Crackergate: Catholics file lawsuit in attempt to halt Satanic black mass

Crackergate: Catholics file lawsuit in attempt to halt Satanic black mass August 21, 2014

Claiming that Satanists have stolen a cracker that is supposedly the body of Christ, Catholics fight to halt a black mass scheduled for next month Oklahoma City.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Oklahoma County District Court, Archbishop Paul Coakley asked a judge to halt the desecration of an allegedly stolen Eucharist Host as part of a planned Satanic ‘black mass’ at Oklahoma City’s Civic Center Music Hall.

In Catholicism, a consecrated host is the “sacred bread” used in the Eucharistic service or Mass. Catholics believe a consecrated host becomes the body of Jesus Christ via transubstantiation.

The lawsuit asks the Oklahoma County Sheriff‘s Office to retrieve the consecrated host that event organizers claim to have, and return it to Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley. The lawsuit also argues that the consecrated host was obtained under fraudulent circumstances, and thus it must be returned to the archdiocese.

Archbishop Coakley told the National Catholic Register:

Our contention is that they are in possession of stolen property. They cannot complete their satanic ritual without a consecrated host, and they have no means of acquiring one except through theft. We are asking the court to order them to return it immediately to me.

In court documents, Coakley wrote the host is equivalent to the body of Christ and is demanding it be returned to the church, asking the court to “direct the sheriff of Oklahoma County to take possession.”

Named as defendants are Adam Daniels, an Oklahoma County resident, and Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, a group that has rented the Oklahoma City Civic Center’s 88-seat City Theater to stage the black mass on Sept. 21. Daniels, a member of Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, has told various media outlets that a friend mailed him the consecrated host, and that it will be desecrated, “stomped on” and destroyed during the satanic ritual.

About the lawsuit, event organizer Adam Daniels said:

(It’s) just laughable. (It) shows you what sheep people are. The black mass is not about killing animals. It’s not about raping virgins. It’s not about anything like that at all. It is a deprogramming device to (alleviate) someone from the enslavement that that church has placed on them.

About Archbishop Paul Coakley, Daniels said:

He’s going to end up getting sued for defamation of character because he has no proof that I have a stolen host. Not myself nor none of my members have been into a Catholic church to steal anything from anybody. We have a guy who is a Catholic priest in another country. He mailed it to us.

Earlier this month, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin used an official press release to announce that she was praying the Satanists cancel the black mass scheduled next month in Oklahoma City.

Yet despite the lawsuit and controversy over the allegedly stolen host, the city has no plans to cancel the black mass. Officials correctly note the black mass is protected by the First Amendment.

Earlier this year, Harvard canceled a black mass after a firestorm of criticism and pressure from Catholic and other Christian groups.


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