims to live their life according to “The Word Of God” (i.e. the Bible) is knowingly supporting bigotry and discrimination (not to mention misogyny, infanticide, mass murder, rejection of science and FACTS, discrimination, and a MOUNTAIN of examples of the ways in which decent, advanced, educated, compassionate and EVOLVED human beings should never act toward one another…on second thought, the Bible is the PERFECT guidebook; all one has to do is completely reject most of what’s contained within to live a decent life). And yes, like all religions, Mormonism is a cult. Like Heaven’s Gate, Mormonism has at its center an unmovable belief in space aliens, and if that isn’t enough to make someone run in the opposite direction, then you get what you deserve when you choose to give up free will in order to bow to the twisted, fucked-up whims of a deranged, hallucinating, insecure, paranoid, egomaniacal lunatic. But hey — whatever floats yer boat. Just don’t touch yourself. Ever. You dirty, filthy, despicable excuse for a human being, touching yourself like that. You deserve to burn in unimaginable agony in the fiery pits of Hell for all eternity, you dirty, disgusting, masturbating heathen. Now excuse me while I bring my young son to Church so the priests can do something other than masturbate (’cause physical contact is so much more satisfying…just ask the hundreds of pedophile priests the Church has gleefully protected from prosecution for CENTURIES and to this very day). Religion — ALL religion — is one of the most destructive blights on humanity in all of recorded history. It’s WAY past time to do away with such utter nonsense and move toward a life based upon science, facts and compassion, not brainwashing, devotion to fiction, and intimidation. Until we eliminate religion and its worthless, spiritually and intellectually offensive dogma from our lives, we will NEVER be truly free.

        • Marc Caggiano

          bigot?? how so? explain?

      • realeasygoing

        All religions are cults ….

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        Define Christianity for me. I’m honestly interested in knowing what you believe Christianity is.

        • Marc Caggiano

          I can tell you that “mormonism” is NOT Christianity

          • Mitchel Gene Shira

            Great answer. I can tell you really thought about that one. Seriously though, if that’s all you can come up with, then tell me why “Mormonism” is not Christianity. I’m really interested to know what I believe as a Christian…oops, sorry, I mean as a NOT Christian.

          • Marc Caggiano

            “Mormons do not follow or believe in the
            historic Jesus Christ of the Bible, but rather in a
            difference Jesus. The god of the Mormons is not the God of the Bible. To
            the Mormons, Jesus is the firstborn son of an exalted
            “man” who became the god of this world. The
            man-god of Mormonism was made the god of this world
            because of his good works on another planet somewhere out
            in the universe. He “earned” godhood, and was
            thus appointed by a counsel of gods in the heavens to his
            high position as the god of planet Earth. The Mormon god
            of this world was a man, like all men, who became a god.
            This is what the celestial marriage and the temple vows
            are all about. LDS men, by doing their temple work, are
            striving for exaltation by which they, too, shall one day
            become gods. Their wives will be the mother goddesses of
            “their” world and with their husband will
            produce the population of their world. This is the Mormon
            doctrine of “eternal progression.” “

          • Mitchel Gene Shira

            Much better, yet very incorrect. But good try! I’ve got a great idea. Ready? I’m LDS, that’s obvious now. The next time you accuse someone of not being christian, it might be smart to ask them first. Just some advice. You see, no matter how much you might not believe me, I actually am VERY much christian. I want you to honestly tell me how you would feel, if I attacked your beliefs like I knew what you believed better then you do. So when I tell you that I have a strong belief in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and Redeemer, and that only through Him and Him alone can I be saved through his Atonement, and you tell me I don’t, don’t you think I have the right to say “YES I DO.” I don’t know what you believe, but I do respect it. Even if I may disagree. A belief is a precious thing, especially in our Savior. Don’t trample on someone’s belief in Christ just because you’ve been told by others that they “really don’t believe in the Savior”. At least have the decency and respect to ask me before jumping to accusations. Because I assure you, I do believe in Christ. Yes, the same Christ as we all read in the Bible. Now, next time you have a chance to ridicule someone else’s precious testimony of Christ, ask them what they believe, and don’t tell them what they believe.

    • ericrife

      Hey Mitchel, how about you master grade school grammar and spelling before you accuse people of bias against the religiously devout?

      One needn’t be “bios” against certain “christian religions” (I believe you mean denominations) to understand the intellectual bankruptcy of faith. And seeing as how the Mormon church systematically discriminated against people of color for the better part of it’s history, I’d respectfully submit it is like other religious institutions which are so compromised by their own racist, sexist and classist dogma, they have nothing resembling moral authority.

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        Thanks for the correction. I know i’m not the best at grammar, so I apologize for the bad grammar and spelling. I admit that I am LDS, but I get upset when people start accusing a religion or denominations of so many things without honestly knowing if its true before they go accusing. My intent is not to argue, and I know there are things in the history of several religions and denominations which are shady and questionable. Every religion has imperfect people, every denomination has its hiccups. My main concern with this article is that it really undermines the seriousness of pornography. Whether you accept it or not, pornography can and will destroy lives and families, no matter how much the individual believes otherwise. So when I read this article, I was upset at how it made light of people striving to help one another. It’s not a “creepy” subject, and needs to be addressed in a much more serious light than what this article puts across.

        • AFCA95

          Yeah, Porn can destroy lives, but religion, drugs, money, families, gambling and people trying to force a religion thru someones throat can do the same.

    • Pete

      The subject of the video is irrelevant either way. It’s still painfully awkward and a bit creepy, if not homoerotic. In defense of those who created the video however, it’s not entirely their fault, being that societal standards of masculinity in America have become so warped that one cannot show physical affection for another male friend without it being labeled as “gay”. The awkward “bro stare” near the end is obviously no exception.

      To the casual observer, I don’t feel the video helps generate anything but laughter, thus trumping the cause for which it was made. I don’t know how things are at Brigham Young, but guys in dorms all across the country and quite possibly the world wouldn’t lift a finger to “help” their friends away from porn because they all watch it, all masturbate to it, and it’s not exactly a problem unless you’re sitting there for hours on end clicking through things and having no life. Then it’s a problem. But if you’re going out, being social, and having solid relationships with people, there’s honestly no harm. Believe it or not, many people (myself included) are more than capable of separating sexual fantasy from sexual reality. But Mormons don’t believe that. So to everyone else, it’s utterly ridiculous because porn or not, Mormons do not believe in masturbation, despite it being a natural act which is done by virtually every living creature on the planet and the fact that even fetuses have been observed touching themselves in the womb.

      I have a lot of issues with Mormonism that I won’t get into, but it doesn’t matter what I think because their antiquated beliefs will eventually fail in the face of changing societal norms anyway, just as most Christian denominations have come to see many Old Testament laws as largely only applying to the time in which they were written.

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        I appreciate your input. The main disagreement I have with what you’ve said, however, is that porn isn’t a problem unless you waste endless hours doing it. Pornography is extremely serious – no, I’m not saying this from a religious stand point. It is an addiction that if not helped it will destroy relationships, lives, and families. There have been countless studies on how pornography has the same affect on the human brain as some of the serious drugs that are severely addictive and harming. I was blown away at how this article was written and how the video was called creepy and then completely took focus off pornography and poked fun at what the videos true intent was. I guess when I read this article and the many comments I didn’t realize that a lot of people don’t think this is a serious thing. It is very much a serious problem that needs to be addressed a lot more honestly instead of brushing it aside and poking fun at people that truly struggle with this kind of stuff.

  • yautja
  • KarenPage

    “Talk to your bishop… he can give you an alternative to porn.”


  • oscarnut14

    If have someone to talk to, then do so. Tell a priest… then again, maybe not. #enjoyyourbody

  • Ianmacfarlane

    Mormons prove, once again, they are strange, if not insane.

  • Amon_Ra

    I think it’s clear from the comments, and even the article itself that people are writing stuff before actually looking at the subject about which they are writing. Criticize things all you like, but at least get some surface level information first.

    • Phoenix Oakley

      I watched the video, and read the information. I’m also reading the comments, and I’ve got to tell you, oh self-deluded one that the comments are spot on. Now stfu and go preach somewhere else.

    • Pete

      Did you watch the video? ‘Nuff said lol! More than enough to solidify everyone’s statements here.

  • commonsensenowlost

    I was about to say that means I must be a veteran, but I am still active. And if any of you Mormon dudes try to interfere with my “duties”, you will hav a war on your hands.

  • Tim Hunter

    That kid is kinda hot. My little soldier likes.

    • Alan S

      Laughing out loud!

  • Michael Lorton

    If those guys ever end up in Afghanistan, they are in for a big and unpleasant surprise.

    • bamcintyre

      They will never end up in Afghanistan… after all, they do their missionary work in Paris like Mr. Mitten. Anti-war, and anti-getting killed.

      • Jayhawk34

        Plenty of Mormons have served in the armed forces ever since the founding of the church. Plenty have been killed and wounded in combat.

        • Whiskey_Tango

          Not true. Utah finds itself in 49th to fiftieth place in active duty military service.There were Mormons that fought and died in Vietnam,but the majority found missionary service and service in the National Guard and Reserve as a way to avoid combat. Many served in WWI and II. Virtually none in the Civil War and many in the Spanish American.

          As a rule,Mormons are rarely found in the military. The US. Army Chaplain Corp. presently estimates 14000 military members claim to be Mormon.

          • No.

            While I resent the church and their mentality, I must admit that you might be wrong on this. I am saying ”might”, because I’m only speaking from my own experience (which isn’t universal), and you obviously have your own experience (I am not dismissing your post, though). But, I spent my teen years and early 20s within the church and met very many Air Force servicemen and one Vietnam war veteran. I literally found many churchmen involved in the government and the military (mostly in high ranking positions, though).

  • stefanavalos

    talk to your bishop? Uh, that’s what he was doing.

  • Lawg Skrak

    Shut the fuck up, Mormons. I’m jerking off right now in honor of you.

  • Phoenix Oakley

    Gayest video I’ve seen all week. And I mean all homo type gay, not stupid type gay. Coming from a homo, like me, that’s saying a lot!

  • Kelton Jetersen
  • My bishop insisted that the reason I am leaving Mormonism isn’t because of conflicts with evolution, or Joseph Smith being a charlatan, or their stance previously on blacks, but that it was simply due to masturbation.

    • jazkeys

      He’s probably just upset that you won’t be around anymore for him to use in his own masturbatory fantasies.

    • Whiskey_Tango

      Well of course,DUH!!! That makes perfect sense…

  • jazkeys

    WWJD? He’d probably squeeze one out before dinner.

  • bamcintyre

    It is clear that if the LDS compare ANYTHING to war, that they have no idea what war is. I’ve been to war. It sucks. There is nothing good about war, except the chance to get high or masturbate.

  • hendem

    The LDS chuch is soooo obsessed with the idea of people viewing porn.

  • BenDrinkin

    One of the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen, but what else should I expect from a group of full grown adults that believe the ridiculous stories of a 14 year old, about jebus colonizing the moon with jews?!

  • d t

    “He is alone, and his friends do nothing to help him… ” c’mon- give your friend a hand!

    • Paul Putrow

      A hand is all he needed in the first place

    • No.

      LMAO This is too funny!

  • MZ

    Am i the only person who finds it hilarious that it says above; “If you need to, talk to your bishop…..”?? Isn’t beating the bishop the problem? Don’t think he’ll wanna talk after that LOL

    • tweedmeister

      Mormon bishops everywhere masturbate, which makes them doubly the hypocrites that the are in the first place.

  • Louis Cannon

    Surely Mitt’s mitts never have.

  • Mark Nebo

    As a veteran, this is insulting. As a masturbator, this is insulting.

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      As veteran masturbator i fapped.

    • AFCA95

      Hear you bro..

  • Jayhawk34

    Did anyone criticizing the video even bother to watch it? Including the author of the blog? It never says the word “masturbation” or “masturbate.” It doesn’t refer to it even indirectly. It talks about pornography. Whether you believe in religion or not, there is ample evidence coming out that pornography interferes with the ability of many people to have normal, healthy sex lives.


      No, there isn’t.

      I see that you spend most of your time commenting on the wrong side of articles, so I’m not going to bother talking with you further.

      PROTIP: Don’t click on links you know will offend you.

      • Jayhawk34

        Do you make a habit out of not interacting with people with whom you disagree? How very open minded. Most people are able to have conversations with people who happen to have different opinions. By the way:

    • Bandimore Fox

      Evidence from where? Christians or those raised into Christianity? I dont put much stock into what other people think or feel is right.

    • Jason

      This is exactly what I was trying to point out in my comment and I got ransacked as if I agreed with the Mormons on their views. I see you too are getting ransacked for putting aside the messenger for a moment and seeing what the message is.

    • Whiskey_Tango

      I watched it..I don’t think it matters either way,porn or “Punching your clown”, whatever, I think it is fair to assume that one goes “hand in hand with the other”…The problem we have here is that the church seems to be encouraging adults to tattle tale on other adults over relatively harmless behavior…It also seems surprisingly to imply that the guy and his roommate may be lovers. Did anyone else get that feeling?

    • InternetCrumpet

      There may be some evidence that pornography may contribute to the problems of people who already have issues with social situations and relationships, but no more than an addiction to video games or the internet or any other pass time that people with social issues find favorable to interacting with other people – in which case the addiction is the problem, not the material. The outlet is not necessarily the cause of a social disorder or an addictive personality. There is not “ample” evidence that merely watching pornography causes social problems or an introverted lifestyle. Insisting there is a fundamental connection between the two is a false cause. It’s like saying women who read romance novels (porn, seriously if you don’t believe me go read one) will never get married. Edit: Yes, I did watch the video, start to finish, before I commented and masturbation is not directly mentioned. I agree with both sides: that the video may be only meant to cover pornography, or that so few people who are addicted to pornography abstain from self gratification that the film makers simply might have found it prudent not to spell it out, but it is still implied.

    • Alan S

      Yes, we watched it.

    • No.

      My boyfriend watches porn sometimes (used to watch it a lot) and he respects me, functions very well in our relationship and our sexual life together is healthy. I think it is more about someone’s overall emotional intelligence quotent, the ability to differentiate between fiction and real life, their mindset towards certain aspects of life. I noticed that the more traditional a man is, the lousier his overall attitude towards women is and the more religious he is. Watching too much porn can damage a man’s mindset towards women for example. But the only way that can happen is if they are susceptible to changing that way to begin with. And by susceptible, I mean: The lower his EQ is, the smaller the chance that they will be able to differentiate between fiction and real life and the smaller the chance that they will be able to identify their emotional problems (in case they bring themselves to suffer because of this); and the greater the chance that they will quickly develop an addiction which will be very hard to get rid of, if at all.

  • Bandimore Fox

    Darkness? The kid has a light in his eyes. I guess it is a matter of perception.

  • Heidi Stinson

    Here is the question I’d like to ask the Mormons: What constitutes porn? Are we talking Tijuana grade donkey show porn, or something more Game of Thronesy?
    And what constitutes an addiction? Am I a porn addict in the mormon lexicon because I replayed the part where the dragon girl gets boned by her new barbarian hubby like 10x’s? Or would it be the 11th that puts me in need of rescue? Or when I replayed the girl on girl scene in the brothel a dozen times?
    On a side note, does anyone know when season 3 will be available on amazon instant video? All this talk about porn is making me horny & I like my porn to have a griping story line.

    • Heidi Stinson

      That was supposed to be ‘gripping’, not ‘griping’. The guilt of my addiction has made me a sloppy speller.

  • sukasio

    So what it is saying is that u have a physical body as well as a spirit from before we came down to earth, and just how we need to refuel our bodies with food we need to keep our spirits refueled and pure by not letting satan tempt us with the desires of the natural man (our human bodies). So “going to war” is a metaphor for saying we are fighting against satan and his temptations on a daily basis. I think all Christians can agree with that.

    • Whiskey_Tango

      It isn’t the same thing though. Many of us who really have been in war know the difference and the Church is being dishonest in it’s video.

      • sukasio

        I now it’s not a real “physical” war. The metaphor is that his “spirit” is wounded by giving into Satan’s temptation “pornography” for example that is used in this video. We all have weaknesses and we all sin but everybody is tempted differently. I have family in the Military and they are the least bit offended about this because they can see the true message which is being sent. I do appreciate your services and am sorry if this offended you. The truth is, the truth hurts for a lot of people. So I’m not surprised to see all the negativity about the video.

        • Whiskey_Tango

          I find it highly offensive to myself and my brothers that fought to have our service trivialized and mocked in this manner. The church should remove the video and replace it with something more appropriate.

  • Julia Despain

    I didn’t watch the video. Not sure I even need to.
    According to the Church, part of Repentance is “is a willingness to disclose fully” ( )
    Being FORCED to tell your Bishop about matters of your private life is NOT willingly, and therefore wouldn’t even count as true Repentance.

    Here’s my story.
    Once I was sick, and my mom got it out of me in my delerium that I had fornicated. Later that week she told the bishop and made an appointment for me to come in and talk to him. I had no idea it was about THAT. I was just told to go in and talk (meetings are done on a regular basis for all sorts of reasons, so I had no reason to weasel my way out for NORMAL circumstances).
    When I found out what this meeting was about, I was MORTIFIED!!! Nobody has any business telling other people (even if it is a “trusted leader”) about your private life.
    I have nearly left the church over this. Considering I was 19 at the time, the Bishop should have told my mom that he acknowledged her concern and would WAIT for ME to make the appointment. I was an adult, I didn’t need my proverbial hand being held, to stay a good little girl, by my mother or church leader!

    When YOU area ready to stop whatever sins you are doing, then YOU can tell the Bishop. Everybody else needs to butt out.

    • tweedmeister

      Good job for telling this story. I’m sorry this happened. But it’s important to realize also that, as soon as you tell your story, in nearly 100% of the cases, one’s personal confession to the bishop is shared with the others in the “priesthood executive committee” meeting. Generally, there are about 7 people present, but room for more if all the various counsellors show up. One’s information is shared, and one’s problem is now multiplied manifold. Never forget that. You tell the bishop, he tells some 7 people, they tell their wives,… You get the point. And very often your case might be brought up again in “welfare meeting.”

      Without gossip and the leverage that gossip brings–the guilt and the shame–Mormons have very little.

    • Blue Flower

      Yeah, I was tattled on by a relative, too, who read my diary and called in the cavalry. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was brought into my personal (and very normal at age 18) sexual business. I was also mortified and felt it was an incredible intrusion into my personal business. But I was so young and indoctrinated that I also felt too guilty to cry foul. But now? FOUL! The rudeness of it all still shocks me. One nosy (and possibly jealous) relative read my diary and boom…. Tammo the slut was telegraphed from state to state and ward to ward. I left home and the church the very next day and never returned to either. But hey, families are forever right?

      • Julia Despain

        The only reason I didn’t leave, is my wonderful dad was very discreet about it. When he found it, all he said was “We can talk about it later”, meaning when I was ready to. It was never brought up again. The bishop (who lives just down the road from me) apparently is a GOOD bishop and kept the confidentiality part, cuz nobody else ever said anything either.
        My mom, of course, for a couple years, kept bringing it up and wanting to know if it was “all taken care of”… yeah, no thanks to YOU! :/

        I love my dad. He’s a true Mormon and goes with the whole “freedom of agency” thing. Later, when I was 21 and went out of state to meet a guy I met online, he did say he didn’t want me to go, but didn’t forbid it, and told me to be careful.

  • I’m just .. is this guy trying to take Franklin Graham’s place in the race to do creepy ass stuff?

  • tweedmeister

    So glad the word is getting out on the creepiness of Mormons and Mormonism. It’s very important to us ex-Mormons for people to know what kind of cult has sucked in our loved ones.

    • Sebastian Garcia

      you are an idiot and i feel bad for you…

      • Whiskey_Tango

        I am sorry you feel that way,perhaps you misunderstood Tweedmeisters post?

      • Tessa

        Yea, I’m with Tweedmeister. Mormonism is a cult. I was abused in the church for years, then kicked out of my house at 17 when my parents found out I didn’t believe in their religion. Now you’re turning around and calling someone an idiot for not sharing your opinions. Way to make your religion look good.

  • Mitchel Gene Shira

    I am so shocked to see the negativity of this article and the attacks from those who responded. This video is not about masturbation, it is about PORNOGRAPHY, which is an extremely serious issue that is not being addressed enough in society. People just chuckle and laugh at issues like this, pointing fingers at people who are trying to fight through it and help others who struggle with it. I’m ashamed to call some of you my friends and fellow citizens. This is a very serious addiction that destroys relationships, families, and lives if not helped. Why was the focus taken off Pornography in this article and moved to masturbation, which was not mention ONCE in the video. NOT ONCE. It makes me sick to see a society poke fun at something like this. What is everyone’s problem here? Let’s just make fun of people trying to help others that struggle with addictions like this. The intent of this video, no matter how poorly it was done, was to send a clear message to not ignore someone who might be struggling, but to reach out and help. If you noticed someone was showing signs of suicide, would you just leave them alone and let them do what they want because “we are all animals” and “we can do what we want”? Pornography addictions have led to suicide, and broken families. If no one else here has the guts to stand up and put people in there right place, then I will. Shame on all of you for your insensitivity, for being animals. I don’t care who you are. If you have a problem with mormonism, don’t use that as an excuse to attack and make light of a serious issue that our society hides under a blanket and acts like it’s not a big deal. I frankly do not care who this video was made by, whether Christian or Jew, Islam or Buddhism, what this video addresses is what we all need to man up and address. You don’t have to like the video, you don’t have to agree with mormonism, but have the decency to respect and try to understand that Pornography addictions are very serious.

    • S. Russell

      Pornography can become an addiction; however, the viewing of pornography in and of itself does not an addict make, like the video implied. Religious institutions, particularly that of Mormonism, treat any pornography viewing as addict behavior, which, ironically, can actually contribute to the formation of addiction with the heavy shaming and resulting guilt cycles. Outside of religious circles, genuine addiction to pornography is comparatively rare. It’s a problem of the institution’s creation that it foists on its members. It helps you develop a disease and then peddles a ‘cure.’

      People following the counsel offered in this video are perpetuating that cycle of shame and guilt.

      Further, in the case of genuine addiction, a Mormon bishop is not a qualified professional or properly equipped to help a genuine addict. Leave the addiction counseling to the qualified professionals.

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        That’s an interesting point. But I don’t completely agree, although it is true that the culture of a religious community can cause an addiction to worsen out of guilt and shame. That much is true. However, it becomes more of an addiction when the individual tries to stop. When a smoker realizes that smoking is harmful to his body, no matter how much society says it is or isn’t, when he begins the struggle to quit that addiction, it is then where he/she truly realizes how addicted they are. Yes, there are several reasons, religious and not, that addicts become greater addicts, but to say that the religious institution is the main cause of that is quite a blanketed statement. There is an ongoing struggle within religious communities of finger pointing, shaming, and so forth that are not right by any means. I am well aware of that and am not proud of any christian who acts in that manner. But someone who smokes, looks at porn, etc, and doesn’t think its a big deal, then of course he/she won’t consider themselves an addict. It’s only when they notice that they are destroying their body or their relationships, etc, that they begin to realize they need to stop. And when that happens its especially hard to quit. A family member could give you the same shame and guilt by telling you to stop and that it’s not right. Is it their fault now that you have an addiction? The truth is, you’ve had it all along, and now that people are against you doing it, you don’t want to accept that you’ve got a problem. Yes, I agree that within religious communities an addiction can worsen because of handling it the wrong way, but to then blame that religion, etc, for enabling your addiction is not right either.

        • lolwut

          Your incoherent rambling isn’t changing anyone’s mind. I think you’re trying to convince yourself more than anything. BTW, your whole religion is a sham. While all religions pretty much are, and I can’t really understand how anyone with half a brain can read the scripture of any religion and not realize it was all made up, yours is actually one of the worst and most far fetched… maybe next to Scientology.

          • Mitchel Gene Shira

            Hey thanks for chiming in and changing the subject. It’s actually pretty funny to me – a lot of these comments and responses are attacks on mormonism, not the video and what it’s trying to teach. Just because “the Mormons” made this video, then everything’s wrong with it. It’s disrespectful, it’s sick and wrong, yada yada. This article itself is warped because the author clearly has some bias against mormons. And apparently so do you. Its so obviously apparent by your comment alone. You don’t have to come out and attack what I believe. You don’t have to agree with it, but be a little more courteous next time you join a discussion and don’t just attack someone’s beliefs.

    • Samuel Paquette

      Thing is, what do you make out of porn ? I doubt there are many porn addicts NOT masturbating. On top of that, the video suggests that masturbation AND/OR pornography are dudes only problems. Yes, pornography addiction is serious, just like many other taboos (drugs, alcohol, violence, hyper-sexuality, etc), but how do we fight those other things ? NOT by reporting them to friends/bishops which involves sharing an intimacy issue with someone without any conscious of what the problem is other than : IT’S THE DEVIL WAY TO REACH YOU! Usually, informing, supporting, helping with the appropriate method/person who can REALLY understand SEXUALITY and the psychological development involved are the way to go, but not the spiritual guide based on a strong community feeling, please. I’ve been there and done that. Addict, I probably am even by society standards, but I also am into a sexually healthy relationship and we are open to those kind of things, not closed even before the curiosity of it can harm us (which btw Mormons, is a strong motivator… THE FORBIDDEN !!). You have to control your sexuality/porn addiction to be constructive, you don’t have to be condemned by it like the Mormons do, even if they say they don’t, they do, because they lack the real knowledge behind it, the knowledge of our true selves (and yes I do exclude that thing about pre-life has being knowledge of ourselves as long as it will be a fantasy capable of hurting one’s development). Live long and farewell.

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        You make a valid point. I agree with you that there are better ways to handle an addiction such as pornography. It’s up to the individual to come to himself and if he/she chooses to talk to his religious leader, then that is his/her choice, not a family member or friend. I also completely agree that in the mormon culture the topic of sex is too hush hush, and “forbidden”. I believe that’s why a lot of our members have a porn addiction. I am one who is trying to change that culture. It is ridiculous and wrong. Just know there are Mormon’s who do not condemn and who strive to understand. But yes, there are many who still condemn and mis-understand. I hope you don’t think that all mormons are the same in that regard. I know many members with your mindset and attitude, which is a great outlook to have. I also know many members who condemn and shame other members, which I am wholeheartedly against. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

        • lolwut

          Hey Mitchel, I read some stones out of my hat that said masturbation was ok…. you’re welcome, now go my son.

    • Alan S

      People are starving all over the world, and you’re concerning yourself with porn? Where and when, exactly, has a porn addiction lead to suicide? Do you have the facts, or are you just regurgitating something you’ve heard somewhere else?

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        hahaha I just think it’s hilarious that you’re telling me all this. I didn’t post this video or write the article! Talk to the author of this article! “People are starving all over the world, and your concerning yourself with mormons masturbating?” There I wrote it for you. Just copy and paste. You’re welcome buddy.

      • Neverfox

        Your fallacy is: Relative Privation.

      • No.

        They commit suicide within the church, because the church does everything in its power to psychologically wear people down until they break.

    • Michelle Starika Greene

      Maybe if more Mormons masturbated they wouldn’t be so prone to pornography addictions

    • John Conor May

      First of all, DON’T compare suicide to watching porn. Second of all, DON’T compare watching porn to being a wounded soldier fighting for the country. This video is disrespectful, and there are a lot of other ACTUAL serious social, economic, and governmental issues in the world that we might be able to focus on if you would stop caring about who’s hand is in their pants. Don’t try to justify this ridiculous video by claiming that you are trying to help, because we can all see through it.

      • Mitchel Gene Shira

        Again…all about “masturbation”. neither I or this video have mentioned masturbation. It’s pornography that is a the serious thing. No, it’s not the most serious thing in the entire human race, but it is quite serious, and needs to be addressed with a lot more seriousness than it is. And thank you for proving my point about being inconsiderate. And don’t rant on about how disrespectful this video is because it compares porn to war. There have been COUNTLESS analogies that have been compared to battle, many worse than this analogy. This video isn’t saying “people that battle pornography are going through the EXACT same thing that our Veterans went through!” Of course its not saying that, and if you really honestly think that, I’m starting to think you’re just anxious to attack anything and everything about it because the “mormons” made it. Oh, and P.S. – google porn and suicide. There are several accounts of people who are addicted to porn having serious suicidal thoughts.

        • AFCA95

          Do not ever touch my porn. I love fapping while watching porn, and sometimes me and my wife watch it together.

      • No.

        He speaks like a Mormon. Probably why he equals thoughts of suicide to porn. In the church (I am an ex-Mormon myself), they guilt trip you and shame you for these things. I am not surprised why someone like him finds pornography equal to suicide thinking. They make a huge deal out of the smallest thing, and of course, as I already mentioned, guilt-tripping and shaming/demonizing are the preferred methods to scare people into not doing something (or even thinking). You shouldn’t expect them to have general common sense and objectivity about ethical matters, since the TBM ones are incredibly brainwashed and unable to see what’s beyond the church. I once had an interview in which I came out to confessed I had sort of sexual relations with girls (I was a kid back then, too). They gruilt-tripped me so bad that I came out of that interview room crying hysterically like I had killed someone or something. I was incredibly ashamed, although I realize now I had NOTHING to be ashamed of. Of course, I never got back into that sort of activity, more like because it was just a phase, but still…The scare mongering…And along the years, I got pretty sick of ”having to constantly repent” for things I didn’t even do. Just being a human being felt inadequate and somehow always questioned whether I did something wrong or thought something wrong. Overall, I felt like shit the whole time. With men and pornography in the LDS church. Are you even surprised? They are shamed and scared out of even THINKING sexual thoughts, much less doing anything. But since they can’t beat mother nature’s ”call” and constantly have to fight with exaggerated constraint, they end up into pornography or other practices and at the same time condemning themselves for it constantly. That is the problem there. If they stopped thinking that looking at porn sometimes and actually having sex and acting out what they wanna do in bed is such an EVIL thing to do (Oh Lawrd!), maybe they would ease their mind and become normal human beings. The problem with them, again, isn’t that they are ”sinful” and that watching porn is the actual problem, it is the fcking CHURCH that is the problem; they perpetually beat them down psychologically and guilt them for it. Everyone knows that when you forbid something to someone, the said person will want to break this ”rule” all the more; because imposing rules and bans on someone is inflicting on their freedom, and people are free creatures that feel challenged when someone tries to control them (whether they realise it or not). Once they get the hell away from the church and get all this garbage out of their heads, they finally start to see the light and feel much better. And about the poor comparison between pornography and wounded soldiers…low, but I expected that from them.

  • Tammi Lynn Garman

    lend your brother a hand lol 😉 so happy i renounced mormonism 15yrs ago!

  • InternetCrumpet

    There was an article recently about population decline because young people are choosing not to marry and not to start families. The religious taboo on pornography and masturbation is theorized by some to be merely a means of encouraging the regularity of couples that can support children and breed to re-populate, creating stability in numbers. I was raised hardcore Protestant Christian (I think the aggressive stance of my fundamentalist parents is what turned me away from it later in life) and I think there is merit to the idea that Christians don’t want their sons and daughters seeking interpersonal satisfaction because it increases the risk that they will not seek marriage to satisfy those needs instead, and will not treat sex as only for procreation. If young Christians won’t breed, or wait too long and under-breed (producing less than 2 children per couple) the Christian majority may eventually start to decline, as there will be less Christian couples raising children with Christian beliefs, which leads to fewer Christian adults. The church needs tithes paying Christian adults to function, and needs a population majority to ensure Christian morals continue to influence national law.

    Here is an article about population decline (in Japan) due to lack of commited relationships in young adults:

    • Alan S

      And population decline is bad because…???

      • JDD

        If the birth rate declines to zero, who will be paying for you to be on Social Security?

      • InternetCrumpet

        I didn’t say it’s bad, I only said it is a thing some people are concerned about. My personal observation has been that far more people are raised to be Christian than there are non-religious people who are converted later in life, so it seems logical to me that any organized religion would want their fellowship to be raising children, so that the next generation will have good odds of keeping their membership levels up, as there is both power and safety in numbers. It’s also my opinion that it would be a good thing to take a little pressure off our limited natural resources by allowing the birth rate to recede some.

    • Joybar23

      That’s actually a thing that some major Christian voices talk about. Quiverful movement is all about that. Making lots of christian babies so that they can take over the world as a rightious army.

    • dj Travey Travix

      yea but when the population of the world is 7 billion people on it and the world can only handle about 5 billion.. we need to slow down and breed less

  • Tyler

    You crazy Mormon fucks. How the hell can you compare jerking off, to actual people getting maimed and killed and suffering psychological injuries that last their entire lives.
    You people should be ashamed of yourselves

    • John Y

      Thank you Tyler for saying what no one else on this page has bothered to mention. Shame on this Church or Cult or whatever it is for the comparison involving of brave wounded heroes in the Armed Forces and those who made the ultimate sacrifices for freedom and the freedom that includes this Mormon organization to be allowed to produce and distribute this video which in and of itself is a vile piece of pornography. Gandhi said it best,” I like your Christ but I don not care much for your Christians.” I can see now what he meant.

      • James

        Please see the comment I made to Tyler. Also, you ask how an organization can be “allowed” to produce and distribute something like this? Are you remotely familiar with the notion of freedom of speech? Besides that, it wasn’t distributed. It was for the students at the University.

    • James

      It’s an extended metaphor comparing being spiritually injured in the war between good and evil and being physically injured on the battlefield. I am embarrassed for you that your intelligence is so limited that you would need someone to explain it to you.

      • Tyler

        I know it’s a metaphor dumbass.
        The point is spiritual injury is something made up by cultists and proprietors of organized religion. War is real and has real consequences to innocent people both soldiers and by standards alike.
        Your so called “spirit” is only injured because someone who was indoctrinated at birth and is now trying to indoctrinate you tells you it’s injured based soley on the newest version of there text.
        Which is completely subject to change based on who’s running your church/cult.

        I make that disticion solely on the fact that a church is a cult just more mainstream

        • Tyler


        • James

          Look, it can communicate.

          • Tyler

            Try joining the military, seeing a battlefield visiting war torn countries.
            Or at the absolute very least, talk to a vet who sacrificed to uphold the freedom of speech You pulled out on John Y.
            You might change your tune how this comparison is so shameful.
            After all being part of this religion is supposed to mean you do good on to others in the name of you deity. Spend some time and help someone who is actually suffering

  • Alan S

    This is just too weird for words. Why don’t you spend your time and money trying to solve REAL problems, like poverty, hunger, oppression, bigotry?

    • James

      Have you even conducted a cursory bit of research on the scope and magnitude of the humanitarian efforts of the LDS church?

      That aside, the video was intended for members attending this private University and encouraging said students to offer loving support to those battling porn addiction.

  • Don Bagley

    I was raised Mormon, and the most sickening thing to happen to me there was having a strange man talking to me about my penis when I was thirteen years old.He was a bishop, and he demanded details about masturbation. Mormonism is awful.

    • No.

      I was also interviewed for my girl-on-girl experience when I first joined the church, and the mission president was looking blankly in my eyes and asked me how I did it, whether we were naked, how far we went and how…I was so fcking embarrassed…LOL Bunch of creeps. I bet he got a boner just hearing the details.

  • Don Booch

    If you are struggling with masturbation you are doing it wrong.

  • Greg Larsen

    The first part of the video says after watching porn, the young man stops going to church. That is probably the big issue here. Maybe numbers and tithing are the real things in jeopardy. If the LDS are so concerned about their members, then why do they let them go to buffets and gain 300lbs? Why aren’t the bishops talking to these people? Maybe because it’s not about sex?

    • Robotsrule

      Never come between Americans and their god given right to line up at a food trough and go back for seconds and thirds!..The first time I went to Reno when I was 20 I saw obese people going back several times for soft serve ice cream at the end of their meal and I was just filled with existential dread. I had never seen anything like it in my life.

    • James

      Getting off topic much? I grimace at the ignorance of people like you.

      • Greg Larsen

        Just keeping it real. Maybe you need to get off more. This page would be a good start.

  • IndianMich

    Not that I agree with Mormonism at all, but I’m pretty sure the message was about addiction. If you find someone who has an addiction, lend them help and don’t leave them to drown. I don’t know where everybody got the whole “masturbation” thing, but if you watch the video before reading any comments or the article it seems clear to me. They could have put anything there… addiction to:…. (meth, porn, etc.) These can all tear apart families and cause depression and possibly lead to suicide. Whether you think addiction to pornography is dumb or not, it’s a real problem in many families, including “non-religious” ones.

    • James

      I respect your clarity of thought. I concur with your post.

  • Chase Hatch

    I’ll fap to that! Amen brother Joseph Smith! Ftard lol… so many puns all up in this video. Like what’s up around 45 seconds??? Homeboy’s just fappin it the hardest with the door open and a blank look on his face?! LOLZ

    • James

      You are a poor excuse for a rock Chase… time for you to evolve into a thinking homosapien.

      • Chase Hatch

        If only you had the intellectual depth to fully understand the implications of the statement that you’ve made, the context in which you’ve made it, and the background of the individual in which you have made it to, could you then fully realize how much of a fool have you just made yourself. The internet, and thus the whole thinking world that matters, laughs at you.

        • James

          It’s about time we get some laughter in this cynical world.

          “Laughter is a form of prayer” Kierkegaard

          • Chase Hatch

            And ignorance is the wealth of the theists. Your point being?
            EDIT: I’m failing to see how any of this is funny. I actually feel quite bad for you, because I can somewhat empathize with your reasoning impediment. I can’t relate from equivalent experience, but I can empathize. But the sadness comes from the comprehension of the implications which that impediment actually reveal.

            If you’re laughing, or praying, either/or, that speaks volumes.

          • James

            You can empathize with my reasoning impediment because you also have a reasoning impediment.

          • Chase Hatch

            But all you have shown thus far is a lack of depth. A couple single-sentence responses without much substance. If what you say is truly the case, well then let’s hear your well-reasoned argument. I am a reasonable, open-minded man. Let’s hear it.

          • James

            Have a nice life Chase. Remember, atheists are the epitome of ignorance. I won’t respond anymore. No time or interest.

          • Chase Hatch

            That’s funny, because atheism is closer to science, which uses empirical means to come about a belief or discovery.
            Edit: Of course you won’t respond anymore. You lack the critical battle weapon known as intelligence which is highly requisite of having a debate, let alone a reasonable comprehension of a topic. You’re more of an armchair spectator of intelligent conversation than an actual contender with a fighting chance in the debate arena.

          • Kevin Poole

            I always thought it was the other way around??

  • FreeState

    At least they’re all white people.

    How does militarizing masturbation/porn help anything? That’s just nuts. Of course porn can be a problem. So can TV, food, hydrocodone, cough syrup and the internet. Not sure we’d approach any of these with a bayonet, however.

    Someone below asked how porn could lead to suicide. Best answer: Shaming by family & ecclesiastical leaders. How to help someone with an addiction: Talk to them. Get to know them. Encourage them to get help themselves if it’s obvious they’re suffering. Narc-ing someone out to the Bishop has got to be the absolute last resort.

    • James

      There is a difference between being a snitch and avoiding apathy. You missed the message if you are confusing compassion and concern with communistic tattling.

      Note: the same extended metaphor could be used for addiction to heroine or any other addiction, but those students creating this video wanted to focus just on the addiction to pornography.

  • Angel

    I masturbated while I watched this film…. btw I am a girl

    • nobodobodon

      That’s kinda hot.

    • James

      You should post a video of that so some of the morons on here like Michael Stone can have something that is not ‘creepy’ to praise and discuss as something that is enlightening and NOT mental masturbation. And if this is not sarcastic enough, why don’t you go and continue to fuck yourself.

  • Michael Clifton

    The film is not about masturbation. While masturbation is typical, and expected, in connection with a pornography addiction, it is very clear that this film is about the more general and dangerous issue of addiction to pornography and not masturbation in particular. In fact, it never once mentions masturbation, and really only the most immaturely minded viewer would conclude that was its subject. As someone who has dealt with people struggling with pornography addiction and the devastating effects it can have on relationships, the message of the video is clear and simple; and what is equally simply clear is the strange effort of this site to degrade the message and divert it for the sake of misplaced ridicule.

    • No.

      Yes yes, we get that. But all the demonizing and guilt-tripping was unnecessary.

    • Skinny Fingers Jefferson

      It kind of seems like porn addiction and jerking off might go hand in hand.

      • nobodobodon

        I see what you did there.

      • James

        Hehe… Finally a comment from someone that has a sense of humor.

  • No.

    Well, Mormons…good luck with that.

  • No.

    And what great war are they talking about? This video is so utterly exaggerated and ridiculous…lol as everything the LDS release. Comparing porn-addiction and masturbating with wounded soldiers? What a slap in the face of those men who actually go to war…ignorance abounds. Shortly put, I justed watched the stupidest video of the year.

    • Skinny Fingers Jefferson

      You know…spiritual warfare!

    • James

      War between good and evil. stupidest video? You must have missed the Miley Cyrus video.

      • No.

        I put this video in the same category with Miley Cyrus. Although, I’ve nothing against that woman.


    WOW…all I can say is this is about the dumbest thing I have ever wasted my time on. Oh well, let the haters hate. And all in the name of religion. Seems to me like the sinners aren’t the ones masturbating here. It’s the mental masturbators.

    • James

      And ironically you are hating. Are you a hypocrite or just ignorant?

  • MeXrayingYou

    Masturbation is a physically healthy thing to do. Fuck this LDS brainwashing mind control shit!

    • James

      Is viewing, supporting and condoning pornography also healthy? Maybe you should be wary of the brainwashing and mind control of sites like patheos— you blind fool.

      • BobWhitmore

        There’s a big difference is supporting pornography and masturbating.

        • InternetCrumpet

          Hey, I know as a female this is going to sound needlessly provocative, but what’s wrong with porn on it’s own? I like porn. I’ll view it, and if it’s hosted on a pay site I might even support it, so what’s with this “condoning” accusation? Like porn in and of itself is wrong? That’s relative to the personal morals of the individual. No one can project their morals onto someone else. They can try to force them, but they cannot truly cultivate an inception of morals onto another human being. I’d be absolutely disgusted and terrified by any culture that tried, which probably says a lot about why I’m not impressed with modern Western religion.

  • Uly Hyman

    this video is like saying war veterans are addicted to porn in some way lol the lads who created this bullshit need to consider again this

  • Timothy Singleton

    This is just ridiculously silly.

  • qantog

    Mark Twain said 95 percent of men masturbate and the other five percent are liars. The only difference with Mormons is a much higher percentage of liars

  • Joe Adair

    I confuse myself at least daily.

  • Carina

    This is so wrong. I am a Mormon and was there to watch the actual video. We believe that participating in anything “sexual” before marriage is wrong because our Heavenly Father gave us the power of procreate. This video was an example of how we can help each other through difficult times when we feel the temptation to participate in this activity or to just be there for our roommates. President Clark would never put out an anti-masturbation video. It is not about was president Clark wants for our school. It is about what we believe and know that our Father in Heaven wants our school to become.

  • James

    How can presumably educated liberals misinterpret a basic extended metaphor illustrating the comparison between being wounded by a pornography addiction and being wounded in war — and helping those who are wounded with empathy and compassion?

  • I wonder of all of these commentators who would see anorexia/bulimia as a danger for which one should seek help for friends.

    If we look at things even just through a purely biological lens the use of pornography and masturbation is equivalent, to biological purposes, to anorexia/bulimia. Stimulating a need that’s driven by biological urges with the illusion of having filled those urges. Where as in the case of food there develops a dangerous disconnect between the feeling of having satisfied nutritional needs and the actual fact of having done it, sexual manipulation outside of actual human bonding creates the illusion of fulfilling needs yet the person is bonding with a mirage.

    How is it so easy to see that one side is wrong and very dangerous but not see it on the other side?

    I’ve seen people talk here like it’s a healthy thing. Where do you get that? Because it makes you have the illusion that you’re connecting with things so you can get on with your life? The acts of bingeing and purging help bulimics get on with their day, it helps them momentarily stay ‘sane’ in the light of biological promptings, but the actual account isn’t getting paid.

    Our society is so addicted to the idea of cooking the biological accounting books. We’ve got starbucks and energy drinks everywhere so we can deny that sleep is an essential component of our mental development, health, and function.

    All of these accounts have to be settled. It’s just physical reality. Literally the laws of physics.

    • Louis Stanfield

      Wow. You are WAY fucked up. And people don’t get a certain, lifetime number of orgasms which they can “use up”. Physics? You’re a douche.

    • InternetCrumpet

      I get your point, and at it’s core it has merit, but last I checked masturbation doesn’t deprive your brain and vital organs of the chemical compounds you need to fuel your daily functions. Unlike forced vomiting, orgasm doesn’t expel what nutrients you have absorbed, cause acid to wear away at the lining of your esophagus (genitals in this case), or make you ineligible for a heart transplant should your own fail.

      Likewise, some people believe that resisting the urge to breed can add years to your life and youth because (at least for women) childbearing changes your body so extensively that some people consider themselves to age faster after the birth of their first child. Some animals even die immediately after breeding because at that point nature is pretty much done with them. Your point is over exaggerated.

      We live for more than the agenda of our biology. We are not here to eat, sleep, and mate.

      If we should be utterly ruled by our biological promptings, otherwise we’re over-drafting our biological accounts, and seek to satisfy them only by natural means (lest we commit biological check fraud) the next time you’re craving carbohydrates you should go eat some organic, locally grown fruit or root veggies, seeds/stem included. No bread for you. Humans didn’t start living agriculturally until some odd 10-5,000 years ago. It’s totally unnatural.

      • It does both the opposite of deprive them among other things. It overloads them and knocks them out of whack. This can have all sorts of things to potentially go wrong, you may become sexually attached to inert objects, or worse, to living things for which copulation means either imposing upon a non-consenting peer non-peer. For example sexual predators that don’t have some kind of pornography or masturbation problem are virtually, if not actually, non-existent. So yes, while there’s not the immediate obvious physical corporal harm to the one engaged doesn’t mean there’s not real biological chemistry imbalances and/or irregularities being produced.

        As to women’s welfare and the ties to pornography and masturbation one need merely look at the suicide and mental health condition of women in what is the flagship in this world for modernity and liberal policy mixed with omnipresent pornographic representations of women throughout the culture, Sweden. This supposed bastion of women friendly policy harbors the most depressed and most prone to suicide women in the industrialized world. Or we look at Japan (where suicide rates are NOT included in the nation’s calculations when it comes to things such as life expectancy) They are among the cutting edge of slow civil collapse through a combination of porn/masturbation helping to keep their young adults from starting families.

        So while, yes, I would hope we would live for more than biology, I’d also hope we’d live in a way that did not openly rebel against the oh so vital biological imperatives we have, both as individuals and as a society.

        Humans, as I understand it, have needed to cook food as a predecessor to the development of our brains to the level they are simply due to the fact that raw caloric intake to merely sustain our brains would not be possible on a non cooked diet. It simply requires only calories unlockable through prolonged cooking.

        You are pushing the biological overdraft card too far. My point was never a strict allegiance to the purest or original biological imperatives, but not completely usurping them is the point. Mutation and adaptation is par for the course. But even the most adaptable and mutation prone biological mechanisms, the flu virus and HIV, have to have immutable cores that sustain and under-gird the moving parts that make them so adaptable. You can push even the most dynamic of systems and adaptable and mutable of beings into non-existence simply by misplacing one component. The same is true for our condition, there’s only so far you can shake things up or change things around.

        • InternetCrumpet

          Sorry, are you implying a direct correlation between addiction to pornography and becoming a sexual predator?

  • Matt Ranson

    WTF? Are Mormons still scared of that whole hairy palm thing? That myth has been debunked so go ahead and rub one out, or even two. I’ve got a free tip for you, you need to have a towel nearby when you do it. Thought I’d throw that in as it seems you LDS folks don’t have much experience.

  • Dillon

    I think I was around 3 years old when i first masturbated. I am 64 now and still do it. I love looking at women and find a man and a woman making love beautiful, erotic and a form of art. My palms aren’t hairy and I’m not blind….my wife is also satisfied sexually and we have a grreat relationship. I have worked my whole life and stayed away from the mindfk of christianity. I have been socially responsible and volunteer in my community. Sexual shame is something everyone needs to work out PERSONALLY…why? because its personal …..oh the shame of it all …..religions hallmark!

  • Bill Freidline

    Gee, if god made me in his image, and apparently has a penis, and has arms of sufficient length that his hands are at the right height to grab his member, then maybe he was on to something….and then there’s the part about how sex feels so nice….even if it’s just masturbation….

    He could have make us different, and solved the whole problem, but he didn’t so….

    Instead, superstitious and repressed mammals keep trying to insert their repressed and sick ideas into other’s lives…..

  • Truebeliever

    Newsflash, Kim B. Clark….
    Masturbation already won the “war,”

  • Paul Nicholson

    Wasn’t Mormonism based on what one man did in secret behind a sheet anyway?

  • Dale Donaldson

    First coffee and now this?