GOP candidate: Church State Separation causes gang violence and promiscuity

GOP candidate: Church State Separation causes gang violence and promiscuity September 18, 2014

In Georgia, a Republican candidate for the US House is blaming the separation of church and state for gang violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and “promiscuity.”

Republican House nominee Jody Hice blamed court decisions barring school-sponsored prayer and the display of religious texts in public buildings for a “downward slide” in America, a slide resulting in low test scores, gang violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy and “promiscuity,” according to a recent report issued by Right Wing Watch.

Speaking on his radio program yesterday, Hice said:

So we had in 1952 a clear understanding of the role of religion in our public life, even in our schools. Then shortly thereafter we had the beginning of a reinterpretation of the First Amendment, a reinterpretation of separation of church and state as it applies to the public school system.

And wow, have we been on a downward slide ever since. Removing prayer, then removing the Bible, then removing religious documents such as the Ten Commandments, which of course has led to the removal of other symbols and so forth, and then removal of benedictions and invocations at any kind of school event or activity.

..[A]s we have removed prayer and Bible and our Christian heritage from our public school, what has been the counter consequence?” he asked. “Has behavior increased or decreased? Has education gotten better or worse? Have our overall citizenship, our citizenry, have we become a better place to live or a worse place to live? Is there more drugs or less? More gang violence or less? More teenage pregnancy or less? More promiscuity or less?”

“Folks, across the board we have suffered,” he concluded.

However, as Right Wing Watch notes, Hice is wrong:

In fact, teen pregnancy rates have been falling steadily over the past two decades as has the rate of sexual activity among teens, and in 2011 violent crime in the U.S. fell to the lowest rate in 40 years, a trend that has persisted. But somehow we don’t think Hice meant to credit the separation of church and state for these positive trends.

This is not the first reckless and misguided claim the right-wing Baptist pastor and  GOP candidate has made.

Previously Hice claimed that Satan is to blame for legal efforts to separate church and state, and urged Christians to rise up against any atheist seeking elected office.

In addition, Hice has also made the claim that Islam is not a religion and that the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty does not apply to Muslims.

Indeed, Hice is well known for his Biblically based rants. Hice once blamed the Sandy Hook shooting on America’s “kicking God out of the public square.”  Hice also warned that homosexuality “enslaves” people, and compared being gay to alcoholism, drug addiction, “tendencies to lie,” and “tendencies to be violent.”

No surprise, Hice is also a sexist, and claims he has no problem with women entering politics – as long as they ask their husbands first.

(H/T Right Wing Watch)

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