Texas cop kills for Christ, claims he is a ‘Christian Warrior’

Texas cop kills for Christ, claims he is a ‘Christian Warrior’ June 26, 2014

Killing for Jesus? A Texas police officer has written a controversial book in which he justifies killing by invoking his Christian faith.

SWAT Officer Charlie Eipper claims he was confident that Jesus Christ condoned and even supported his use of deadly force after killing a man in the line of duty, and explicates his convictions in his self-published book “Jesus Christ on Killing.”

Eipper says he was motivated to write the book after watching the movie “Rambo IV.” Eipper explains the movie, set in Thailand, hooked up Rambo with missionaries who asked him to take them up the river to Burma:

“He didn’t want to, but finally did. Their boat got taken over by river pirates. He had to kill them to save everybody,” Eipper recalls. “When Rambo was dropping the missionaries off at their destination, the lead missionary was stepping off the boat and turned to Rambo. ‘I know you think what you did is right,’ the missionary said, ‘but it’s never right to take a life.’”

Eipper cringed. “I thought, ‘What if there’s a young believer in Christ watching this? What if it’s somebody who is in the Marine Corps? Or an officer? They’re going to be so confused. They’ll think, ‘Surely this guy is speaking on authority of Scripture.’”

Eipper told the Wichita Falls Times Record that today’s culture embraces Christ as the suffering servant, the lamb of God: “We have trouble viewing him as king, as the one who is coming back as the Lion of Judah, a warrior,” Eipper said. “My last chapter is ‘Jesus, the Man of War.’”

Eipper said he’s researched the Bible regarding the use of deadly force and come to the conclusion that what he is doing is okay, saying, “It’s part of my ministry.”

Eipper said:

“When Jesus comes back, he will be the man of war. When he comes back, there will be a whole lot of killing going on.”

Jesus, the man of war? What happened to the Prince of Peace?

Texas cop kills for Christ, claims he is a ‘Christian Warrior’ (Image via YouTube)

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