School Board Director advocates for climate change denial

School Board Director advocates for climate change denial June 25, 2014

Tea Party science? A School Board Director and Tea Party Republican in Pennsylvania wants science textbooks to be supplemented with a pamphlet about the “true science” of global warming denial.

Saucon Valley School Board Director Bryan Eichfeld called an environmental science textbook’s global warming chapter propaganda, and pushed the school board to supplement the book with “true science” at a school board meeting earlier this week.

Eichfeld claimed “there’s a lot of clear propaganda…based on bad science” in the chapter, the point of which “is to teach our students to fear the future and to hate our modern industrial economy.”

Eichfeld claims the environmental science textbook “utterly fails to present the well-founded science of man-made Global warming skeptics,” and urged the school board to adopt “an attachment to the book that provides students with the excluded scientific evidence and data that challenge the global warming claims made in the book.”

Eichfeld urged his fellow school directors to reject the science textbook. However, his fellow board members had little patience for Eichfeld’s ideologically driven ignorance: Director Sandra Miller said she never expected a board member to try to shape curriculum based on a specific ideological stance or point of view.

Miller said:

“I trust our science department to maintain our department and to do the right thing. The science curriculum has been reviewed by the curriculum committee. I believe we have to rely on our experts and our school to provide that curriculum.”

Miller went on:

“It’s not appropriate for us to be going down this road.”

School Board Director Eichfeld lost the battle to promote his “Tea Party science,” the “true science” of climate change denial. And that is good news. However, there are many other Tea Party conservatives in this country like Eichfeld – ignorant, anti-intellectual, anti-science, Tea Party conservatives – bent on destroying public education, and rewriting school textbooks to serve their narrow and paranoid agenda.

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