Christian college claims they are being harassed after expelling victims of rape

Christian college claims they are being harassed after expelling victims of rape March 14, 2014

Pensacola Christian College is claiming they are being harassed and persecuted after reports surfaced indicating the school expels victims of rape and sexual assault while protecting the perpetrators.

In a statement released earlier this week, Pensacola Christian College (PCC), a deeply conservative, fundamentalist, Baptist college in Pensacola, Florida, denied they are expelling students for being the victims of sexual assault:

…we categorically deny that any student has ever been expelled from PCC for being a victim of rape or any other crime.

The denial comes after multiple reports surfaced detailing horrific sexual abuse at the Christian college, and the abject failure of school administrators in responding to the criminal allegations.

Victims of sexual assault at PCC brave enough to report their victimization were shamed and blamed by school administrators, called “liars” and “fornicators,” and ultimately expelled for coming forward to reporting their assault.

However, after being exposed for immoral, if not criminal conduct, the school claims they are “being harassed and victimized,” and deny any wrong doing.

Maintaining the image of a good, moral Christian campus means blotting out any events that could potentially tarnish that image. The scandals involving the mishandling of sex-related on-campus crimes at PCC draws unwanted negative attention to a culture that prides itself on purity and Bible-based principles. PCC, desperate to maintain the illusion of Biblical purity, is in full blown denial, while the victims of sexual assault suffer, and predators are given free reign.

For more details on this disturbing case, please see ‘God is Done with You’: Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence.

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