Michele Bachmann claims gays promote child rape, pedophilia

Michele Bachmann claims gays promote child rape, pedophilia July 25, 2014

In an alarming outburst of homophobic extremism, potential Republican presidential candidate and Christian conservative Rep. Michele Bachmann accused the LGBT community of advocating for pedophilia and the legalization of child rape during a recent interview on the conservative radio show “Faith & Liberty.”

Warning that “our culture” is embracing “deviance,” Bachmann said that the gay community wants to “abolish age of consent laws, which means we will do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually.”

Playing on the all too familiar ‘Christians are persecuted’ theme, Bachmann predicted that gay rights advocates will legalize polygamy and enact “hate speech laws across the United States” in order to bring about “the rise of tyranny.”

About the gay community, Bachmann said: “They want to force everyone to not only agree with them, but also to finance their agenda.”

The former Republican presidential hopeful also condemned the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to strike down a federal ban on same-sex marriage as a “denial of equal protection for all Americans.”

“This is a revolution that we are encountering now. For all of the thousands of years of recorded human history, about 5,000 years, there is no instance of any culture, nation or tribe ever having as the established standard for marriage anything other than between man and woman,” the tea party conservative argued. “It may have been multiple women and a man, it may have been something like that, but it was always between men and women.”

It is interesting and informative to note that Bachmann warns of the dangers of polygamy while at the same time acknowledging that polygamy is endorsed by the Bible.

Perhaps the oddest thing is that Bachmann accuses gays of pushing “deviancy,” “tyranny” and child rape, all the while insisting that she is communicating a message of love for gay people. If that is love, one wonders what Bachmann would say about a group she really dislikes.

(H/T Right Wing Watch)

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