‘Creation Scientist’ claims young dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark

‘Creation Scientist’ claims young dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark April 19, 2014

Answers in Genesis founding board member and self-described “Creation Scientist” Carl Kerby insists dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark, explaining that Noah selected only young and small dinosaurs, and that is how they could all fit on Noah’s big boat.

Speaking to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association last week, “Creation Scientist” Kerby said:

“I see some people that like to mock and ridicule, especially about the dinosaurs, how did they put the big old dinosaurs on there?” he said. “Well, I would suggest to you they didn’t take the big old dinosaur — they would have taken the younger ones. You think of a guy like me, if you’re going to go repopulate a planet, you’re not taking me with you. I’m old. My repopulating days are done. You take my son or my grandson.My grandson is a whole lot smaller than I am.” 

According to Kerby, the Bible states that the boat was about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 50 feet high, which he believes is plenty of room for all the young dinosaurs, and all the other animals. In fact, Raw Story reports the self-described “Creation Scientist” claims he has debunked the notion that two of every animal could not have possibly fit on Noah’s Ark.

However, recently a voice of reason, everybody’s favorite “Science Guy,” Bill Nye, spoke out against creationism in an essay published in Skeptical Inquirer. Noting that creationism is “bad for science education, bad for the U.S., and thereby bad for humankind,” Nye went on to note:

“… if you, as an adult, want to hold on to a completely unreasonable explanation of the Earth’s natural history that is useless from a practical standpoint, that’s your business. But we don’t want our kids, our science students, to be indoctrinated into that weird worldview, because our kids are the scientists and engineers of the future. They need to be the innovators that drive the U.S. economy in the coming decades.”

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